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3 11t.jpgVintage Kitchen Lot With Green Enamelware Pan (15"W x 10"D x 2"T), Two Blue & White Enamelware Pans (15"W x 8"D x 2"T), Five Spice Tins, Two Reese Jelly Jars, Small Tin Bank, Candy Tin, Crystal White Scouring Cleanser And Squirt Salt & Pepper Shakers In The Original Box; All Good Condition And 1 3/4" To 4 3/4"T 16 1020 11.00   ended
4 21t.jpgVintage Moosehead Canadian Lager Beer Wooden Case/Box With Wooden Lid, Fingerjointed Edges, Good Condition, 18"W x 12"D x 10"T 17 7900 37.00   ended
9 57t.jpgVintage Coca Cola Hamilton Ring Girl Reproduction Metal Serving Tray In Very Good Condition, 10 3/4"Wx 14 3/4"L 5 6904 3.80   ended
12 76t.jpgVery Unique Blue Moon Advertising Sign - Metal Cut Out On Wood Backing, Only 500 Made! Wire Hanger On Back And Ready To Hang! Very Good Condition And 23" Diameter 15 16179 48.51   ended
13 81t.jpgCooper Tire Sign On Corrugated Board, Good Condition And 48"W x 24"T 8 5485 15.50   ended
20 121t.jpgVintage Red Metal Duro Decal Holder Container With Thirty Decals - Animal And Toy Themed, Flip Top Lid, Some Wear But Super Cool And Overall Good Condition, 17"W x 13 1/4"D x 8 1/2"T 16 10545 21.77   ended
29 172t.jpgEight Antique Car Design Libbey Zombie Glasses In Cool Original Box, Good Condition, 7" Glasses And 11 1/4"W x 3"D x 15"T Box 15 11585 15.50   ended
42 245t.jpgBrand New Very Cool Mr. Peanut Burlap Sack Bag With Handles, Nice Vintage Look! 13"W x 18"T 7 9925 3.26   ended
73 436t.jpgBig 3 Tire Lighted Glass Sign, Lights Up But Not All The Way - Still Looks Cool! Very Good Condition Otherwise, 36"W x 4"D x 11"T 8 13988 15.50   ended
83 492t.jpgBarrel, Crate And Magazines Lot With Old Paperbacks And Magazines, Magazines Like Popular Science And Popular Mechanics, Wooden Two-Slotted Glider Crate Is 26"W x 12"D x 12"T And Smaller Wooden Barrel Is 11"D x 18"T, Good Condition All 8 7900 15.50   ended
124 794t.jpgGeneral Tire Wooden Display Sign With Hanging Grommets, Good Condition And 48"W x 24"T 6 5485 6.01   ended
148 919t.jpg2013 Angry Orchard Hard Cider Tin Sign In Good Condition, 17 1/2"W x 9 1/2"T 6 6605 10.50   ended
151 933t.jpgVintage Real Photo Post Card "Henry Kramer Presents Midget Starlets Of 1942", Never Mailed And Increases Value! Good Corners But Some Minor Wrinkles, Names At The Bottom, Very Good Condition And 5 1/4"W x 3 1/2"T 10 996 7.51   ended
191 1157t.jpgThree Framed Harley Davidson Pictures Including Two Bikes And One Logo, Wood Frames, Good Condition, 12"W x 9"T 10 9728 11.50   ended
221 1288t.jpg(76) Vintage Beer Cans, "Please Don't Litter", Some With Pull Tabs, Rogue, National, Bohemian, Old Chicago And More, 2 1/2"Dia. X 4 1/2"H - Good Condition 9 5621 20.50   ended
256 1477t.jpgCoke Sign, "Drink Coca-Cola 5 Cents", Wooden Construction, 17"L x 5 1/2"H x 3/4" Thick - Very Good Condition 5 11664 3.00   ended
257 1481t.jpgThree Metal Signs, All Aluminum, They Say "No Parking, Tow Away Zone", 11"W x 18"H - Some Marks But Still In Overall Good Condition 18 3323 18.02   ended
264 1511t.jpgVehicle Product Line Brochures, Nine UAW "White Shirt Day" Stickers, Three UAW Pin Buttons, 1988 NASCAR Winston Cup Series Schedule, Misc. Key Rings, UAW Pencils, Bottle Opener, Nine Buick Emblems, The Box Measures 11"W x 16"D x 6"H - Very Good Condition 4 5485 2.75   ended
278 1583t.jpgVery Cool Valley Skateboards Canvas Flag With Metal Grommets, 23"W x 27"H - Good Condition 9 3193 10.50   ended
283 1607t.jpgVintage Stroh's Lighted Beer Sign, Stands Out On It's Own, Unlighted But Looks Just Like A Neon Sign When Turned On, Bolted Chain On Backside For Hanging, Comes With Working 15-Watt Bulb, 6' 6"L Cord Has Inline Rotating Wheel ON/OFF Switch, 35-Years-Old, 15 1/2"W x 4 1/2"D x 20 1/2"H - Working And In Good Condition 17 8874 45.00   ended
290 1640t.jpgNice Sized Distressed Parallel Parking Sign, Aluminum Construction, 12"W x 18"H - Some Scratches And Fading, Overall Good Condition 3 5885 4.26   ended
292 1648t.jpgAntique Insurance Co. Advertising Dated 1950, Very Nice Conversation Piece, South Atlantic Life Insurance Company, 17"W x 23 1/2"H - The Frame Has Marks But It Is Still In Overall Good Condition 2 1323 2.25   ended
294 1656t.jpgNice Sized Distressed Sign, "Athletic Trainer Parking Only", Aluminum Construction, 12"W x 18"H - Some Marks But Still In Overall Good Condition 6 13988 4.25   ended
296 1663t.jpgTwo Antique Looking Magazine Covers That Are Framed, Glass In Both Wooden Frames, Both Measure 12 1/4"W x 9 1/4"H - Good Condition 6 15562 6.59   ended
297 1668t.jpgStop Sign, Slight Bend, Looks Like It Was Run Over, Quite The Metaphor! 24"W x 24"H - Fair Condition 9 1811 9.99   ended
437 2425t.jpgNew In Package Harley Davidson Quality Rug, Non-Skid, Fresh Logo And Licensed Product, 59"W x 39"D 29 6904 26.00   ended
444 2466t.jpgGlass Jar Of Beer Caps With A Lot Of Micro Brews And Variety Like Founders, Red Stripe, Monari, And More! Good Condition And The Jar Is 6"D x 10"T 5 11688 7.55   ended
446 2474t.jpgSilver Coors Light Beer Tap Handle In Good Condition, 11 1/4" Long 9 16055 13.51   ended
455 2521t.jpgWooden Pabst Light Beer Tap Handle In Good Condition, 14" Long 11 11696 13.53   ended
468 2586t.jpgThree New In Package Harley Davidson Playing Card Tins, Casino Quality, Each Tin Has Two Decks, Licensed And Has Shield Logo 12 3062 10.50   ended
474 2616t.jpgSamuel Adams Winter Lager Wooden Beer Tap Handle In Good Condition, 9 1/2" Long 13 3323 16.50   ended
578 3182t.jpgVintage Archway Bus Ceramic Cookie Jar, 6"W x 9 1/2"D x 6"H - No Chips Or Cracks And In Good Condition 6 7160 4.25   ended
622 3446t.jpgUnited State 50-Star Flag, Folded Interment Flag In Vinyl Case That Measures 21"W x 11"H, Phoenix Industries, Huntsville, AL, 35805 (256) 880-0671, Made In U.S.A., Fine Quality! - Like New Condition 3 15058 8.50   ended
644 3587t.jpg57 Chevrolet Nomad Bel-Air Diecast Model Car, The Scale Is 1:18, Doors And Hood Open, 4"W x 11"L x 3 1/2"H - Very Good Condition 15 2658 20.00   ended
697 3877t.jpgOfficial Playboy Sharp Looking Glass Mug With Embossed Bunny Logo, 3"Dia. X 6 1/4"H - Good Condition 4 4032 3.25   ended
705 3922t.jpgVintage Colonial Sanders Kentucky Fried Chicken Plastic Bank, 10"H, Very Collectible, Few Coins Inside But Not Enough For A Bucket 8 9925 4.75   ended
743 4146t.jpgMasonic Liquor Bottle 1976, Empty By Royal Halburton China, Ceramic in Very Good Condition, 6"W x 2 1/2"D x 9"H 6 15889 3.75   ended
762 4262t.jpgWood Café Sign, The E Has Been Broken and Repaired, Fair to Good Condition, 11"H 1 13539 1.00   ended
820 4626t.jpgLot Of Two M&M's Collectibles Including A Hot Rod And A Rollercoaster; 10"L x 6"T And 4"W x 12"T 4 14147 10.50   ended
821 4632t.jpgNew Old Stock Budweiser 1:64 Scale Racing Team Transporter, 1 Of 5000 Limited Edition, 12" long 5 12519 6.57   ended
832 4692t.jpgNew Old Stock 1997 1977 Budweiser Chevrolet Monte Carlo Diecast Metal Car In 1:43 Scale, 1 Of 5000 Diecast Replicas, 4 1/2" Long 4 11642 5.57   ended
865 4830t.jpgThree Classic Cruisers Including A '55 Fairlane Sunline, '57 Fairlane Hot Rod, And '58 Edsel Packer; Also Comes With A Steak N Shake '56 Bel Air; Cardboard Box Collectibles, Good Condition, 12" Long 9 201 4.05   ended
889 4950t.jpgNew With Tags Budweiser Work Shirt, XXL Size And Never Worn! 18 14446 27.25   ended
964 5337t.jpgTwo Louies Standard Service Patches, New And Never Used! 8 1/2"W x 6"T 15 10545 21.00   ended
965 20580t.jpgNew Trump 2020 "No More Bullshit" Blue 150D Woven Poly Nylon Flag Banner, 60"W x 36"T 11 860 15.50   ended
976 5398t.jpgTwo NASCAR Pennant Flags, One Has The Logo Name And Colors Sandwiched In A Checkered Flag, The Other Is A Rare Dale Earnhardt #3 "Fear This" On A Confederate Backdrop, Good Condition And 60"W x 36"T 18 3927 13.09   ended
983 5421t.jpgGreat Collection Of Vintage Automotive Advertising From Chevrolet, Ford, Toyota, And More! From The 1950's To The 80's, Good Condition And 8"W x 11"T 5 2287 2.25   ended
995 5478t.jpg(14) Crown Royal Embroidered Drawstring Bags - Soft Felt-Like Fabric With Golden Drawstring, Nine Green And Five Purple, All Are Clean And In Like New Condition, 7"W x 9"T And 8"W x 13"T 10 16164 10.57   ended
999 5501t.jpgReally Nice Heavy Budweiser Glass Mug With Clydesdales On It, Very Good Condition, 4"D x 8"T 2 15296 1.25   ended
1197 6066t.jpgTwo Plastic Displays- One Turning With Side Openings, 9"Sq. x 6"H, One Four Top Openings For Items, 11"W x 7"D x 7"H, Good Condition 1 10824 1.00   ended

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