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8 50t.jpg"God : Man's Highest Ideal" By Paul Carus, Paperback Book With Taped Binding Otherwise Still In Good Condition 1 3062 1.00   ended
28 169t.jpgVintage "The Boss" Hardcover Book By J.W. McConaughey & Edward Sheldon From 1911, Good Condition 1 1323 1.00   ended
36 212t.jpgSix Vintage Hardcover Books Including Duchess Hotspur, Cimarron, The O'Hara Generation, Crooked Trails And Straight, Riders Across The Border And Bucky O'Connor; Overall Good Condition 9 13005 4.06   ended
227 1280t.jpgVintage Great Guns Andy Palmer Gun Collection Gun Catalog From 1956, Dearborn Michigan, 50 Cents Original Price! Minor Tear But Overall Good Condition 5 1420 2.76   ended
322 1777t.jpgThree Books Including: Poor And Proud; Vanity Fair By Thackery; And Joy Street By Frances Parkinson Keyes, Poor And Proud Published In 1858 - Fair Condition To Good Condition 3 949 2.26   ended
382 2150t.jpgOld Hardcover Books Including: Golden Admiral; Since You Went Away; Hungry Hill; Frenchman's Creek; Mildred Pierce; A Fair Wind Home; My Pride My Folly; Blaze Allen; Daisy Kenyor And More - Fair Condition To Good Condition 2 949 1.25   ended
385 2170t.jpgHardcover Book Lot Including: Nora Roberts, Robin Cook, Mary Higgins Clark, Linda Howard, Iris Johnson, Eight Total - Good Condition 12 16214 6.50   ended
474 2634t.jpg(26) Babysitters' Club Paperback Children's Books, All Are Unmarked, With Lightly Tanning Pages, (22) Are Intact And Four Show Damage To The Covers Or An Inside Page - Good Condition 7 9387 5.51   ended
536 5138t.jpgMixed Comic Lot Including: Spider Man, Darkness Max And More, (17)-Total - Fair Condition To Good Condition 8 1811 4.75   ended
622 2884t.jpgLot Of (17) Books From Ellen DeGeneres, Anne Rule, Jerry Seinfeld, Agatha Christie, Home Remedies, And More! Fair To Good Condition 2 14769 1.53   ended
637 2972t.jpgLot Of Six Good Reads Including Three Hardcovers By Heather Graham, Carla Neggers And Laura Childs; Also Comes With Three Paperbacks By Nora Roberts And More! All In Good Condition 8 1811 2.50   ended
684 3218t.jpgThree Vintage 1940's Children's School Books Including "Let's Talk", "Fun Wherever We Are" And "Number Stories"; Hardcovers And Paperbacks, Some Wear But Overall Good Condition 6 7715 6.00   ended
702 3935t.jpg(13) Dr. Seuss Books Including: Green Eggs And Ham! A Couple Of Duplicates, One Is In Poor Condition, Most Are Worn On The Outside But Pages Inside Are In Good Condition 10 8275 7.06   ended
823 5624t.jpgBox Lot Of Paperback Romance Novels, 8"W x 16"L x 6"H 2 5777 1.25   ended
902 3315t.jpgThree "The Night Before Christmas" Recordable Storybooks, $29.95 Retail Each - Look To Be New But Have Price Sticker 9 15326 25.28   ended
905 3329t.jpg"Doctor Who Visual Dictionary" Hardcover Book, 175-Pages, Full-Color Drawings And Photographs, An Excellent Edition With Astounding Images, Slight Wear On The Edges - In Good Condition 14 7389 10.60   ended
906 3335t.jpg1954 Fifth Armored Division Camp Chaffee, Arkansas Hardcover Book - Good Condition 6 11244 4.75   ended
907 3340t.jpgTwo Vintage "Treasure Chest" Comic Books, Worn And Torn - In Fair Condition 1 3719 1.00   ended
909 3351t.jpg"American Quilts And How To Make Them" Hardcover Book, 9"W x 11 2/"H - Very Good Condition 3 12863 3.25   ended
911 3361t.jpg"Chicken Soup For The Cat Lovers' Soul" Paperback Book - Very Good Condition 10 15206 6.00   ended
912 3366t.jpg"Handbook Of Native American Herbs" Large Pocket Guide To 125 Medicinal Plants And Their Uses, Paperback Edition, 256-Pages - Very Good Condition 12 10260 12.72   ended
913 3371t.jpg2001 Featherweight 221 The Perfect Portable And It's Stitches Across History, Expanded Third Edition Paperback Book - Very Good Condition 16 2319 13.53   ended
914 3376t.jpg"Fire In The Heart" By Deepak Chopra, Hardcover Edition, 199-Pages, A Spiritual Guide For Teens, The Poet-Prophet Of Alternative Medicine Has Some Neat Ways For You To Feel Part Of This Crazy World - Good Condition 3 1323 2.60   ended
915 3381t.jpgVintage Hardcover Book "From Here To Eternity" By James Jones, Copyright 1951, It Contains 859-Pages And Measures 6 1/2"W x 8 1/2"H - It Is In Good Condition 7 15206 3.85   ended
918 3396t.jpgThree Vintage Children's Hardcover Books, "Lollypop", "Romney Gay's Picture Book Of Poems", "What About Willie" - Worn And Torn, In Fair Condition To Good Condition 1 10833 1.00   ended
921 3415t.jpg1940 "Big, Big Story Book" Outstanding Old Artwork, Hardcover Edition - Wear, Damage, But Still In Overall Good Condition 6 15889 4.23   ended
923 3425t.jpg"Native American Humor" By James Aswell, First Edition Hardcover Book From 1947, 396-Pages - Good Condition 4 11065 5.50   ended
924 3430t.jpgThree Bill O'Reilly Hardcover Books, Killing Series, "Lincoln", "Rising Sun" And "Patton", From A Non-Smoking Home - All In Wonderful Condition 12 3889 10.25   ended
925 3438t.jpgSix Airbrush Art Magazines Covering A Wide Range Or Airbrushing Art, Techniques And Articles, Full Of Useful Information, Out Of Circulation - Fair Condition For The Age 5 14209 5.50   ended
926 3446t.jpg1956-1959 "The Catholic Boy" Magazines Published By The Holy Cross Fathers At Notre Dame, Six Total - Worn But Still In Good Condition 14 12111 21.00   ended
927 3453t.jpgThree Devotional Books: "Jesus Calling" By Sarah Young Hardcover Book; "NIV Women's Devotional Bible"Paperback Book; "Daily Guideposts"Leather Bound Book, 2018 - All Are In Very Good Condition 21 11727 14.00   ended
928 3461t.jpg"Cows On Parade In Chicago" Hardcover Book - Good Condition 11 14699 13.49   ended
929 3466t.jpgVintage Hardcover Book Titled "Lone Star" By David Cory (The Little Indian Series) Copyright Is 1936 - In Good Condition 11 11446 5.10   ended
930 3471t.jpgOne Hardcover Book, "An Elm Creek Quilts Sampler", Novels, First Of Three Book Series - Very Good Condition 3 2281 1.50   ended
931 3476t.jpgThree Books On WWII: "Fighters And Bombers" With Over 300 Color Illustrations, Hardcover And "Illustrated Encyclopedia Of WWII" Also Hardcover Plus Paperback "US Fleet Carriers Of WWII", 1960's-1980's - All In Good Condition 5 9638 3.25   ended
932 3484t.jpgMind Benders Hardcover Book Of Brain Boggling Tricks, Puzzles And Illusions, Many Pop-Outs And Interactive Pages, 2013 Copyright - In Great Condition 8 7513 5.24   ended
933 3489t.jpg"The New Mosaics" Paperback Book By D.T. Dawson, Includes (40) Projects - Real Good Condition 3 15326 2.50   ended
934 3494t.jpgTwo Georgia O'Keeffe Hardcover Books, Elizabeth Montgomery And Nancy Frazier - Real Good Condition 2 833 1.25   ended
939 3521t.jpgFive Great Illustrated Classics Such As "Ivanhoe", "Around The World In 80 Days", Etc., Hardcover Books, MSRP $9.95 - All In Great Condition 1 3719 1.00   ended
940 3528t.jpgFive Vintage Hardcover Books: "Sleepy Horse Range" Copyright 1930; "The River Road" Frances Parkinson Keyes; Four Reader's Digests In One; And Two Other Books - Good Condition 1 10833 1.00   ended
941 3538t.jpgReturn To Route 66 Postcards Book, Paperback Edition - Good Condition 5 10316 2.25   ended
942 3544t.jpgAmerican Gargoyles Hardcover Book, Spirits In Stone - Good Condition 6 11446 2.32   ended
943 3549t.jpgFour Misc. Fiction Books, Paperback And Hardcover Editions, "The Almost Moon", "Jack", "The Memory Keeper's Daughter" And "Alice", Good Reads! - In Good Condition 6 14285 3.75   ended
1135 7851t.jpg(70) New Old Stock Safety Booklets in Mint Shape From 1981 Bureau of Business Practice, 3 1/4"W x 5 1/4"H 10 11244 13.00   ended
1136 7857t.jpg(15) Hard Cover Books, Some Great Authors Including Stephen King, Dan Brown, Clive Cussler, Sandra Brown and Many More, Good Condition 9 6771 4.29   ended
1137 7863t.jpgGirls Paperback Books- 30 For Preteen Girls, Includes (7) Baby Sitters Club By Ann M. Martin, (4) Junie B. Books By Barbara Park, And Many More, Good Condition 4 14454 3.00   ended
1154 7973t.jpgBox of James Patterson Books- (11) Paperbacks, (6) Hard Cover, Some Newer Ones Included, NYPD, NYPD2, NYPD3, Just To Name A Few, All in Good Condition, Keep Busy This Winter 10 512 25.56   ended
1242 7350t.jpgAuto Book's Cassettes- Tribulation, Nicolane, The Indwelling, The Mark, Assassins, Soul Harvest And Apollyon, Like New Condition 1 12892 1.00   ended
1251 7397t.jpgWilliam Barclay "The Daily Bible Study" Book Set of (13), Paperback in Very Good Condition 12 3106 21.01   ended
1277 7520t.jpg(12) Vintage Children's Golden Books Collection, What Bunny Loves, Baby's Rainbow Pals, Fox and Hound and More, Paperbacks And Hard Covers, Some Wear But Good Condition 9 5424 5.50   ended

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