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1 1t.jpgVintage Gumball Machine On Metal Stand, Machine Takes Quarters, Good Condition And 35" Tall 23 9928 47.00   ended
6 35t.jpgThree Vintage Boy Scout Beret Hats, Two Olive Green And One Dark Green, The Dark Green Hat Is A Vintage BSA Explorer Hat, This Style Was Used Between WWII And The 1970's, All Appear To Be A Size 7, One Has A Tear At Corner And Is In Fair Condition But The Other Two Are In Good Condition 4 15889 10.00   ended
9 55t.jpgTwo Very Old Blue Glass Ball Jars, 1/2 Gallon Size, Wavy Glass And Bubbles, Both Come With Porcelain Caps, Some Chips And Rough Edges Around The Rims But Overall Good Condition, 9 1/2" Tall 10 9841 5.75   ended
10 61t.jpgDietz Little Wizard Lantern, Beautiful Red Globe Intact, The Bottom Is Convex, Use For Parts Or Clean Up And Restore! Would Make Great Decor, Rust And Dirty - Fair To Good Condition, 6 1/2"D x 12"T 12 2188 8.53   ended
12 72t.jpgVintage Metal Matchstick Dispenser In Red & White, Good Condition And 3"W x 3"D x 6 1/2"T 21 12695 16.51   ended
20 120t.jpgFour Vintage 1958 Color Maverick #945 TV Western Comics In Plastic Sleeve, Silver Age And By James Garner, 10 Original Price! Good Condition 23 16242 36.00   ended
21 124t.jpgVintage Black Metal Ice Tongs, Great Display! Good Condition And 7"W x 15"L When Closed 10 8240 14.50   ended
34 196t.jpgGreen Handled Wooden School Bell Dinner Ringer, Also Great For Servants! Good Condition Overall, Bell Is 2 3/4"D x 2 1/2"T And The Handle Is 3 1/2" Long 12 13538 9.00   ended
48 272t.jpgVintage Wagon Train #7 From October/December 1960, Very Nice Higher Grade Silver Age Dell Comic, In Plastic Sleeve And Overall Good Condition 17 16242 37.00   ended
58 324t.jpgThree Vintage Ball Perfect Mason Jars - Two Blue And One Clear, 1/2 Gallon Size, Numbers 2, 5, And 12 On The Bottom; Some Rough Edges Around The Rims But Still In Overall Good Condition, 9 1/2" Tall 4 13988 4.75   ended
65 368t.jpgVintage Chrome Lighter Marked "Made In Occupied Japan" With Cloth Pocket, Refillable, Untested/As Is But Good Condition For Display, 2 5/8"W x 3 3/4"T 5 8554 5.00   ended
66 374t.jpgAmazing Antique 48 Star American Flag With Pole Pockets, No Holes, Slight Discoloration But Overall Good Condition, 72"W x 48"T 22 14469 28.00   ended
67 381t.jpgAntique Balance Scale With Original Paint, 300 Lb. Max, Not For Legal Trade, Heavy, Still Works And In Good Condition Besides Some Wear And Rust, 19"W x 21"D x 25 1/2"T 11 13538 32.00   ended
68 390t.jpgDietz #8 Air Pilot Lantern, Globe Intact With Dietz Emblem, Great For Display! Some Wear And The Bottom Is Rusted Out But Overall Good Condition, 7 3/4"D x 13"T 9 2188 6.50   ended
74 425t.jpgAntique Weathervane Stand With Roof Mounting Base, Replace Or Repurpose With Lots Of Potential, Left Untouched, No Cracks Or Breaks - Good Condition, 18" Tall 24 9597 25.77   ended
79 23621t.jpgVintage Welsbach Style Boulevard Street Lamp, Made of Zinc or Aluminum With Thick Plastic Lucite Globe, Uses 110V Electrical Service (Needs to be Wired), Came From Historical Central MI Town, Working When Taken Down, Lamp Pole Opening 3"Diam and Light 52"T x 17"W, Some Small Dents From Storage, Needs Cleaning, Polish On Globe, Original Paint in Good Condition For Age (Item is Currently Off-Site but will be Available for Preview by Tuesday, January 29) 14 4763 72.68   ended
87 496t.jpgVintage Metal Sad Iron, Some Pitting But Overall Good Condition, 6"W x 3"D x 5"T 6 11588 5.50   ended
89 505t.jpgTwo Vintage All-Metal Shoe molds, Some Writing But Hard To Read, Overall Good Condition, 6 1/2" And 9 1/2" Long 3 7900 1.50   ended
97 553t.jpgThree Cast Iron Bases Marked "R1945", Appear To Anchor Into Something With Bolts, Railroad Track Tie Plates? Good Condition, 12"W x 8"D 5 7900 5.50   ended
99 567t.jpgAntique Cast Iron "P3A" Hand Crank Water Pump, Very Cool For Use Or Decor! Good Condition Overall And 7 1/2"W x 7"D x 17"T With 14 1/2" Long Handle 10 16141 16.50   ended
106 6201t.jpgVintage 1950's One Gallon Metal Gas Can, This Was My Dad's And Stored For Years, Has both Original Screw-On Tops, Overall Good Condition And 7"D x 10"T 11 16343 7.26   ended
109 6218t.jpgAntique Treasure Lot With Cast Iron Match Holder, Antique Blacksmith Tool, Victor Rat Trap, Door Knocker, And Sanding Block; Cool Decor In Good Condition, 3" To 14" Wide/Long 15 7900 15.55   ended
115 6249t.jpgAntique Red Hazard Lantern With Red Globe, Starhead Light CO., Very Rusty But Overall Good Condition For Decor! 6"D x 11"T 20 13848 21.50   ended
122 6282t.jpgDietz Little Wizard Lantern With Red Globe, Missing The Fill Cap But Still Cool Decor, Fair To Good Condition And 6 1/2"D x 12"T 4 16285 1.75   ended
125 6301t.jpgVintage Children's Leather Riding Gloves From The WWII Era, Plastic Chester Buttons, Very Good Condition And 6 1/2" Long 9 6806 11.06   ended
129 6325t.jpgVintage General Hardware #800 16 Oz. Brass Plumb Bob With Replaceable Tip, Good Condition And 4 1/4" Long 10 11105 8.00   ended
130 6329t.jpgPair Of Salvaged HHF & Co. Barn Door Rollers, Free Spinning Wheels, Rusty Patina And In Good Condition, 3 1/2"W x 11 1/2"L 14 1811 18.01   ended
132 6343t.jpgCrams Imperial Globe On Wood And Brass Stand, Overall Good Condition And 12"D x 34"T 19 11252 15.33   ended
136 6363t.jpgVery Cool Antique National Stamping And Electric Works "White Cross" Electric Copper Heater With Enamel Ware Base, Heats Up Instantly! Good Condition And 11 1/2"D x 14 1/2"T 9 558 11.83   ended
139 6384t.jpgVintage Two-Way Vanity Mirror With Rose Pattern And Unique Base (11"W x 13"T), Two Adjustable Doll Holders (13" And 16"T), And A 10" Antique Night Light(Untested/As Is); Some Wear But All In Overall Good Condition, UPDATE - Night Light Is Working 12 15412 8.00   ended
332 7475t.jpg1980 Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Yoda Sleeping Bag, Vintage Collectible And Rare!, Approx. 30"W x 65"L - Real Good Condition 19 6634 23.43   ended
343 7528t.jpgCasper The Friendly Ghost #53 February 1957 Complete, Cover Attached, Flat - Good Condition 10 1284 4.01   ended
533 1875t.jpgThree Fruit Jars: One Is 1/2-Gallon Mason Pat. November 30th, 1858; One Is Quart Atlas Strong Shoulder; One Is Pint Atlas Pint E-7 Seal With Lid, 6" To 9"L - All Are In Very Good Condition 8 7900 10.50   ended
553 1972t.jpgThree Vintage Ink Wells And A Box Of (15) Ink Tips, 2 1/2"Dia. X 2"H - Good Condition 9 6459 11.09   ended
658 2504t.jpgTwo Vintage Piggy Banks, One Is Porcelain With Some Paint Wear But It Has A Very Cute Face, The Other Is Cast Iron With A Gold Wash, 4" To 7"L - Both Are In Good Condition 13 3182 11.59   ended
659 2512t.jpgWeston Vintage Amperes A.C. Model 476 Gauge, 3 1/2"Dia. X 2"D - Good Condition 5 5255 4.75   ended
664 2536t.jpgVintage Stromberg, Carlson 1250 Rotary Dial Bakelite 1946 Wall-Mount Phone, 7"W x 5"D x 9"H - Good Condition 15 5273 12.50   ended
1101 3961t.jpgFour Vintage Boyd's Bears and Friends Collection, 6"H, Very Good Condition 17 15863 17.52   ended
1152 4292t.jpgTwo Vintage Brass Buddha and Non Working Lighters, Great For Display, 2 3/4"H x 1 3/4"W x 1 1/2"D, Still Good Condition 6 14626 3.50   ended
1153 4297t.jpgLot of Vintage Brass Keys of Various Sizes, Largest Measure 6 3/4"L, Smallest 2 5/8", Others Are Anywhere In Between, Nice Lot In Good Condition 10 16096 26.56   ended
1164 4358t.jpgVintage Anri Hand Carved In Italy Wood Pipe Rest, 4"W x 3 1/2"D x 5"H, Very Good Condition 14 15327 14.16   ended
1168 4376t.jpgVintage German Hand Crafted Wood Weather Teller Figurine House, Super Cute in Good Condition, 5"W x 2 1/2"D x 4"H 7 16162 6.50   ended
1188 4494t.jpgAntique Glass Door Handle, Good Condition, 2"Diam x 6"L 13 15206 10.00   ended
1200 6754t.jpgAntique Horse Hair Broom Unknown Origin High Quality Brush End Protected By Ornate Brass? Housing, Brush Part is Extendable, Good Condition, 22"L 6 6093 6.50   ended
1228 6910t.jpgVintage Lamp Light Farms Oil Lamp With Beautiful Mallard Painted Scene, Good Condition, 14 1/2" 8 15394 8.50   ended
1373 4960t.jpg30 Gallon Galvanized Metal Trash Can With Lid, Some Rust And Dents But No Holes in Good Condition Overall, 21"Diam x 27"H 15 10260 8.00   ended
1395 5098t.jpgTwo Galvanized Waste Cans, With Lids, Ten and Twenty Gallons, Good For Storing Bird Seed, Etc. Good Condition 18 13728 18.53   ended
1567 5983t.jpgTons Of Vintage Pogs, Cardboard, Great Condition And 1 3/4" Diameter 9 14072 3.00   ended
1713 7926t.jpg(30+) Vintage Oil Lamp Parts, Chimney, Bases, Wicks, Wick Holders, Etc., 2 1/2" To 6 1/4"H - Good Condition 3 13146 5.00   ended
1752 8161t.jpgMetropolitan Museum Reproduction Of Jacob Boelen Around 1690, 5 3/4"W x 4"D x 1 3/4"H - Good Condition 4 10439 1.75   ended

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