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106 658t.jpg(29) Cassette Tapes From Celine Dion, Paul Abdul, Amy Grant, The Jets, And More! Great Music To Enjoy! Also Comes With Two VHS Camcorder Blank Tapes, Good Condition 6 577 2.60   ended
166 1027t.jpg(23) Music CD's With Nice Variety Including Reba McEntire, Michael Bolton, Alabama, And More! Comes In A Plastic Drawer And In Overall Good Condition 11 14453 15.00   ended
226 1315t.jpg(35) In The Box VCR Movies, WWII Movies, Family Man, Rush Hour, Cast Away And More - Great Condition 5 10835 3.25   ended
253 1461t.jpg(36) Total Disney And VHS Movies Including: Peter Pan, Dumbo, Space Jam, Oliver And Company, Winnie The Pooh, Toy Story And More - Good Condition 23 16308 19.53   ended
369 2072t.jpgLot Of (45) Country And Country Rock CD's Including: Alabama, Garth Brooks, Vince Gill, Tim McGraw, Hank Jr., Etc. - Excellent Condition 15 4383 36.00   ended
371 2085t.jpgLot Of (49) Classic Rock And Roll CD's Including: Stones, Skynyrd, Doobie Brothers, Van Halen, Etc. - Excellent Condition 23 15581 72.00   ended
374 2104t.jpgBox Of (20) VCR Tapes, Great Movies! Includes: Mrs. Doubtfire, Beethoven 1 And 2, Home Alone 1, 2, And 3, Hook, And More - All Are In Great Condition 10 10835 6.50   ended
387 22572t.jpgYee-Haw! Lot Of (30) Country Music Records Including: Hank And Ray, More Than Half Are Learn How To Square Dance And Most Have Original Booklets, Are Pickin' Or Grinnin'? - In Overall Good Condition 6 16413 9.27   ended
388 2179t.jpgOne Audio Cassette Storage Box, Holds (30), Measures 12"W x 19"L x 5 1/2"H - Almost New Condition But Dusty 2 16308 1.25   ended
404 2263t.jpgTwo AM/FM Stereo Radio Cassette Players Including A Lenoxx Sound And A Sony Sports, Comes With Two Sets Of Sentry Earphones, AA Batteries Required (Not Included), Working And in Good Condition, 4"W x 4 1/2"L 7 3884 6.53   ended
407 2277t.jpg(18) CD's In Genres Like Mostly Blues, Jazz, Rap And Hip Hop Comes With One Double CD And Some Greatest Hits Like Fleetwood Mac And Bill Withers, All Play And In Good Condition 7 1854 5.02   ended
443 2462t.jpgLord Of The Rings : Motion Picture Trilogy, Extended 12 DVD Set, Excellent Condition 8 15390 16.51   ended
560 3082t.jpgVintage "The Fisher" XP7C Speakers, Very Heavy, Solid Wood Construction, Collectible, They Sound Great! 14"W x 12"D x 25"H - Good Condition 20 11013 74.00   ended
654 3647t.jpgBox Of (55) LP Records With A Baker's Dozen From The Ventures A Good Cross-Section Including: Pop, Rock, Comedy And More! - Overall Good Condition 11 497 20.50   ended
679 3782t.jpgBand Of Brothers DVD 2002, Six Disc Set Collector's Tin, DVD - Some Scratches But Overall Good Condition 6 15606 6.50   ended
711 3957t.jpgVHS Format Videos New Unopened Robin Hood, Pocahontas II, Sleeping Beauty, Miracle On 34th St. Snow White, Lion King, Mulan, Toy Story, The Santa Clause Tim Allen, Fiddler on The Roof, Redbook Tummy And Thighs, Lean And Strong Susan Powter, Secrets About Men Every Woman Should Know, Good Condition 5 10489 2.00   ended
805 4524t.jpgBox Full Of Very Old Vintage Records, Some Really Thick And Brittle So Be Careful! Big Variety Here With Several Old Kid's Stories Including Robin Hood And More! Over Fifty Here! Untested/As Is And In Fair To Good Condition 5 669 6.00   ended
813 4588t.jpg(27) Children's VCR Tapes Including Lion King, Jungle Book, Beauty And The Beast, Aladdin, Free Willy, And More! Great Condition 13 15373 12.03   ended
1116 5660t.jpgThree DVD's All Legendary Bands- Eagles Farewell Tour Two Disc Set, Fleetwood Mac The Dance (Rare) AC/DC Family Jewels Two Disc Set, Great Value In This Lot 4 14875 5.50   ended
1119 5682t.jpg(13) Total CD's- Two Garth Brooks (No Cases) Brooks and Dunn, Alan Jackson, Beavis and Butthead, Offspring, Eminem, T1, The Band, Two CD's of Best of Rolling Stones in Cases and More, Good Condition 2 1643 3.47   ended
1154 5837t.jpg30 Plus VHS Tapes, Disney, Godzilla, Classic Christmas, Titanic, Jurassic Park, Lost World, Moby Dick 1990 and Others, Good Condition 3 196 4.28   ended
1164 5902t.jpgWood Box of Very Good CD's, Mainly Opera and Classical, Henry Mancini, Some New in Package, Good Condition, 14"W x 23"L x 5"H 5 1854 15.27   ended
1307 6126t.jpgBooks On Cassette Tapes Including Seven Longarm Books By Tabor Evans, Three Bold West Short Stories, Four MAX Brand, Zane Grey, Steve Frazee, Wayne Overholser, And TV Olsen Short Stories; Also Comes With A Magnavox CD Player, All In Excellent Condition But Untested/As Is, 3 13621 2.25   ended
1354 6409t.jpgBox Of (43) Used DVD's, Titles Including Training Day, Airplane 2, Scream, Seven Pounds, And More! All Look To Be In Good Condition 21 12631 26.01   ended
1398 6664t.jpgRare Ted Nugent Box Set With All The Big Hits And Some Rare Tracks, Discs Are Mint And Comes With Booklet With Rare Photos And Stories About The Motor City Madman! Good Condition 8 443 17.25   ended
1403 6692t.jpgBox Of Forty Used DVD's Including Gran Torino, Goodfellas, Doom, And More! Good Condition 17 1811 17.50   ended
1408 6725t.jpg(41) DVD's Including Balls Of Fury, Alien Abduction, Daredevil And More! Good Condition 21 1811 15.50   ended
1419 6791t.jpgCollection Of Records Including The Beatles, Elvis, The Who, Styx, Neil Young, America, Boston And Many Others; Thirty Records In All! Good Condition And 10" And 12" Sizes 20 14875 36.00   ended
1644 9116t.jpgLot of Ten Plus- 33 Albums, Classic Composers And More, Bach, Schubert and More, Look Good! 5 15689 3.76   ended
1726 9546t.jpgAnime DVD Spirited Away 5 1/2"W x 7 1/2"H, Never Been Open or Used 7 2917 6.50   ended
1732 9578t.jpgDVD Anime School Rumble 2 Parts 1 & 2, Very Good Condition, No Box For Part #2, No Scratches, 5 1/2"W x 1 1/4"Thick x 7 1/2"H 15 16001 34.57   ended
1767 9757t.jpgTote of CD's Most Piano And Opera, The Merry Widows and More, Looks Good 11 1854 15.10   ended
1773 9790t.jpg(43) Used DVD's Titles Include The Last Unicorn, 21 Jump Street Season 1 and More, Good Condition 11 15296 11.50   ended
1777 9817t.jpgBox of (41) DVD's- Zoolander, Pineapple Express, Big Mommas, Look Good 20 1811 14.75   ended
1781 9838t.jpg(42) DVD's Titles Includes Prairie Home Companion, The Pallisers, And More, Looks Good 19 1811 28.50   ended
1800 9976t.jpgNew! "All Creatures Great And Small" VHS Collection, Complete Collection, Series 1-6 2 4383 1.25   ended
1852 10231t.jpgFour Movie DVD's, "Kangaroo Jack", "American Pie", Napoleon Dynamite", Dodge Ball" - Used But In Great Condition 6 13230 4.26   ended
1892 10428t.jpgTwo Very Nice Books Of Cristy Lane, "One Day At A Time" Paperback Book - New, And Loretta Lynn "You're Cookin' It Country" My Favorite Recipes And Memories, And Eight CD's, Barbara Mandress "Greatest Hits", Bill Ray Cyrus "Some Gave All" And More - Good Condition 9 10092 10.50   ended
1897 10453t.jpgVintage 1989 "The Three Stooges" Comedy Classics, Three VHS Tapes - Looks In Good Condition 2 7951 1.25   ended
1901 7776t.jpgBox of (41) DVD's- Spiderman 2, 27 Dresses, Anger Management, Freaky Friday and More, Great Mix of Titles, Good Condition 22 1811 31.50   ended
1902 7783t.jpgHuge Lot of CD's and CD Sets, Mix of Genres, Some New Sealed Mostly Classical, Celtic, Instrumental, Box 14"W x 16"D x 15"H 7 1854 38.50   ended
2208 11990t.jpgVideo Entertainment Box Lot With (24) Movie/Documentaries With Seven VHS Tapes, Seven DVD's (One Has Six Movies On It), And Five Blu-Ray's; Two Of The Blu-Rays Have Regular DVD's Also, Some Really Great Movies Here And All In Like New Condition, 10"W x 14"L 14 1117 10.59   ended
2215 12051t.jpgBox Of Forty Used DVD's Including Aliens, Forty Year Old Virgin, And More! Good Condition 31 1811 24.01   ended
2240 12240t.jpgGold Book/Record Shelf, Metal Construction And In Good Condition, 12"W x 20"L x 26"T 6 1490 8.50   ended
2243 12254t.jpgCollection Of Seven 45RPM Patsy Cline Records With Sleeves Including Everest & Decca Co., Crazy, You Were Only Fooling, Etc., All In Overall Good Condition And 7" Diameter 10 3258 11.50   ended
2246 12269t.jpgAntique Zenith Record Player, Needs Cleaning But Overall Good Condition, 26"W x 18"D x 11"T 10 1811 26.49   ended
2253 12317t.jpgLot Of Fifteen DVD's Including Westerns, Workout, And More! Good Condition To New! 3 1490 2.25   ended
2262 12369t.jpg(50+) Various Music CD's With Top Radio Hits From The 1990's, Good Condition 11 5621 20.51   ended
2273 12433t.jpgNine Record Albums From Jody Watley, Neil Diamond, Roy Orbison, Barry Live In Britain; Good Condition 9 11745 10.00   ended
2276 12455t.jpgLarge Lot OF CD's With A Variety Including Madonna, Dixie Chicks, Clint Black, Zac Brown Band, Brad Paisley, Heidi Newfield, And Many More! Comes With One CD Case, Good Condition Overall And 6"W x 11"L x 8 1/2"T 10 497 16.50   ended

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