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7 28t.jpg"Veteran And Vintage Aircraft" Paperback Book Compiled By Leslie Hunt, Nice Pictures And In Overall Good Condition 5 5505 4.00   ended
49 266t.jpgSet Of Seven Vintage Science Fiction Books By H.G. Wells - Great Box Set Published By Berkley Books, Some Light Wear But Overall Good Condition 13 15390 8.50   ended
171 917t.jpgTen Reader's Digest Books Including Treasure Island, Captain, Horatio Hornblower, Operation Sippacik, And More! Good Condition 16 10833 8.00   ended
204 1070t.jpgM.G. Gorky Selected Short Stories Vintage Hardcover Book With Dust Cover, Printed In USSR, It Features An Awesome Portrait And A Compact Size, Some Tears On The Cover And Dings/Staining But Overall Good Condition 1 2566 1.00   ended
210 1094t.jpgSeven Vintage 1940's And 50's Country Gentlemen Magazines For Better Farming, Some Writing And Spots But Overall Good Condition 3 9450 5.50   ended
212 1107t.jpgFour 1940's Building America Hardcover Books (Volumes 1, II, VI, And IX) Showing Stories Of WWII America, Good Condition 1 15019 1.00   ended
213 1119t.jpgThree Vintage Tourist Picture Books Of Italy, London And Germany; Great Hardcovers! One Binding Has Tape On Bottom And There's Some Wear From Age But All In Overall Good Condition 3 16468 1.25   ended
217 1145t.jpg"Brainard's New Method For The Organ" Hardcover Book From Sears Roebuck, Some Wear But Overall Good Condition 2 5150 1.25   ended
219 1156t.jpgVintage 1911 "The Harvester" And 1944 "A Girl Of The Limberlost" Hardcover Books By Gene Stratton-Porter - Famous Indiana Author, Good Condition 4 14893 1.50   ended
224 1180t.jpgVintage 1957 U.S. Army Survival Field Manual In Good Condition 12 10040 10.50   ended
243 1295t.jpgAntique 1883 Paperback Book "The Life Of Washington Irving", Some Folds And Wear But Overall Good Condition 4 11759 1.75   ended
274 1433t.jpgBox Lot Of Eleven Suspense/Detective Books From Patterson, Kellerman, Flynn, Lindquist; Two Hardcovers, All In Good Condition 5 15390 2.50   ended
275 1441t.jpgBox Lot Of Train Schedules, Rules, Trainyard Employees Paper; Pennsylvania, New York City; From The 1960's Through The 80's; Very Cool And Overall Great Condition 2 1507 2.01   ended
316 4871t.jpgBox Of Paperback Romance Novel Collection, Some Wear, 13"W x 14"L x 5"H - Overall Good Condition 1 9728 1.00   ended
481 1973t.jpgFive "Student Handbooks" Thick Hardcover Books, Science And More - Real Good Condition 3 4219 1.50   ended
486 2006t.jpg"War Books" Mostly Hardcover Editions, A Box Of (17), 12"W x 17"L - Good Condition 5 3443 5.56   ended
490 2035t.jpgTwo Boxes Of Paperback Novels, (41) Total, Mystery, Romance, Etc., 10"W x 17"L - Good Condition 8 15390 10.25   ended
582 5792t.jpg"Build The Human Body" Includes 32-Page Book And (66) Model Pieces Along With A 2 1/2' Skeleton, Looks Complete - In Good Condition 12 834 10.50   ended
601 3663t.jpgBox Of Household Books Including: (14) Cookbooks, Some From Churches, Some From Bread Makers And Some General Cookbooks, The Maytag Cookbook Is From An Antique Gas-Fired Brick Oven, Two Kitchen Tips And Two Craft Books, Hardcover And Paperback Editions - Fair Condition To Good Condition 2 14297 1.25   ended
602 3673t.jpgTwo Boxes Of Hardcover Books, (33) Total Including: Dan Brown, Anne Rice, Non-Fiction And More - Good Condition 1 2566 1.00   ended
604 3687t.jpgTwo Boxes Of Hardcover Novels, (26) Total Including: Romance, Mystery, Thrillers And More - Good Condition 8 15826 4.28   ended
670 3982t.jpgBox Of Vintage Manuals, Brochures, Booklets, Pamphlets, Mostly Farm Related, The Box Is 12"W x 15"L x 3"H - In Good Condition 2 15974 1.25   ended
671 3989t.jpgBox Of Paperback Books, Four In Box Mystery Quartet, Detectives, P.D. James (Three), James White, Richard Hoyt, Frank Parkin, James McClure, (28) Of Them - Good Condition 1 12892 1.00   ended
707 5907t.jpgTime "Great People of the 20th Century" Hard Cover Book, 186 Pages, Good Condition 3 5621 3.55   ended
716 5956t.jpgHomesteaders Hand Book To Raising Small Livestock Hard Cover Book and Mother Earth News Living For Less Hand Book, Paperback, Both in Good Condition, 8" x 10" and 6" x 9" 8 1323 7.01   ended
833 2292t.jpgGiant Book of Kitchen Counter Cures- 117 Foods That Fight Disease and Supermarket Super Products 2,568 Super Solutions Hard Cover Books, Good Condition, Both By Jerry Baker, 9 1/2" x 7" 10 14117 5.80   ended
973 3010t.jpgExploring Space With A Camera and Inside Out National Geographic Book, Both Hard Cover and Good Condition 1 5150 1.00   ended
975 3020t.jpgHard Cover With Clear Jacket "The Private Lives of Private Eyes" Real Good Condition Book         ended
976 3024t.jpgCollectibles- Two Magazines, One Life Sept. 13, 1968, One Saturday Evening Post Sept. 7, 1968, Fair To Good Condition, Some Folds, Tears Etc. 1 1323 1.00   ended
977 3031t.jpgArt Treasure Of The World Hard Cover Book, 1968, Unique Treasures Inside With Photos, Good Condition, 8 1/4"W x 11"H 1 116 1.00   ended
978 3036t.jpg1973 Snap On Tools Catalog D1 229 Pages Complete, Normal Wear, Good Condition 2 5485 1.25   ended
980 3046t.jpgVery Colorful New Detailed Lunch Box Collector's Guide With Values, Paperback in Good Condition 5 12519 7.09   ended
982 3057t.jpg1965 Tree Farms Harvest For The Future Hard Cover Book in Good Condition, 6"W x 9"H 1 14117 1.00   ended
983 3062t.jpgBook of Potpourri By Gail Duff 121 Pages Hard Cover, Beautiful Color Drawing and Text, Infused With Useful Information on Aromas, Scents and Attributes, Delightful, Good Condition 2 5167 1.25   ended
984 3066t.jpg1922 The USA Through The Civil War Hard Cover Book, Good Condition, 8 1/2"H x 6"W 12 14117 10.50   ended
985 3071t.jpg1898 The Little Minister By JM Barrie Author of Peter Pan Hard Cover Book in Good Condition For Age, 8 1/2" x 6", Page Edges Tattered, Gives The Book a Cool Look 16 14117 7.50   ended
986 3075t.jpgThe Second Empire Paperback Book, Real Good Condition         ended
987 3080t.jpgTraining Manual For Real Estate Salesmen David Stone and Gene Dilmore, Both Hard Covers, Good Condition 1 14893 1.00   ended
988 3087t.jpgJohn Marshall "A Life in Law" Hard Cover Book, Binding Needs Repaired, Good Condition Otherwise 1 5469 1.00   ended
991 3103t.jpgFour Books on Gardening- Garden Secrets, Fence Gate Building And a Jerry Baker Book, Good Reading on Cold Winter Days, Think Ahead to Spring! Three Hard Covers, One Paperback, Very Good Condition 1 5776 1.00   ended
994 3119t.jpgThomas Jefferson Book- An Intimate History, Hard Cover in Good Condition 6 6777 4.76   ended
995 3123t.jpgCopyright 1999 Antique Road Show Primer, Hard Cover in Very Good Condition, Has Great Looking Photos Inside, 366 Pages, 7 3/4"W x 9"H 3 12187 1.50   ended
997 3133t.jpgWhat Life Was Life Among Samurai And Shoguns, Japan AD 1000-1700 By Time Life Books, 144 Pages, Full Color, Dust Cover and Full Of Great Information, Photos and Stories, Like New Condition, Hard Cover 1 13640 1.00   ended
998 3139t.jpgValerie Bertinelli Losing It and Gaining My Life, Back One Pound At A Time, Hard Cover in Good Condition 2 3053 1.00   ended
1101 3154t.jpgVintage Plumbing Paperback Books By Popular Mechanics From 1952, 1957, And 1962; Good Condition         ended
1104 3171t.jpgTwo Reader's Digest Hardcover Books Including Household Hints And Handy Tips, Illustrated Guide To Gardening, Good Condition         ended
1105 3176t.jpgRolling Stone Encyclopedia Of Rock And Roll And Singles Hardcover Books, Tons Of Information On Many Musical Superstars; Both In Good Condition 5 180 2.50   ended
1111 3206t.jpgHerbert H. Dow Pioneer In Creative Chemistry Hardcover Book By Murray Campbell And Harrison Hatton; Dust Cover Ripped A Little But Overall Good Condition 7 5621 14.76   ended
1112 3210t.jpg"Reagan : A Life In Letters" Hardcover Book With Dust Cover, Good Condition 4 15019 2.45   ended
1113 3214t.jpg"History Makers" Hardcover Book In Good Condition 5 15019 3.10   ended

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