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115 616t.jpg35 Egg Cartons, Styrofoam In Good Condition For These Who Raise Chickens And Sell Eggs, 8"W x 11 1/2"L (Open) 4 3257 1.75   ended
123 665t.jpgLarge Crafting Lot: Ribbon, Scissors, Card Making, Greenery & More, Most New Old Stock Or Good Condition, 2"-14 3/4" Packages 2 9187 1.25   ended
162 909t.jpgCrafting Lot Full Of Wonderful DIY Treasure: Braided Cord, Cross Stitch, Calligraphy Set, 12"W x 12"D x 5"T 16 19 10.50   ended
171 968t.jpg24-Wood Stamps Plus Great Assortment Of Foam Stamps, Some Ink As Well, Very Good Condition, 2"-5"Approx 5 7389 4.25   ended
314 1759t.jpgSet of Three Knit Wear Pieces, Hand Made Fabulous, Good Condition, 6" to 72"L         ended
315 1763t.jpgLot of Scissors and Shears- (9) Total, All Sharp Work Great, Good Condition, 6" to 9"L 8 3757 9.50   ended
316 1768t.jpgHollywood Ribbon Lot- (12) Spools on Rack, 500 Yard Spools, All Assorted Colors, New in Plastic, 14"W x 9"D x 14"H 31 11915 23.00   ended
320 1792t.jpg(40) Workbasket And Home Arts Magazines, Ranging From 1954 to 1968, Some Showing More Wear Than Others, All Have Covers, Good Condition Overall But Some With Tears, 5 1/4"W x 8"L 6 7042 5.89   ended
326 1831t.jpgNew To Nearly New Spools Of Thread, 4 1/2"H, Crochet Needles 6"L 10 10062 6.50   ended
473 2759t.jpgTwo Conch Shells in Good Condition, Approx. 6"W 9 3381 4.30   ended
474 2763t.jpgNew Fabric Piece, 44"W x 104"L 11 6723 5.50   ended
550 3255t.jpgButton Maker And Several Blank Buttons, All You Need To Start A Button Making Business Or Just Have Fun Putting Your Own Pictures In Them! All In Good Condition, Approximately 2" To 9" Wide/Long 8 5017 21.29   ended
619 3677t.jpgLots of Lizards, New Made of Fabric And Foam, Great For Crafts 6 11819 3.25   ended
768 4581t.jpg(6) Dickinson 10 Oz. Jelly Jars w/ Lids, In Original Box, Nice Size For Making Candles! Very Good Condition, 2 1/2" Diameter x 3 1/2" Height 2 9376 1.25   ended
812 4818t.jpg(36)New Fat Quarters Of Quilt Shop Quality Fabric, Assorted Patterns, Some Vintage, Moda, Debbie Mumm, Calico, Daisy Kingdom And More! 18"W x 22"L 18 10126 18.50   ended
825 22344t.jpgLot Of (25+) New Poster Boards In Various Colors, 14"W x 22"L 10 2295 5.50   ended
865 5071t.jpgAdjustable Brass Stencils, Numbers 0-9 Plus Extras, Good Condition, 6" Tall Each 10 12581 6.00   ended
909 5318t.jpgWooden Drawing Easel w/ Paper Roll And All The Extras, One Side Is Dry Erase And The Other Side Is A Chalkboard, Fabric Storage Bins Underneath, Screws For Trays Need Tightening Otherwise In Good Condition, 24"W x 22"D x 51"H 20 10547 31.00   ended
919 5393t.jpgLot Of Rubber/Wood Ink Stamps For Crafting, Assorted Sizes And Subjects, All You Need Is Ink! Good Condition, 1/2"+ Stamps In 15 1/2"W x 12 1/2"D x 6 3/4"H Plastic Tub 7 6861 5.50   ended
924 5425t.jpgBag Full Of Plastic Vials w/ Snap On Lids, Great For Sales Samples Of Makeup Or Storing Beads And Jewelry, New/Unused, 1 1/4" Diameter x 2 3/4" Tall 10 247 6.00   ended
1160 6242t.jpg(26) Fat Quarters Quilt Shop Quality Fabric, Assorted 18"W x 22"L, Fabrics Are Great For Quilters, Vintage Fabric, Moda, Debbie Mumm, Calicos, Daisy Kingdom and More, Very Good Condition 35 10126 28.00   ended
1328 8438t.jpgPepper Lonely Wood Buttons For Crafts, 1"Diam, NEW 7 1990 5.72   ended
1409 6520t.jpgShell Lot w/ Abalone, Coral And More! Good Condition, 1" To 8" Wide 8 3381 7.38   ended
1418 6572t.jpgNew In Box Bolt Of Fabric Cloth, 3" Around 61"L 6 5350 5.50   ended
1460 6807t.jpg(32) Wine Bottles, Different Sizes From 1 To 2 Liter, Great Recycled Wine & Liquor Bottles For The Home Brewer! Good Condition, 12" To 15 1/2" Tall 9 3257 6.06   ended
1473 6897t.jpgBox Of Knitting And Crafting Supplies Anchored By Nine Brand New Skeins Of Yarn, Plus Several Other Opened Skeins, Over A Dozen Needles, Knitting CD And More! Good To New Condition, 7" To 14" Long 13 12279 10.00   ended
1517 9503t.jpgCrafty Multi-Piece Lot With Arts And Crafts Odds & Ends Like Photo Holiday Cards, Vinyl Letters, Ice Cream Topping Kit, Foam Figures And More! Good Condition To New, 4 1/2" To 12" Long 12 11820 5.50   ended
1609 7128t.jpgBox Full of 50+ Baby Jars- Most With Lids, No Chips, Good Condition, 2"Diam x 2"H, Great Storage For Those Small Items Around The House or Garage, Buttons, Nuts, Bolts and Screws 11 9429 15.50   ended
1612 7148t.jpgBox of Blankets and Linens Plus There Appears To Be Random Cuts of Cloth, Maybe Table Mats, Come Preview! Good Condition, 19"W x 14"D x 10"H 2 11126 1.25   ended
1738 9056t.jpgWhole Box of Craft Items- Creative Twist Material, Cream, Brown, Light Blue, Pink and More, Severall New Unopened Packs, 14"W x 19"D x 7 1/2"H Box 4 4440 3.25   ended
1837 12591t.jpgNew In Packages Artificial Silk Flowers, White Roses, 12"L 4 4564 2.25   ended
1901 9978t.jpgAntique Sewing Basket, Clean In Good Condition, 10"Diam x 4"H 11 11455 6.00   ended
2032 14132t.jpgThree Metal And Two Plastic Thimbles, Just Like Grandma Used, Very Good Condition, Up to 3/4"H 4 10981 5.50   ended
2157 10892t.jpg(8) Boxes Of Resin Triangle Cut Media, Used For Polishing In Tumblers, Two Open Boxes And Six Unopened Ones, All In Good Condition, Pieces Are About 1/4" Each And The Boxes Are 8 1/2"W x 6 1/2"D x 6"H 8 10126 10.50   ended
2218 11914t.jpgDIY Rug Kit In Bag, Appears To Come With All Needed Materials Plus Some! All Looks To Be Good Condition, 16"W x 7"D x 18"H 20 192 16.00   ended
2223 11955t.jpgMy Craft And Hobby Center Table, In Original box, Has Lots Of Cool Organization Features, Looks As If It Could Be Unused, Good Condition, Box Is 33"W x 6"D x 29 1/2"H 19 6051 26.00   ended
2241 12068t.jpgWhite Floral Fabric For Crafts, From A Pet And Smoke-Free Home, Very Good Condition, 64"W x 230"L 11 6723 4.00   ended
2244 12084t.jpgRed Floral Fabric For Crafts, Comes From A Pet And Smoke-Free Home, Very Good Condition, 46"W x 365" Long 15 12430 22.37   ended
2393 11756t.jpgBox of Sewing Items- Simplicity Patterns, Cross Stitch, Thread, Yarn Spools, Plastic Flip Top Box, With Spools of Thread, Knitting Needles, And More, 12"W x 15"D x 7 1/2"H 14 7944 6.51   ended
2396 11783t.jpgLarge Lot of Fabric, Wood Blend, Cord and More, New Old Stock, Very Good Condition, One Wrapped Marked 21" x 45", Box Full 12"W x 18"D x 10"H 1 2065 1.00   ended
2397 11791t.jpgLarge Box of Craft Items, Photo Books, Tin, Paints, Candles, Heat Bond Paper, Capri Ladies Leggings XL and More, 18"W x 24"D x 15 1/2"H Box Full 12 3083 8.27   ended
2413 13489t.jpgDecorative Acorns, New In Package, Not A Food Item, 1 1/4" to 1 1/2"L 7 4564 4.27   ended
2454 13741t.jpgOld Round Wicker And Wood Sewing Basket Full of Sewing Notions And Thread, Craft Supplies, Nice Decorating Piece, 11"Diam x 6 3/4"H 15 8583 5.00   ended
2478 13875t.jpgSea Shells From Virgin Islands, Large 5"L to Small 1" Very Nice Great For Crafts, Good Condition 3 907 2.30   ended
2482 13897t.jpgLaundry Basket Filled With Yarn, New Old Stock and Plastic Basket is 17"W x 22"D x 10"H 13 512 17.50   ended
2536 15180t.jpgEmpty Egg Cartons To Repurpose, Mostly Recycled Cardboard Type, Good Condition, 12"W x 4"D x 3"H 3 261 1.50   ended
2571 15407t.jpgInland Wiz Diamond Head Glass Grinder, Works Great, Used For Rounding Edges on Stained Glass, Regular Glass Etc. Great For Art Projects, 14"W x 12"D x 13"H, Good Condition 8 7875 21.00   ended
2581 15489t.jpgNew In Package 100 Fake Nutty Artificial Acorn Model Craft Material, 7"W x 11"L, Two Packages 11 4564 9.76   ended
2634 16441t.jpgNew Wooden Soap Cutter Box w/ Metal Cutter, Nice! 10"W x 4 3/4"D x 3 1/2"H 5 2315 21.29   ended
2720 22490t.jpgRolling Scrap Booking Bag With Over 1000+ Scrap Booking Supplies Included, Fabric, Paper, Stickers, Metal, Over 1000+ Brand New Paper, Stickers, 3-D, Stickers, Scissors, Ribbon, Deter Mat Butter, Book & More, Very Good Condition, 10"x17"x17", See Pics For Contents! 20 19 37.00   ended

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