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76 436t.jpgCollection Of Old Books Including Farmer's Almanacs (1886), Language Primer (1883), Spelling Book (1909), Standard Arithmetic Book (1911), History Of The Church Of God (1888); A Fascinating Look Into School Books Of The Past, Some Binding And Page Wear But Overall Good Condition For The Age 8 15889 16.50   ended
111 6229t.jpgRussian-English Hardcover Dictionary, Some Wear But Overall Good Condition 2 16182 1.25   ended
151 6471t.jpg(34) Vintage National Geographic Magazines From 1976 Through 1983, Most Of These Are Still In Wonderful Condition With The Exception Of A Couple Minor Flaws, Many Still Have The Collectible Maps Still Inside! Many Notable Editions Included - Good To Very Good Condition 10 11105 7.59   ended
224 701t.jpgBox With Twelve Do It Yourself Books ON Electrical, Plumbing, Construction, Etc., Mostly Hardcovers In Good Condition, Box Is 12"W x 12"D x 10"T 6 11140 3.75   ended
234 777t.jpgSix Outdoor Books On Hunting, Fishing, And Boating! Mostly Paperbacks And Great Reading Material! See Pictures For Titles, Overall Good Condition 2 1854 2.03   ended
236 793t.jpgBox With Nine Crafting And Natural Remedies Books - Mostly Hardcover, Get Crafting! Good Condition 2 1208 1.25   ended
347 7546t.jpg(17) Fraggle Rock Children's Hardcover Books With Jim Henson's Muppets, They Measure 8"W x 7 1/2"H - The Covers Have Some Wear But The Pages Of The Books Are In Good Condition 12 9357 9.01   ended
384 7736t.jpgNine Gardening/Landscaping Books, Hardcover And Paperback Editions - In Good Condition 9 12348 4.24   ended
416 1190t.jpgThe Rainmaker By John Grisham, Black Notice By Patricia Cornwell, And James Bond The Man With The Red Tattoo Audio Books On Cassette Tape - They Look To Be In Good Condition 1 5167 1.00   ended
429 1272t.jpgMoon Knight Comic Lot, A Couple #1's And Lots Of Filler, All 9.0 To 9.4, (20+) Items Total 5 7511 3.02   ended
618 2314t.jpg(20) fine Home Building Magazines, Few Wood Working Magazines - Good Condition 4 10040 1.75   ended
657 2495t.jpgOne Old Bible With Zipper, Copyright 1958, Some Rips On The Cover, The Inside Looks Decent - Overall Fair Condition, And Another Book, American Lutheran Hymnal Copyright 1931, Very Minimal Rips On This One - Good Condition For The Age 2 3557 1.75   ended
670 2577t.jpgHardcover Book Lot Including Authors: John Grisham, Tim LaHaye, James Patterson And More, Mysteries, Some "How To" Books And Maybe Some Collectible Ones Too, Ten Total - Good Condition         ended
700 2768t.jpgReader's Digest D.I.Y. Books, Complete Do-It-Yourself, Fit It Yourself, Hardcover Editions, Lots Of Knowledge - Good Condition 8 10040 3.75   ended
709 2835t.jpgLarge Iron Man Lot Of Comics Including: Vol. 1, 216, 221, 224, 227, 228, 229, 232-234, 236-246, 242, 243, 252, 515 Plus More! - Good Condition 11 443 11.50   ended
864 5395t.jpgSeven Vintage Children's Books, Mostly Hardcover Editions, Dr. Seuss And Others - Worn, Fair Condition To Good Condition 3 10833 1.50   ended
876 5483t.jpgQuantum Leap Comics, 1-4, 6, 9-12 Editions, Nine Total - All In Good Condition 8 1507 7.51   ended
888 5553t.jpgFour Really Great Children's Hardcover Books, "Good Night Stories Collection", "Love Is You And Me", "Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes" And "The Very Best Of Sesame Street" - Good Condition 2 6363 1.25   ended
917 23885t.jpgBox Lot Of Hardcover And Paperback Books, Grilling, Zombie, Aquariums, Etc.,A Hot Stone Body Massage Kit And A Box Of Cookbooks, Story Books, Autographed Books, Taste Of Home Magazines, 14"Sq. x 9"H - All In Good Condition 5 3206 5.61   ended
921 23718t.jpg(13) Cookbooks, Some Are Old, Hardcover And Paperback Editions - Most Are In Good Condition 5 4316 3.04   ended
953 3693t.jpgFour Newer Books By James Patterson, Julie Garwood, And Jonathon Kellerman, The Latest Alex Cross Novel By James Patterson, All Hardcover Editions - Excellent Condition 8 512 3.50   ended
960 3737t.jpg(50) Issues Of Older Years "The Limbaugh Letter" By Rush Limbaugh, Most Look Nice, Used, Few with A Rip Here And There, Various Years, Come See The All Some Of Them With Scribbled Names Of Previous Owner - Good Condition 1 15941 1.00   ended
1261 7115t.jpgStack of (36) Magazines Including Bon Appetit, Martha Stewart Living, Better Homes and Gardens, Birds and Butterflies, Birds and Blooms, Mother Earth Living, Taste of Home and More, 2014- 2017, Lots of Reading Material and Pretty Pictures, Good Condition 4 10833 1.75   ended
1312 4629t.jpgCreative Schools Paperback Book By Ken Robinson PHD, The Grass Roots Revolution That's Transforming Education, Good Condition         ended
1341 4782t.jpgSears Fall and Winter 1966 Catalog in Good Condition, Some Wear 6 1323 7.51   ended
1361 4881t.jpg(5) Stephen King Hard Cover Books, Hearts in Atlantis, Dream Catcher, The Tommy Knockers, Duma Key, The Stand, Very Good Condition 7 1684 10.00   ended
1438 10896t.jpgBox Full of Comics And Books, From 1960's To Modern, Lots of #1's, Anniversary, Special Editions, Etc. One Autographed, All in Very Good to Mint Condition, 12"W x 16"D x 4"H 16 14072 11.51   ended
1542 5841t.jpgIndiana Jones Comic Lot, About Twenty Here! All Dark Horse And All In 9.0 - 9.4 +++ Shape 7 13015 6.40   ended
1553 5906t.jpgSpiderman Lot Of Comics With More Than Thirty Here! Eleven Amazing Spiderman, Web Of Spiderman, Spiderman, And Some Crossovers; Most Of Them Are In 9.0-9.4 +++ Condition 3 443 10.50   ended
1560 5947t.jpgFive Engineers And Engines Magazine Including Three 1979, 1969, And A 1985; Great Photographs, Good Condition 1 15842 1.00   ended
1564 5968t.jpgTwo DC Comics The New Teen Titans, Both Number One Editions And In Good Condition 2 6363 1.25   ended
1573 6017t.jpgSix Vintage Country Music Magazines Lot Plus Many Other Guitar Related Magazines, Overall Good Lot In Good Condition Besides A Few Rips Here And There 4 8782 1.75   ended
1727 8017t.jpg"The Buck Book" Spiral Bound, 83-Pages In Text, Pictures And Color By Ann Akers Johnson, A Very Entertaining And Clever Book, Easy To Understand, Very, Very Unique Ideas! - Good Condition 9 12838 10.50   ended
1851 8707t.jpgHardcover And Paperback Books, Assorted Titles Like: Mocking Jay And A Couple From Dean Koontz - Very Good Condition 4 12627 1.75   ended
1871 8808t.jpgLarge Lot Of All Justice League Comics, They Are All In 9.0-9.6 Shape, (20+) - In Good Condition 12 6363 10.51   ended
1896 8923t.jpg"Take Care Of Yourself" Paperback Book, 342-Pages By D.M. Vickery, Revised And Updated, Every Family Should At Least Know About Some Of This, Self-Help - Good Condition 1 10835 1.00   ended
1898 8931t.jpg"A.D.D. - Attention Deficit Disorder" Paperback Book, 189-Pages By Thom Hartman, Clever Ways To Work With A.D.D., A Different Perception, Revised And Featured In TIME Magazine - Good Condition 2 11666 1.25   ended
1908 14795t.jpg"A Cup of Comfort" For Teachers Edited By Colleen Sell, Inspirational And Motivating Stories, Paperback in Good Condition, 320 Pages         ended
1924 22497t.jpgLarge Batman Comic Lot- Detective, Dark Knight, Few Odd Ball Books, There All in 9.0 to 9.4+++ Shape 11 15428 13.49   ended
1989 15160t.jpg(34) DC Mixed Lot of All Spectre Comic Books, All Books Are 9.0 - 9.6 8 16308 8.99   ended
1996 15196t.jpgTwo Big Nate Books- Hard Cover "Nate Flips Out" and Paperback "I Can't Take It" Both in Great Condition 7 10415 3.25   ended
2203 17940t.jpgNightwatch Hardcover Book, A Practical Guide To Viewing The Universe, Good Condition 6 12248 4.79   ended
2210 17978t.jpgLot Of 20+ DC Azrael Comic Books In Sleeves, All In 9.0-9.6 Condition 10 3719 8.49   ended
2240 18129t.jpgSeventeen Presidents Hardcover Book Set - What A Collection! This Has Seventeen Of The Most Popular Presidents To Dwight Eisenhower, A Complete Biography Of His Life And Family And Political Accomplishments For Each One; Also Comes With JFK's Profiles In Courage - One Of The All-Time Greatest books Written By A Future President; Very Good Condition 24 3719 17.01   ended
2263 18256t.jpg(100) Marvel And DC Comic Books In A Nice Comic Box, These Comics All Come With Bags And Boards, Super Heroes, Titles Include Guardians Of The Galaxy, Green Lantern, Ghost Rider, Captain America, Drax, Doc Savage And More! All Look To Be In Good Condition 13 3719 20.55   ended
2274 23645t.jpgBox of Books that Include Titles like: Handyman by Jean Heller, Blood & Wine by Jack Nicholson, Julia by Judy Duante, End Game by Dev Stryker & More, Box is 18"W x 12"D x 10"H, 30 Total, Some Double Titles, Good Condition         ended
2287 18385t.jpg(100) Marvel And DC Comic Books In A Nice Comic Box, These All Come With Bags And Boards, Super Heroes, Titles Include Fantastic Four, Flash, Superman, Batman, Avengers, Captain America And More! Good Condition TO Very Good Condition 12 3719 20.55   ended
2328 10262t.jpgSeven Personal Finance And Money Management Books, Hard Covers And Paperbacks, Good Condition 1 10835 1.00   ended
2341 10348t.jpgFour Vintage The Saturday Evening Posts From The Mid 1970's March And April 1974, June And July-August 1975; Good Condition 2 11759 1.25   ended
2364 10486t.jpgAlcoholics Anonymous Paperback Book, Third Edition From 1976-78, Good Condition 1 12994 1.00   ended

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