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68 370t.jpgTote Of Everything Imaginable! Items Like Balloon Weights, Photo Paper, Birthday Stuff, And Much More! Good Condition To New Items, The Tote Is 27"W x 18"D x 12"T 7 12940 4.00   ended
196 1035t.jpgMystery Box With Kitchen And Bathroom Items, 14"W x 18"L x 12"T 3 8719 2.25   ended
355 5111t.jpgMystery Box, Misc. Items, Knick Knacks, Etc., 16"W x 20"L x 10"H 10 11147 4.53   ended
356 5115t.jpgTotal Misc. Box Lot With Posters, Figurines, Books, Pottery And More, 14"W x 20"L x 13"H 4 12476 1.78   ended
496 2075t.jpgMystery Box Of Various Household Items, The Box Measures 8 1/2"W x 14"L x 7 1/2"H, It Weighs Ten Pounds, Hint: Some Of My Wife's Excess Jewelry 13 11184 10.00   ended
499 2091t.jpgMystery Box! Something For Everyone, 8"W x 15"L x 8"H 15 15826 10.01   ended
563 5704t.jpgTwo Wall Art Pieces, Chicken Soup Bible, Décor, Etc., 5" To 16"H - Untested, Fair Condition To Good Condition 3 5413 1.50   ended
635 3834t.jpgThree Wood Cup Holders And Five Glasses, One Big One And Four Small, One Royal Norfolk Coffee Cup, One Starbucks Coffee Cup With Top, One 24-Oz. Apothecary Jar With Top, Plus A New Timex Fast Wrap Strap Watchband, 3 1/2" To 18"L - Good Condition To New 7 13817 3.25   ended
685 4062t.jpgMystery Samsonite Hard Side Suitcase, Heavy! Lots Of Good Stuff! The Suitcase Has Pull-Out Handle And Wheels, It Has A Combination Lock, You Get The Combination When You Win! The Combination Is In The 1Bid Office, The Suitcase Measures 21"W x 12"D x 31"H - The Suitcase Is In Good Condition 24 12631 24.00   ended
814 2170t.jpgBox of Towels, Washcloths, Blankets, Mattress Pad, All in Good Condition, 18"W x 28"L x 15 1/2"H 7 387 4.25   ended
880 2551t.jpgPanasonic 12 Digits Adding Machine, Working, Four Disc Holder, Mouse Pad, Two Dalmatian Cups, Shondeld's USA Inc. Made in China, Dalmatians Plate, Good Condition, 14"W x 14"L x 10"H 4 3094 2.22   ended
1269 4604t.jpgMystery Box, Holiday Box, New To Vintage Primitive, Valentines, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Great Condition, The Box Measures 15"W x 24"L x 10"H 5 16193 2.00   ended
1313 12844t.jpgHeavy Surprise Mystery Box Already Gift Wrapped For You Or Give To The One You Love For Valentines Day! All Very Good Condition on Items, 13"W x 11"L x 5"H 10 12293 5.59   ended
1346 13015t.jpgBox Lot Of Monopoly Game, Pouch Couch, Vintage Lighter and More, 4 1/4" to 16"H or Long, Unknown if Complete, Clock Untested, Otherwise Good Condition 8 14735 6.89   ended
1347 13022t.jpgBox of Hankies, Blankets and More, 18"W to 44"Sq. In Good Condition 1 387 1.00   ended
1466 7328t.jpgFour Mystery Boxes With Misc. Items, 11"W x 11"D x 12"H 13 15826 8.50   ended
1473 7370t.jpg Women's Big Mystery Box That Measures 16"W x 16"D x 16"H 7 11184 7.50   ended
1566 9417t.jpgFour Mystery Boxes With Misc. Items - Bid To Win! 11 1/2"W x 10"D x 12"T 15 15826 5.50   ended
1568 9427t.jpgNice Large Mystery Box Filled With Lots Of Miscellaneous Items To Keep Or Sell - Bid To Win! 13"W x 20"L x 19"T 12 15826 4.53   ended
1739 11420t.jpgMystery Box Filled With Misc. Items To Keep Or Resell - Don't Pass, Bid To Win! 10"W x 12"L x 17"T 6 4364 2.50   ended
1869 14198t.jpgFour Mystery Boxes With Misc. Items - Bid To Win! All About 10"W x 10"D x 9"T 24 15826 9.55   ended
1995 12248t.jpgFive Brand New Items Including: Looney Tunes Ceramic Wax Fill Light, Ninja Turtle Bands, Lysol Cleaner, Bubble Dragon, Quantum Game, 9"L x 6"H 1 12892 1.00   ended
2233 15633t.jpgBox Of Hankies, Scarves, Little Bags, And Some Pottery; Good Condition, 11"W x 16"D x 9"T 15 558 7.06   ended
2240 15684t.jpgThree Super Easy Cutters And Two 4-D Battery Holders, And More! Good Condition To New, 8"W x 13"D x 5"T 6 16167 11.75   ended
2243 15701t.jpgCrate Of Cement Mixers And Two Light Fan Fixtures, Five Metal Brackets, Two Turnbuckles, And Two Patio Door Hardware Rollers And More! Fair Condition To New, 3-25" Long 7 13205 4.25   ended
2244 15708t.jpgHuge Tote OF Household Toys, Camera, And More Including A Fire Truck Toy, Fan, Picture Frame, Camcorder And More! Needs Cleaning And In Fair To Good Condition - Untested/As Is, The Box Is 20"W x 35"D x 17"T 10 12892 4.25   ended
2475 20322t.jpgMisc. Scrapbooking Paper And Container, New Kitchen Items, Four Package Of Skewers For Grilling, Cutting Boards, Scrubbers, Spatula And Spices, Lanyards, Tattoo's And Old Savings Bank; Good Condition To New, 4" To 14" Long/Tall 4 12940 2.00   ended
2557 18279t.jpgSurprise Box Packed With Items For Gifting, Resale, And Keeping, Measures 24"W x 16"L x 16"H 22 13928 10.50   ended
2656 13562t.jpg(7) Piece Long And Hard Lot of Five Wilson Right Hand Golf Clubs, Set of 57"L Post Hole Diggers and 50" Golden Eagle Archery Compound Bow, Items In Good Condition With Obvious Wear 6 15037 7.50   ended
2658 13574t.jpgBox of Assorted Flash Lights, Lawn Sprinkler, 4" to 12"L Fair To Good Condition, Untested From Storage, Rubbermaid Organizer, Box Ten Drawer, 13"W x 6"D x 11"H 12 15972 9.50   ended
3184 10600t.jpgItalian 24" Flag, Lobster In Chair 6" Clock From Maine (Needs Battery), Apron From Italy That's 27" Long, And Two Horse Head Plaster Wall Plaques, Good Condition And 4" Long 4 387 2.25   ended
3326 16553t.jpgWeighted Vehicle Trash Can Full of Suction Cup Hooks, 4 3/4" Door Pull, Protect Clips 1" to 8 1/2"Diam 1 4646 1.00   ended
3333 16592t.jpgBox of Clay and Ceramic Bowls, Crocks and More, Good Condition, 4" to 6"Diam or Tall 7 13988 6.51   ended
3335 16610t.jpgBox of Ribbon, Lighted Candles, Cables and More, 9"H To Several Feet, Lights Untested, As Is, Look Good 1 5307 1.00   ended
3343 16669t.jpgEmbest Plastic Milk Crate With Estate Garage Clear Out, Fire Extinguisher, Sand Paper, Radiator Coolant Additive and More, 3" to 18"H 4 4646 2.00   ended
3485 17389t.jpgSterilite 30 Gallon Tote With Misc. Items Including Large bag Of Vintage Drawer Pulls, Blanket, Book Bag, Skip-Bo, And More! Fair To Good Condition, 20"W x 31"D x 17"T 7 5471 3.25   ended

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