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107 612t.jpgSet Of (8) Joyce Meyer Audio Cassettes/CD's Including "How To Live Stress Free", "Growing By Leaps And Boundaries" And More! All In Good Condition 8 9927 6.59   ended
108 618t.jpgNew Six Week Makeover DVD Set w/ (3) CD's, (2) DVD's, (2) Cookbooks and Program Guide, Nine Items Total! Very Good Condition - Some Still In Wrapping! 2 1854 1.25   ended
115 656t.jpgLot Of (7) Audiobooks/DVD's w/ (3) Audiobooks On CD, (3) Audiobooks On Cassettes, And New "I Love Lucy" Season 2 Boxset, Good Condition To New 8 10833 5.50   ended
391 2129t.jpg(8) CD's Classical Music From 1685 to 1928, All in Good Condition 6 3557 2.75   ended
699 4130t.jpg(2) Anita RenFroe DVD's Including "Purseonality" And "It's Probably Just My Thyroid", Good Condition 1 2158 1.00   ended
799 4774t.jpgCassette Tape Collection In Three-Drawer Case, Filled With Classics Like Patsy Cline, Jim Reeves, Kenny Rogers And More! Drawers Are Stick And Box Has Some Cracks - Fair To Good Condition, 15"W x 11"D x 4 1/2"H 5 426 7.04   ended
821 4904t.jpgLot Of (16) Work Out DVD's, About Have Are Still New In Plastic, Very Good Condition To New 9 8625 10.02   ended
980 5823t.jpg"War In The Gulf" 8 DVD Boxset, Fascinating Documentary w/ Incredible Footage And Expert Analysis! Like New, 11"W x 12"D x 1 1/4"H 7 9638 6.50   ended
1108 6640t.jpg(3) Elvis New Old Stock DVDs: Aloha From Hawaii, '68 Comeback And #1 Hit Performances, Nice Lot 21 6347 15.60   ended
1161 6970t.jpg(3) New Old Stock Die Hard DVDs, Never Opened 11 11542 7.01   ended
1455 9371t.jpgMore Than 33 CD's Most in Original Boxes, Various of Music From Elvis To Vivaldi, All in Good Condition 10 6211 15.59   ended
1456 9379t.jpgNice Collection of (11) VHS Movies in Boxes- Action, Cartoons, Disney, Two Tape Patton Film, Looks In Good Condition         ended
1459 9398t.jpg(26) Anime DVD's In Original Packages, All Are In Very Good Condition, Great Variety Including- YUYU Hakusho, Dragon Ball GT, Case Closed, Etc. 11 3749 35.05   ended
1532 8010t.jpgLot Of (5) DVD's And (5) VHS Tapes Including GI Joe, Batman And More! Good Condition 3 1854 1.51   ended
1535 8037t.jpg(14) Anime VHS Movies Including Pokémon, Robotech 2, Street Fighter 2 And More! All Look To Be In Good Condition 13 7179 15.62   ended
1536 8043t.jpgBox Full Of (40+) Country CD's And Cassettes Including Conway Twitty, Elvis, Randy Travis And More! Good Condition, Full Box Measures 11"W x 12"D x 4 1/2"H 8 3927 12.00   ended
1568 8271t.jpg(14) DVD's Including Captain America, Indiana Jones, X-Men And More! Good Condition 12 7042 12.50   ended
1621 8594t.jpg(48) Christmas CD's, Good Collection of Holiday Listening, Mariah Carey, Bing, Sinatra, Plus More! Box 17"W x 11"D x 4"H 16 1854 15.60   ended
1699 9054t.jpg(31) Disney VHS Tapes, Good Condition, See Pictures 16 10560 24.49   ended
1758 14287t.jpgLarge Lot of DVD's- Titles Include Backdraft, Witches of Eastwick, Gunsmoke Etc. Very Good Condition, Includes Universal Cleaning Kit, New in Package 7 148 6.00   ended
1764 14328t.jpgLarge Lot of (19) DVD Nice Movies And TV Shows, Some Multiples, Some Never Opened, Titles- Beverly Hillbillies TV Episodes, Walk The Line, Lethal Weapon, Dream Girls, Etc. 5 7042 11.00   ended
1769 14362t.jpg(30) Plus Blank 80 Minute CD's, New Most Verbatim Brand 4 1139 4.30   ended
2265 11311t.jpg(25) DVD's- Family, Action, Comedy, Scary, Inc. Diehard, Dragnet, Lord of War, And More, Good Condition 11 148 13.80   ended
2340 12922t.jpg(5) NEW Sealed Children's Movies- And (15) Original Children's Movies And Cartoons in New Jewel Cases, Original Boxes Were Dirty and Replaced With New Jewel Cases, All Movies Original, Good Lot 4 6771 2.00   ended
2344 12945t.jpgThree DVD's- Family 4 Pack Includes Four Movies, The Real Bruce Lee Collection Includes Five Movies, The Fists of Bruce Lee Includes Four Movies, NEW 1 10263 1.00   ended
2349 12974t.jpg80 Plus Cassettes With One Cassette Drawer, Rock and Country With Titles Like Van Halen, Don Henley, Sammy Hagar, And More, 2 3/4"W x 4 1/2"L 12 426 13.50   ended
2425 13441t.jpgFive DVD's- Fifteen VHS Tapes, All Good Movies, Plus New Six Hour VHS Tape Downsizing, All Good Condition, Get Shorty, The Bear, American Beauty and More 4 6771 2.03   ended
2494 13895t.jpgNice Lot of (9) VHS Tapes- Elvis, Lots of Country, Real Good Condition To New in Package 6 2287 3.00   ended
2497 13911t.jpg(7) Cassettes and (3) CD's, 3" Magnetic Recording Tape, Cassettes Are Chubby Checker, The Chipmunks and More 1 250 1.00   ended
2833 17066t.jpg4 Albums And 1 Cover Of Elvis, John Lennon, McCartney, Elton John, Chuck Berry, 33 1/3, Selling As-Is - From Estate (Elvis Empty Sleeve) 8 949 4.25   ended
3110 18974t.jpgVHS Tapes- Elvis, Free Willy, Walton's and More, Untested But Look in Good Condition 1 10263 1.00   ended
3338 19959t.jpgCD Leather Case With (65) CD's- Zips Closed, Classic Rock, R&B, Pop From 1990's, CD's Work Good, Case 12"W x 12"D x 2"H 12 3437 19.60   ended
3433 21153t.jpg(14) DVDs: Fear, Lost In Space, Basic Instinct - Mostly Like New Condition 9 1854 5.51   ended
3439 21199t.jpgCDs With Compact Disc Player, Uses Batteries, No Adapter, Two Cases, Cassettes Plus Small Radio, No Cord, Can Use Batteries, All Look Real Good, As Is, Banjo, Country, Cher & More 4 10659 1.75   ended
3481 21448t.jpg6 DVDs For Video Now: Charlie Brown, America's funniest Videos (3 Each) Plus Two Books, Good Condition, Player System Is Item #3423 2 3167 1.81   ended
3491 21494t.jpgSolid Wood File Box With CDs And Cassette Tapes, Big Band, Country, & Pop, Box 9"W x 10"D x 6"T, Good Condition 8 426 6.28   ended

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