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84 501t.jpg(24) Volumes Of The American Wilderness Series From Time-Life Books, 1972, Ancient Adirondacks, Atlantic Beaches, The Badlands, Baja California, Cactus Country, And More! All In Good Condition 4 3719 1.75   ended
167 1034t.jpgVintage Paper Map Collection In Plastic Basket, Comes With Florida, Alabama, Georgia, And More! Good Condition And The Basket Is 12"W x 8"D x 4 1/2"T 5 13884 2.25   ended
367 2057t.jpgLot of Nine Marine And Boating Hard And Soft Covered Books, Includes Chapman, Sailing And Maintenance Material - Good Condition 5 138 2.47   ended
588 3243t.jpgSix Golden Books From A Collection: Tawny Scrawny Lion Saves #201-58 "A" Edition 1989; The Taxi That Hurried #25 "E" Edition 1948; Ten Items Or Less #203-54 "A" Edition 1985; Ten Little Animals #451 "A" Edition 1961; Theodore Mouse Goes To Sea #201-55 1990; Theodore Mouse Up In The Air #204-57 "D" Edition 1986, 7"W x 8"H - Spine Wear, Books In Fair Condition To Good Condition 6 12306 4.25   ended
592 3270t.jpgA Golden Book, Tex And His Toys #129 "A" Edition 1952, Rare To Find In This Condition, Original Tape Dispenser On The First Page, And All Activities Uncut In Book, Listed Value Is $90 (Little Golden Books, 5th Edition, Page 34), 6 1/2"W x 8"H - This Book Is In Good Condition 7 12306 5.50   ended
601 3318t.jpgSix Golden Books From A Collection: Thomas And The Big, Big Bridge 1st Edition 2005; Thomas Breaks A Promise 2nd Printing 2006; The Three Bears #47 "Q" Edition 1958; Three Bedtime Stories #309 "B" Edition 1959; Three Little Kittens #1 1st Printing 1946 (No Dust Cover, In Rough Condition); The Three Little Pigs "2" Edition 2000, 7"W x 8"L - Spine Damage And Wear, In Fair Condition To Good Condition 5 12306 6.50   ended
602 3323t.jpgAdult Coloring Book Plus Colored Pencils, 8 1/2"W x 11"L - New An Unused 9 12837 6.50   ended
803 4511t.jpgSeven Loose Leaf Binders Packed With Colorful Wildlife Pictures And Facts, Great Condition 20 6347 15.01   ended
822 4635t.jpgThree Golden Books From A Collection Including This Little Piggy #12 (Sixth Printing 1945), This Little Piggy #12 (2nd Printing 1942) And This Little Piggy #12 (50th Anniversary 1992); No Dust Jackets And All Are In Fair To Good Condition 4 12306 3.25   ended
843 4736t.jpgSix Golden Books From A Collection, Comes With A Tyrannosaurus (#209-64 "A" Edition From 1991), Things In My House #570 (6th Printing From 1975), Things I Like (#209-9 "T" Edition 1982), And More! Great Collection In Fair To Good Condition 4 12306 6.50   ended
871 4858t.jpgAwesome Lot Of Six Kid's Books Including Timmy Failure, James Patterson's Middle School : The Worst Years Of My Life, And Many More! Great Titles! All In Like New Condition! 2 5395 1.50   ended
1117 5666t.jpgTen Booklets For Uses of Common Household Products, Baking Soda, Salt, Aluminum Foil, Paper/Plastic Bags, Vinegar, Paper Plastic Bags, Bleach, Lemon Juice, Toothpaste, All New 8 12838 4.75   ended
1156 5849t.jpgBox of Books- HVAC Books To Children's Learning Items, Paperback and Hard Covers, Good Condition, 11"W x 16"L x 7"H 5 4589 6.51   ended
1170 5937t.jpg101 Quick and Easy Party Ideas For Kids, Paperback Book, Good Condition 1 10924 1.00   ended
1407 6716t.jpgBox Of Fifteen Books From Authors Such As Mary Higgins Clark, Dorothy Garlock, And More! Paperbacks And Hardcovers, Great Reading And In Very Good Condition, Box Is 10"W x 14"L x 3"T 2 12892 1.25   ended
1442 6916t.jpgReference Books Including John Hopkins Family Health Book Illustrated For Those Without The Internet (Hardcover), A.C.T. Prep Guide Paperback, Webster's Desk Reference Set (Paperback); All In Very Good Condition         ended
1558 8630t.jpgOxford English Dictionary New Edition In Sleeve With Guide Hardcover Book, Approx. 10"W x 15"H 6 3719 4.01   ended
1775 9802t.jpgSix Hard Cover Books- The Help Kathryn Sockett We'll Meet Again, Mary Higgins Clark, Honeymoon, Sunday At Tiffany's, James Patterson, The Runaway Jury John Grisham, The Confession John Grisham, All Good Condition 5 512 8.50   ended
1817 10060t.jpgTwo Hardcover Military Books, They Are Great Reads! Book One Is "In Harms Way" By Doug Stanton And Books Two Is "My War" By Colby Buzzell - Both Are In Very Good Condition 3 8736 3.25   ended
1826 10102t.jpg(18) Various Style Bookmarks, Various Designs, Peanuts, Thomas Kincaid, Planetz, Salty Lantern And More Plus A "God Bless America Cup", 4 1/2" To 9"H - Good Condition To New         ended
1874 10339t.jpgSynthetic Painting Medic Paperback Book By Dr. Jensen - In Good Condition 1 1643 1.00   ended
1887 10400t.jpgBuried Secrets Of Bois Blanc, Murder Mystery By Baldwin Paperback Book - Good Condition 6 13191 2.75   ended
1893 10434t.jpg"If Life Is A Game, These Are The Rules" By Cherie Carter-Scott, Ph.D., 141-Pages, These Are The Rules That Will Free You To Wake Up To Your No-Limit Life, Entertaining And Fun - Good Condition 3 15591 2.00   ended
1929 7926t.jpgVintage Pocket US Army New Testament From 1930's, Some Wear But Still Good Condition, 2 1/2"W x 4"L 13 9323 9.28   ended
1934 7949t.jpgThe Day Christ Died By Jim Bishop 1957 Hard Cover Book, Good Condition, Jacket Cover is in Fair Condition 3 3062 1.50   ended
1987 8216t.jpgVintage Trampoline Tumbling Hard Cover Book By Larry Griswold, Nice Reference Book, 120 Pages, Good Condition 1 3575 1.00   ended
2201 11952t.jpgThree Hardcover Books Including Snowfire By Phyllis A Whitney (With Dust Jacket), Nightsky By Clare Francis (With Dust Jacket), Amos Jackman By Daniel Doan (Library Book), All In Good Condition         ended
2210 12004t.jpgLot Of Five Books Including Four Paperbacks Like Treasure Island, Two Great Lakes Shipwrecks And Survival (Edmund Fitzgerald Edition), Three Robinson Caruso, Four Tom Sawyer, And A Hardcover Pinocchio; Good Condition 2 11220 1.25   ended
2249 12299t.jpgNew "In My Humble Opinion - A Journal To Vent" Paperback Book 5 628 9.00   ended
2261 12364t.jpg"Flags Of Our Fathers : Heroes Of Iwojima" By Bradley, Paperback In Good Condition 6 700 3.06   ended
2278 12466t.jpgTwo Hardcover Books By Glenn Beck Including The Overton Window And Arguing With Idiots, Both In Like New Condition 1 1862 1.00   ended
2324 12710t.jpgWorld War I Paperback Book Lot Including WWI, Submarines, And Warships; Good Condition 6 3443 7.60   ended
2374 12964t.jpgYour Baby Can Read! Five Books (Volume 1-5), Six Sliding Word Cards - Easy Wipe To Keep Them Clean, 82-Card (Double Sided) Word Cards (Like New Condition), Four Learning DVD's, Book With Thirty First Words Learning Book, Great For Teaching Toddlers And Pre-Schoolers! Seventeen Items Total! 12 4565 11.06   ended
2384 13014t.jpgIt's Time To Laugh With Four Paperback Books Including Far Side, Dilbert, And Calvin & Hobbs; Some Wear But Still Good Condition 4 9646 7.00   ended
2408 13145t.jpgChild's Hardcover Books, Lion King, Frozen, Etc., About (12) - All In Good Condition 2 1208 1.25   ended
2524 17465t.jpg(28) Golden Books, All Are Used But Not Ripped Pages And In Good To Great Condition 14 12306 14.00   ended
2706 18559t.jpgFive Stephen King Hard Cover Books in Very Good Condition, With Dust Jackets, Everything Eventual, (14) Dark Tales, Night Shift, Lisey's Story, Salem's Lot, From Buick (8) With Autograph Poster 4 16402 5.50   ended
2715 18608t.jpg"The Return of Sherlock Holmes" and "The Sherlock Holmes Scrapbook" Both in Good Condition, Hard Covers 3 12556 3.00   ended
2717 18622t.jpgBanksy Wall and Piece Awesome Book By Banksy Himself With 238 Pages of His Art Work and Stories Behind Them, Very Good Condition 5 5885 15.50   ended
2722 18645t.jpgThe Building of America 100 Great Landmarks By Robin Langley Sommer Published 2002, Hard Cover 200 Pages in Good Condition 1 11105 1.00   ended
2763 18852t.jpg"An Invitation To The White House" Hard Cover Book By Hillary Rodham Clinton, 309 Pages, Good Condition 7 14075 5.50   ended
2773 18908t.jpgFive Hard Cover Novels, The Vincent In The Barn, One Dog Night, The Life and Adventures of The Thunderbolt Kid, Frost of Heaven, Friend of The Devil, Good Condition         ended
2805 15270t.jpgThree American Government Books, Hardcover Editions, Worn And Stained - Fair Condition To Good Condition 1 3719 1.00   ended
2808 15287t.jpgDell Four Color Comic Prince Valiant Trial By Arms #788 Original Ten Cent Comic Book, Vintage Comics - Good Condition 5 12280 14.50   ended
2845 15481t.jpgAmerica The Beautiful In The Words Of Walt Whitman Hardcover Book - In Good Condition 10 3719 5.01   ended
2865 15590t.jpgIf You Enjoyed The Hobbit, You'll Love "The Hobbit Chronicles", This Book Is Loaded With Fantastic Artwork, Photography, Character And Movie Facts Hardcover Book, 12"W x 10"H - Clean And Just Like New 12 3927 20.50   ended
2881 15678t.jpgTwo Oversized Story Books, Plastic Laminated, 15"W x 19"H - Shows Wear But Still In Overall Good Condition         ended
2907 10989t.jpgLot of Civil War Magazines- 17 Total Gettysburg America's Civil War and More, All Good Condition 6 14418 6.23   ended
2909 11004t.jpgStar Wars Super Collectors Wish Book With Identification And Values, If You Buy, Sell or Collect Star Wars Items, This Book Will Provide You With Valuable Point of Reference, Hard Cover 8 3/4" x 11 1/4", Clean and Very Good Condition 4 3143 5.75   ended
2910 11010t.jpgLot of (17) Military Books and Magazines, WWII, Military Modeling and More, Paperback in Good Condition 6 3443 8.00   ended

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