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80 518t.jpgMusic Lot With (31) Albums (33RPM) And An Assortment Of Cassettes/8-Tracks Including The Beatles, Blondie, Phantom Of The Opera, And More! Untested But Look To Be In Good Condition, Box Is 14 1/2"W x 19"D x 8"T 11 16129 16.00   ended
102 657t.jpgVintage Hosley Solid Brass Horn, Made In India, Some Tarnish But Still A Cool Piece In Good Condition, 20"W x 12 1/2"T 21 13136 16.50   ended
208 1200t.jpg(75) 1950's And 1960's LP Albums, Artists Are: Sly And The Family Stone, Yogi Bear, Sonny And Cher, Engelbart Humperdinck, Tony Orlando And Dawn, Dione Warwick, Andy Williams, Kingston Trio, Neil Diamond, Harry Belafonte And More - Sold As Is, Overall Good Condition 14 13988 22.01   ended
334 1919t.jpg(35+) 45RPM Records Including Connie Francis, Dean Martin, Nate King Cole To 1981 Earth Wind & Fire, No Sleeves, Fair To Good Condition 8 1811 6.50   ended
350 2001t.jpg(13) DVD Movies And PS-2 Games Including Spy Kids, Meet The Robinsons, Hulk, Notorious, PS2 Motocross 3, Star Wars PC Game, American Pie And More! All Untested/As Is And Good Condition 5 1274 4.25   ended
356 2033t.jpgAlias Complete Second Season DVD Set In Good Condition 1 653 1.00   ended
444 3681t.jpgBox Lot Of DVD's And Games, (53) Total Including: Comedy, TV Shows, Dramas, Grand Theft Auto, Arcade And More - Untested, Good Condition 8 1854 13.05   ended
448 3711t.jpg(113) DVD's Including: Comedy, Drama, Science Fiction, TV Series, Discovery Channel, Elizabethtown, Scary Movie, Abbot And Costello And More 7 148 22.50   ended
521 2382t.jpg1967 Spiderman Series Collection, Eight DVD Set, Good Condition 23 12750 51.08   ended
527 2416t.jpgTwo Pop Solo Professional Karaoke Microphone, Mixer, Fits Most Smart Phones, New In Box, 11 1/2"L x 4"W x 3 1/2"H 7 8578 7.50   ended
598 2857t.jpgLot of (52) Assorted DVD's- All Nice in Various Conditions and Titles, Comedy, Romance, Drama, Children's 16 4385 22.76   ended
615 5945t.jpg1977 Star Wars Soundtrack Album and 1977 Star Wars By Meco Galactic Funk Both in Good Condition, 12"W 8 15141 16.05   ended
620 5975t.jpgNice Clarinet Marked #562722, Needs Cleaning, Untested, But Overall Good Condition, 26 1/2"L 15 8503 18.50   ended
723 21271t.jpgBurswood Acoustic Guitar Signed By Esteban, 13"W x 39"L - Great Condition 16 9450 29.10   ended
725 3019t.jpgVintage Rock Record Lot Including: Miami Vice, Saturday Night Fever, Judas Priest, Grease, Tommy Soundtrack, Foreigner, Isley Brothers, Iron Butterfly, Humble Pie Thunderbox - The Sleeves Are Rough But The Records Are All In Excellent Condition 7 16129 12.05   ended
887 6855t.jpgDon't Look Back By Boston, Original Rock Classic From 1978, Record Review From Rolling Stone Inside The Sleeve, 12" - Excellent, Pristine Condition 8 3160 7.50   ended
913 4032t.jpgJVC DVD/VHS Hi-Fi Stereo Player, Untested/As Is But Good Condition, 17"W x 10 1/2"D, UPDATE - Powers Up But Untested Further 10 15373 8.00   ended
914 4039t.jpg(15) DVD's Including Heist, Kill Order, Bitch, American Sniper, Lord Of The Rings, And More! All In Very Good Condition 8 15767 8.25   ended
925 4106t.jpgVintage 1997 Elvis Presley Calendar, Still Sealed! 12" Wide 3 12837 1.50   ended
929 4122t.jpgDVD Lot With Thirteen Movies - Good Variety! See Pictures For Titles, Good Condition 7 1274 8.00   ended
935 4160t.jpgScott Model DA963 CD Player, Great Condition, 16 1/2"W x 11 1/2"D x 3"T 1 2143 1.00   ended
940 4191t.jpgLot Of 45 RPM Records Including Springsteen, Stevie Wonder, Mike And The Mechanics, Madonna, Pretenders, Talking Heads, Billy Joel, Joe Jackson; Records From 1960's Through 80's, Comes In Four Wooden Cases, Some Alphabetized, Many Played Once Only To Put On Tape, Good Condition To Very Good Condition, Case 8"W x 12"D x 5 3/4"T 20 16188 42.00   ended
946 4221t.jpgTwelve DVD's Including Heartbreak Ridge, Let's Be Cops, The Marine, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Box Set Of Ten Movies, Never-Ending Story, Stone Cold And More! All Play And In Overall Good Condition 8 7534 8.00   ended
947 4228t.jpgFour Amos And Andy Show VHS Tapes, Funny Stuff, Played A Couple Of Times, Good Condition 9 6548 15.50   ended
1140 8102t.jpgReel To Reel Theatrical Wall Art Decor, Two Reels With Imitation Film, Hook Is Situated So it Faces Left, But Could Easily Be Hung Facing Right Or Film Facing The Top, Very Good Condition, 12"W x 3"D x 15 1/2"T 10 13389 9.00   ended
1219 4662t.jpgBox Lot Of 33RPM Albums Including Ray Conniff, Perry Como, And More! About Thirty Here! Good Condition To New In Package 8 13988 7.88   ended
1260 4914t.jpg(68) VHS Movies Including Point Break, Grease, Earthquake, Apollo 13, South Park, Radio, Memento, Raw Deal, Volcano And More! Good Movies! 3 15296 3.25   ended
1274 4984t.jpgVentura Bruno Guitar, Paper Label Inside V-11, Serial 34218, Great For Wall Hanger, Pinterest Ideas! Get Creative! Good Condition, 15"W x 39"L 9 6243 30.00   ended
1295 5102t.jpg(102) VHS Movies Including Bulletproof, Grizzly Falls, Vertical Limit, Ace Ventura "When Nature Calls", The Day After Tomorrow, Tim Machine, Rudy And Many More! Good Condition 11 15296 9.19   ended
1304 5162t.jpgVintage Harmonica In Box Case, Untested From Estate, Size Of The Instrument Is 7/8"W x 3 3/4"L, The Box Is A Bit Larger, Needs Cleaning, Dusting, Has Some Rust Spots - In Overall Good Condition 4 15672 3.26   ended
1307 5180t.jpgYamaha Guitar F6-75 With New Strings, 14 3/4"W x 39 3/4"L - Nicks And Dings, Otherwise In Good Condition 23 6243 43.25   ended
1388 5764t.jpgMicrophone Boom Stand, 3' Folded, 2' Boom, Still Works, Just Worn - Fair Condition 8 15975 8.00   ended
1405 10439t.jpgOver 100 45 RPM Records Mostly From 1960's to Early 70's, NO Chips Or Cracks, Flower Power Era, Elvis, Beatles, And Many More, Some Scratches in Fair To Good Condition 14 12820 21.69   ended
1535 8619t.jpgTwo Garth Brooks Box Sets, Both Complete But One DVD Missing A Case, Otherwise Good Condition, Both Contain Books, Music, DVD of Different Concert Series, 10 1/4"W x 6"D x 1 1/2"H 12 11823 12.75   ended
1788 9443t.jpgLarge CD Lot With Musik From The 1960's, 70's, 80's, 90's, Duran Duran, Queen, ELO, Billy Idol and More, All Look to Be In Good Condition, Over 50 Total 22 1854 64.00   ended
1813 9581t.jpgLarge Lot Of (31) DVD's Including Venus, Gigantic, The Iceman, And More! Good Condition 7 7534 9.00   ended
2243 13772t.jpgOver (80) 33 1/3 RPM Albums, All With Covers, Includes: Beach Boys, Sinatra, Elton John And Many More - The Appear To Be In Good Condition 21 7140 31.00   ended
2250 13813t.jpgVintage Original Very Nice Jazz And Blues Record Collection By Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Main Stream Jazz, Etc., - Good Condition 7 497 4.75   ended
2551 13341t.jpgCute Vintage Crafted Flute In Very Good Condition, 13" Long 10 14272 6.50   ended
2679 11313t.jpgOne Hundred and One Famous Hymns Hard Cover Book By Charles Johnson, 231 Pages, Very Good Condition 3 15941 1.50   ended
2680 11318t.jpgMovie Lovers Video Guide Magazine By Facets, Can't Find A Date, 11"W x 14"H, Good Condition         ended
2681 11323t.jpgMTV Unplugged First Edition, Spiral Bound Paperback Book, NO. 013938, Lots of Great Information, Very Good Condition 1 1840 1.00   ended
2701 17050t.jpg(14) Albums- Donny Osmond, Rod Stewart, Grease, Billy Joel, Barry Manilow, Oliva Newton- John, Christmas, America And More, Light Scratches in Good To Very Good Condition 7 7864 15.00   ended
2755 17310t.jpgNice Violin With Case, Needs G Replaced, Can't Find Brand, Looks To Be Entry Level Beginner Instrument, 9"W x 23"L, Overall Good Condition 16 885 46.00   ended
2771 17378t.jpgAttention Drummers! Pacific Bass Foot Pedal With Nice Action, Super Condition, Chain Drive, Clean and Ready To Go! 7"W x 14"L x 12"H 12 4675 29.01   ended
2778 17403t.jpgAttention Drummers! Cameo Foot Pedal By Tama, Made in Japan, Has Smooth Action and Normal Wear, Made of Cast Aluminum, Good Condition 11 13524 20.56   ended
2796 17501t.jpgLyon Guitar By Washburn Works, Good Condition, Minor Wear, Model LG1, Measures 15 1/2"W x 40"L 16 15975 28.11   ended
2994 19140t.jpgVery Unique Wooden VHS Tape Holder And Tapes, Comes With Walt Disney Collection Of (14) Tapes, 9"W x 8"D x 32"H - Very Good Condition 4 11946 4.00   ended
3122 18174t.jpg(100+) VHS Tapes Like Trading Places, Big, Ghost, Indiana Jones, ET, Dumb And Dumber, The Mask, And Lots More! All In Very Good Condition 10 15296 12.86   ended
3323 16519t.jpgYamaha Trumpet? With Case, Has Crack But Still Useable, 36"L, Fair To Good Condition 3 8503 1.50   ended

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