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109 610t.jpgCommunion Lot, Trays, Cups, Collection Plates, Table Covers Cloth and Plastic, Runners, White Gloves, Very Good To New, 1" to 108"L 16 3182 16.50   ended
112 630t.jpgMystery Box- Full of New and Slightly Used Useful Items, 9"W x 10"D x 12"H Weighs Approx. 7# 11 11251 12.50   ended
222 1281t.jpgMystery Box, Somethings That Smell Good, Keep Your Warm and Entertain, Box Measures 14 1/2"W x 8"D x 7 1/2"H 11 4500 12.50   ended
257 1464t.jpgMystery Box 19 1/2"W x 13 1/2"D x 12"H, What Mystery's Are Inside! Be The Winning Bidder And Find Out! 14 11275 10.50   ended
261 1482t.jpgBox of Kitchen Ware and More, Elmo Cookie, New Baby Toys, Shoe, Sippy Cup, Plus! Good Condition, 3" to 9 1/2"W 8 5432 6.00   ended
265 1507t.jpgMisc. Items, All Glass, Three Cookie Plates, Two Candle Holders, Candy Dish, Pitcher, 4" to 10"Diam, Good Condition, Do Need Cleaning 3 8162 1.75   ended
310 1755t.jpgChildren's Toys- Blankets, Two Blankets 4' x 5' Solid Blue, Other With Mother And Child Design, Stuffed Animals, Very Clean, Olaf Talks When He Wants To, Octopus, TY Kitty, Shark Slippers, Wiggle Warms, Size- M 13-1, Good Condition 5 6771 4.00   ended
376 2099t.jpgMystery Box, 15"W x 8"D x 6"H 7 11275 6.00   ended
465 2736t.jpgMisc. Box Lot- Includes DVD's, XBOX, PS3 Games, Controllers, Small Tripod, Good Condition, 14"W x 11"D x 6"H 11 11397 10.50   ended
532 3172t.jpgMisc. Lot of Items- Hello Kitty Clock, Coffee Pot, Detroit Tigers Images 2016 Calendar and More, Overall Good Condition, 6" to 12"W 3 9927 3.25   ended
607 4321t.jpgMisc. Lot of Bathroom- Knick Knacks, Desk Lamp, Disc Player, Floppy Disc, Multi Light, Rose Stand and More, All Need Cleaning, Good Condition For Age, 3" to 6"W         ended
820 3696t.jpgMystery Box of Good Stuff, Old and New, 16"W x 16"D x 15 1/2"H 12 11251 6.67   ended
911 5500t.jpgLarge Box of Figures and Misc. Collectibles, Tins, Nesting Dolls, Stein, Bell and More, Good To Very Good Condition, 2 1/2" to 16" 6 9717 4.00   ended
966 5784t.jpgTwo Boxes of Assorted Figures, Knick Knacks, Stepping Stones and More, Fair To Good Condition, 1" to 12"H 3 6622 2.00   ended
1128 8160t.jpgTwo Glass Vases, Sushi Set, Tea, Various Knick Knacks, Fun Lot! Good To New, 1" to 10"H 4 907 4.02   ended
1167 8400t.jpgMixed Lot of (15) Pieces, Photo Book, Notepad, Plastic Containers, Vintage Phone and More, Good Condition, 2" to 13"W 4 4500 2.75   ended
1169 8411t.jpgFive Piece Lot That Includes Two Plastic Crates, Ultra Fire Flashlight, Stanley Thermos, Wood Baseball Bat, Flashlight Needs New Batteries, Works Great, Very Good Condition On All, 7 1/2" to 25"L 17 8484 13.77   ended
1251 6346t.jpgMystery Tube! Full of Brand New Items and Other Goodies, You'll Be Able To Take A Night Off, Make Some Popcorn And Relay With The Rest of The Stuff Inside! 14"W x 25"H 10 4500 16.50   ended
1272 6467t.jpgMen's Mystery Box Lots of Camo, Stuff For Hunting, 21"W x 12"D x 13 1/2"H 18 11078 13.55   ended
1277 6495t.jpgMisc. Lot- 20 Or More Items From Kitchen and Around the House, Ceramic, Glass and More, Hope There's Something You Can Use, 3" to 5"W, Fair To Good Condition, Need Cleaning, Some Have Chips         ended
1279 6507t.jpgMystery Box Full of Surprises, Enjoy and Have Fun Bidding! 24"W x 16"D x 13"H 7 5588 6.00   ended
1285 6549t.jpgMisc. Lot of Headphones, Fry Pans, Carving Board, Baby Items, All Need Cleaning, Untested, As Is, Fair To Good Condition, 3" to 12"Diam 4 7277 3.25   ended
1362 10100t.jpgBox of Misc. Power Cords and Few Other Goodies, 8 1/2"W x 14"D x 6"H, Payroll Books and Soap 8 11397 3.00   ended
1516 7324t.jpgHuge Mixed Lot of Items, Carbon Monoxide Detector, AC Power, Adapter, Wireless Modem, Etc. Fair To Good Condition, 3 1/2" to 9"W 2 10749 3.25   ended
1517 7334t.jpgClothes Basket, Hamper Full of Items Like- Sentry Alarm Clock, Electronics, Linen and More, Fair Condition, Basket 14"W x 9"D x 24"H, Untested, As Is 3 772 3.00   ended
1581 7840t.jpgPipe Stand, Hand Carved Box, Wallet, Dog Picture, Hat Rack, Shoe Stretchers, Chicken Picture, Fishing Reel, Needlepoint, Hose Darner, Fair to Good Condition, 2" to 12"H 2 11397 2.25   ended
1582 7848t.jpgBox of Pyrex Coffee Pot (No Lid or Insides) Syrup Container, USA Vase, Goofus Glass, Serving Cake Plate With Server, All in Good Condition, 3" to 13"Diam 11 9605 3.75   ended
1662 6991t.jpgGloss, Tacks, Tapes El Saver By Sunbeam, Pitcher, Sugar Bowl, Vintage Tape Measure, Good Condition, Need Cleaning, 2"T 4 7042 2.25   ended
1873 9563t.jpgLot Of Lamp, Antique Hat And Purse, China Cabinet, Smaller, Hummel Like Figurine, Good Condition, 12"W X 16"D X 8 3/4"T 3 11115 1.50   ended
1904 10376t.jpgSurprise Box, This Box Is Filled With Many Cool Items! Win It Today! 18 1/2"W X 10 1/2"D X 10 1/2"T 12 11275 9.04   ended
2250 11853t.jpgMystery Box, Wonderful Mystery Today, 14"W X 8"H X 7 1/2"D 14 8506 10.51   ended
2296 12096t.jpgMystery Box Full Of Awesome Collectors Goodies, 15"W X 10"D X 9 1/2"T 7 11275 6.56   ended
2302 12889t.jpgMisc. Lot Of Clock, Glass Canister, Baking Pan, Jewelry Box And Jewelry, And More, Fair To Good Condition, Some Need Cleaning And Have Scratches, 3" To 9"W 6 8752 5.50   ended
2304 12901t.jpgTote Full Of Vacuum Tubing And Tote Lids, Garage Sale Sign, Fair To Good Condition, Need Cleaning And Tote Has Hole Cutout, 23"W X 6"D, 6"T 4 4149 5.51   ended
2393 13492t.jpgMystery Box Jam Packed With Good Stuff, Bring A Buddy, Kinda Heavy! 20"W X 17"D X 15"T 7 862 9.00   ended
2463 17869t.jpgPurple Tote With Towels, Dishes, Wooden Bowl, Envelopes, Yarn And Much More!, 23"W X 17"D X 16"T 6 11397 3.76   ended
2467 17906t.jpgMystery, Mystery, Mystery, Your Guess, Enjoy, 11"W X 8"D X 9"T 14 862 10.00   ended
2470 17927t.jpgMystery Box, Someone Please What's In There? 10 1/2"W X 10 1/2"D X 13"T 9 5588 9.00   ended
2516 14861t.jpgWhat Can It Be Now? Who Gets This Great Gift? 8 1/2"W X 11"D X 8 3/4"T 12 4500 6.67   ended
2571 15175t.jpg(3) Boxes Of Wood, Metal, Ceramic Items, Soviet Union Book, Metal Lantern, Ceramic Pitcher, New Salt And Pepper Set And More, 3"T 6 11397 4.02   ended
2577 15215t.jpgMemorex Gross Cut Paper Shredder, Works Great, (12) Glasses, (6) Fancy Tall Wine Goblet Glasses, (6) Small Wine Glasses Or Desert Glasses, Good Condition, 5 1/4 To 16 1/2"T 10 1459 9.50   ended
2660 13901t.jpgSurprise Box, Couldn't Get Anymore In This One! Let The Wonder Be Over With The Highest Bid!, 24"W X 16 1/2"D X 13"T 10 10924 8.25   ended
2757 12539t.jpgHouseware Lot - (9) Beer Glasses, 1 Aluminum Bunny Mold, 1 Calendar Planner, 2 Feathercraft Pictures, 1 Vintage Log Cabin Syrup Pitcher. All Good Condition. 5" to 13" Tall 3 11397 1.50   ended
2902 14144t.jpgNew Make Up Bottle For Traveling, New 3 Packs of Tissue Sheets, 1 Shaving Bag, 1 Gray & Red Carffield Bag, 1 Black Notebook. All Good Condition. 2" to 7" Wide. 1 11115 1.00   ended
2909 20662t.jpgLot Of Angel Stuff! One Angel Bear, One Pillow, One Wall Hanger Made Of Stressed Barn Wood, Two Candle Holders, Two Books: Angels In Art & Angels Everywhere. 4"-9.5"W 5 9927 4.49   ended
2942 20301t.jpgLot Of Misc. Items Such As Toastmaster Electric Knife 10"L, Charbroil Chicken Roaster 7"T, Frying Pans, Clock Radio, Paint Sprayer, and More! All Untested However Good Condition! 4 11397 2.25   ended
3013 18915t.jpgCollectible Box of Tools- Scissors, Vintage Barn Hardware, Fishing Knife, Silverware, Hammer, Brackets, Tape Measure and More, Up to 13"L, Fair To Good Condition 15 8943 26.00   ended
3142 19227t.jpgMisc. Lot Of Women's Clothing Size Large, Food Processor, Slow Cooker, And More, All Untested, Fair To Good Condition, 16"W X 9"D X 13"T 2 11397 1.25   ended
3146 20648t.jpgVintage Elvis Presley 1977 Papers, (2) Midnight Globe, The Star, (2) Enquirer, All Different, How Kids Played In The 50'S, (30) In A Bag, (2) Old Winnie The Pooh Puzzles, All In Good Condition, In A Budweiser 24-12 Oz. Case,10" To 18"W 2 6547 1.25   ended
3290 20130t.jpgOld Metal Avon Box Filled With Some Collectibles (9" x 9" x 2"), Brass Gillette Razor Box, Mr. Peanut Old Plastic Spoon, Small Leather Change Purse, 1" to 5" Long, Good Condition For Age 3 9717 1.50   ended

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