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24 132t.jpg"Plays" By Henrick Ibsen Hardcover Book, Classics From The Franklin Library, 612 Pages, Very Good Condition 7 5277 5.00   ended
42 232t.jpg(3) Farmer's Almanacs Paperback Books From The 1980's, One Cover Is A Little Bent But Overall Good Condition 1 10503 1.00   ended
43 238t.jpgVintage "Michigan - A Photographic Adventure" Magazine In Plastic Sleeve, A Special Issue Of Michigan Natural Resources Magazine From January 1977, Some Slight Wear But Still In Good Condition 6 8507 3.00   ended
48 264t.jpg"The Spirit Of America" By Thomas Kinkade, Hardcover Coffee Table Book w/ Dust Jacket, Very Good Condition 7 10835 4.75   ended
58 320t.jpg"Selected Poems" Hardcover Book By W.B. Yeats, Good Condition 10 5277 9.50   ended
61 342t.jpg"The Poems Of John Keats" Hardcover Book Printed By The Franklin Library, Beautiful And Intricate Cover, Good Condition, 9"W x 6"D x 1 1/2" 8 5277 9.50   ended
66 375t.jpgRed "Leuchtturm" Photo Album Book w/ Box, Two Pages - Unsure If It's Actually A Photo Album, Made In West Germany But Says "US" On The Binding, Good Condition, 12"W x 2 1/2"D x 12 1/2"H 2 4726 1.25   ended
69 390t.jpg"The Life Of Gargantua Of Pantagruel" Hardcover Book By Frances Rabelais, Classics From The Franklin Library, Very Good Condition 18 833 29.50   ended
77 433t.jpgLot Of (22) Vintage Reader's Digest Hardcover Books From The 1960's, Good Condition 2 4755 5.25   ended
82 22357t.jpg(15) Antique Price Guide Reference Books w/ Black Memorabilia, Postcards And More! Good Condition 8 8214 5.14   ended
139 782t.jpgLot Of (9) Books Including Two Book Box Set Of "Selected Birds Of America" And (8) American Wildlife Heritage Hardcover Books, All Very Ornate Looking And In Good Condition 26 833 130.00   ended
170 934t.jpgVintage Book Of German Prayers, Can't Believe This Thing Has Survived So Long, All In German, Book Is Very Delicate But In Good Condition 9 10326 7.50   ended
189 1042t.jpgBig Box Lot Of Reader's Digest Hardcover Books, Good Condition, 18"W x 11"D x 14"H 3 12016 6.00   ended
242 1313t.jpgBox of Cookbooks, Hard Cover And Paper Backs, Box 18"W x 11"D x 9"H 4 12638 5.50   ended
247 1343t.jpgBox of Books- Cookbooks, Good Readers, Mozart With CD, Good Condition Overall 12"W x 18"D x 5"H 4 12306 5.07   ended
258 1402t.jpgMagazine Collection- Arizona Highways Circa 1970's, (24) Issues, Good Condition, 9" x 12" 5 4589 6.00   ended
288 1557t.jpgHuge Box of Books- Various Children's Books, Dictionaries, Cook Books, Gardening And More, 11"W x 14"D x 17"H 4 10092 2.00   ended
328 1755t.jpgQuality Electric Lamps- A Pictorial Price Guide, Hard Cover Book By LW Publishing, 187 Pages, ISBN 0895380099, Measures 8 1/2" x 11", Release Date August 1996 Publisher Schiffer Publishing Limited, Great Lightly Used, Well Cared For 6 247 2.25   ended
374 2018t.jpgLot of Cookbooks, Embroidery, Sewing, Gardening, And More, Both Paperbacks and Hard Covers, Good Condition 5 10503 2.50   ended
376 2034t.jpgBox of (30) Train and Modern Railroader Magazines, Fair to Good Condition 9 12556 7.00   ended
378 2046t.jpg"The American West" Magazines, Huge Collections Spanning All the 1970's, Very Cool For Collectors, One Set of Hard Bound Editions, All in Good Condition 6 4589 10.39   ended
424 2323t.jpgSmall Lot of Books, Good Reading, Mostly Educational, See Pictures         ended
438 2415t.jpgThe History Of The Union Pacific, America's Great Transcontinental Railroad Edited By Marie Cahill and Lynne Piade, Very Nice Coffee Table Book! Hard Cover in Good Condition 11 9925 15.00   ended
451 2494t.jpgHard Cover And Paperback Books, Patterson, Baladacci, Dick Francis Etc. Fantastic Reading, Good Condition 6 879 4.81   ended
520 2870t.jpg(7) Vintage Price Guide Books, Great Reference Books For Pricing Out Those Cool Finds! Kovels, Flea Market Trader And Antiques Roadshow, Hardcover/Paperback, Good Condition 3 12016 2.25   ended
527 2923t.jpg"The Divine Comedy" Hardcover Book, Enjoy This All Time Classic Printed By The Franklin Library, Not Bidding On This Book Will Land You In The 6th Circle Of Hell! Good Condition 18 833 17.50   ended
533 2961t.jpgSet Of (4) America's Premier Gunmakers Books, All Hardcover, By KD Kirkland, Covers Remington, Winchester, Colt And Browning, History, Photos, Personal Stories And Info On All Models And Calibers, These Are New And Any Gun Nut Will Love Them! 9 918 7.00   ended
536 2979t.jpg"The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn" Hardcover Book By Mark Twain, This Absolute Classic Is In Very Good Condition 10 5277 7.50   ended
538 2990t.jpg"A Village Christmas" Hardcover Coffee Table Book By Thomas Kinkade, Personal Family Memories And Holiday Tradition, Very Good Condition 4 1023 3.00   ended
546 3057t.jpgVintage "Die Hausfrau" Hardcover Book By Henriette David, German Edition - 1879 Copyright, All Pages Are Intact, Binding Is A Little Loose And The Cover Is Slightly Worn But Overall Good Condition 4 7917 2.25   ended
548 3070t.jpg"Basic Works" Hardcover Book By Sigmund Freud, Published By The Franklin Library Collection, Very Good Condition 8 5277 7.59   ended
570 3224t.jpg(3) Books Of Blueprints And Ideas For Backyard Structures, Two Paperbacks And One Spiralbound, Good Condition 11 5533 13.52   ended
592 3374t.jpg"The Civil War" Time Life Hardcover Book, Covers Gettysburg, The Confederate High Tide, 1985, Collectible, Good Condition 14 5277 10.50   ended
611 3507t.jpgFiction Book Lot Of (8) Including Love In The Time Of Chelsea, Peter Pan And More! Hardcover/Paperbacks, All Fiction And All Good Condition 3 1854 1.75   ended
614 3524t.jpg"Creative Paint Finishing" Hardcover Book, 144 Pages, Full Color, All Kinds Of Techniques For Putting Designs Onto Flat Surfaces, Very Good Condition 3 656 2.50   ended
626 3600t.jpg"For The Benefit Of All - A History Of Philanthropy In Michigan" Hardcover Coffee Table Book, By Sandy Fugate, Signed By The Editor Joel Orosz On The Inside Cover, Very Good Condition 3 8578 2.25   ended
643 3723t.jpgAntique 1902 Atlas Of Tuscola County, This Is A Description Of All Of The Cities, Binding Taped And Shows Other Wear - Fair Condition, 16"W x 19"T 9 10326 21.27   ended
646 3748t.jpgBox Of (18+) Hardcover Cookbooks From Pillsbury, Atlanta Cooking And More! Good Condition 4 1854 3.25   ended
650 3781t.jpg(8) Time Life Hardcover Books On Home Repair Including Repairing Furniture, New Living Spaces, Paint And Wallpaper, Cabins And Cottages And More! All In Good Condition 3 10627 3.25   ended
651 3787t.jpgLot Of Vintage Books Including "Indians, Sacks & Pines" Signed By Stuart D. Gross (Very Good Condition), 1919 Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, 1949 "The Lookies", 1943 "Ripley's Believe It Or Not" (Cover Has Some Damage) And (3) Children's Books (Missing Covers), Fair To Very Good Condition 12 3927 6.00   ended
659 3837t.jpg"The American Heritage Book Of Great Historic Places" Hardcover Book w/ Slip Cover, Book Ending Is Faded And Slip Cover Shows A Little Wear But Still In Overall Good Condition 3 8971 1.50   ended
662 3853t.jpg"American Junk" Hardcover Book By Mary Randolph Carter, 240 Pages, 1994, Good Condition 7 11527 5.51   ended
673 3935t.jpgAnne Of Green Gables Hardcover Book By Lucy Maud Montgomery, 1988, Very Good Condition 5 5563 3.76   ended
674 3939t.jpgAnne Of Green Gables Hardcover Book By Lucy Maud Montgomery, 1992, Very Good Condition 8 700 3.76   ended
688 4054t.jpgLot Of (6) Automobile Service Manuals Including Chilton 1983-90 Bronco, Chilton 1982-92 Camaro, Haynes 1985-92 Buick Car And More, All Paperbacks, Normal Wear But Still In Good Condition, 5 1/4" To 8 1/4" Wide 4 10833 4.25   ended
691 4076t.jpg(6) Handyman Hardcover Books By Readers Digest, Fix It Yourself And Handyman Series, Very Good Condition 7 11823 3.75   ended
780 4663t.jpg"The Most Notorious Crimes In American History - 50 Dastardly Deeds That Shook The Nation" Paperback Book By LIFE, Fascinating Stories With Black & White Photos, Good Condition 11 11823 7.76   ended
850 5085t.jpgLot Of (33) Paperback Cookbooks, All In Good Condition 6 9262 3.28   ended
854 5111t.jpgLot Of Mostly Hardcover Cookbooks By Wilton, Betty Crocker, Better Homes & Gardens And More! Most In Very Good Condition 5 6215 3.26   ended
876 5245t.jpg(6) Paperback Non-Fiction Books On Psychology/Soft Sciences, Once Reference Books These Are Now Probably More interesting For Collectors, Good Condition 1 12227 1.00   ended

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