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117 627t.jpgHardware Lot Door Closures, Green Works, 80V Charger? Table Legs Ring Terminals, Gauge, Tested And Charge No Light To Tell If Working, Good Condition, 13"W x 18 1/2"D x 7"T 5 11656 3.31   ended
120 645t.jpgParts For Door Repair And Installation, Ceiling Brace And Box, Patio Door handle And More, Most New In Package Or Good Condition, 3"T 7 11656 4.25   ended
125 680t.jpgWood Picture With Sticker 7"W x 14"T, Wood Birdhouse 5"T, Little "Bo Peep" Ashton Drake Ceramic Doll With Sheep Tin Pail 6"T, Decorative Box 5"T And More, Good Condition 3 12556 1.50   ended
159 891t.jpgChristmas Tote! Frames, Tins, Reindeer Plush, Pine Cone Plastic Ornaments, Cute Cardinal Glass, & More, Very Good Condition, 17"W x 21"D x 16 1/2"T 1 4646 1.00   ended
165 929t.jpgGarage Lot Full Of Great Fixer-Upper Supplies, A Real DIY Treasure Box, 16"W x 20"D x 10"T 6 4385 4.25   ended
225 1283t.jpgUnsorted Mystery Box! Cleaning Out Estates And Taping Up the Boxes To Sell As Is, No Broken Garbage, Great For Resale, 13"W x 17"D x 18 1/2"H 14 10446 8.00   ended
254 1432t.jpgUnsorted Mystery Box With Old And Newer Items From Estate Clean Out, Not Broken Junk, 10 1/4"W x 22"D x 18"H 11 10446 4.75   ended
256 1440t.jpgAssorted Household Lot With Plates, Pitchers, Coffee Pot and More! What a Great Assortment Of Treasures Sure To Be Something You Need! Good Condition, 3" to 21"L 10 5777 4.27   ended
263 1484t.jpgGeneral Box Lot With Small Drill Bit Set, Exacto Knife, Old Tins, Two Large Hennessy Bottles, Old Cereal Box With Rin Tin Tin Card on Back, Shakespeare Fishing Reel, Fossil Watch in The Box, Five Crazy Mountain Miniature Building, Four Still in The Box Plus More! Most in Good Condition, 2 1/2" to 26"L 14 657 20.50   ended
265 1498t.jpgHousehold Lot With Blanket, Towels, Basket, Massager, Rug, Etc. Good To NEW, 9" to 64"L 5 7179 3.25   ended
302 1688t.jpgNEW (12) Shipping Gift Boxes, Finished Size, 6 3/4"W x 4 1/4"D x 4 1/4"H 8 3094 4.75   ended
305 1706t.jpgPlastic Tote, 19 Gallon, No Lid, Good Condition, 24"W x 18"D x 16"H 3 8736 1.50   ended
313 1752t.jpgReligious Lot- Angel Planter 6"W x 6"D x 7"H, Two Boxes Of Bible Study Cards 2 1/2"W x 4"L, Hard Cover "The Psalms Around Us 9"W x 11"H, Sunday School Clip Art Paperback Book, 8 1/2" x 11", Good Condition Overall 10 11820 4.76   ended
362 2045t.jpgUnsorted Mystery Box With Vintage Items From Estate Clean Out, 24"W x 16"D x 8"H 7 12532 5.00   ended
596 3526t.jpgMisc. Lot w/ Fat Gauge, Lighted Waterfall, Vintage Sewing Machine Pedal, Multi-Adaptor, Vintage CB Walkie Talkie And Weather Camera, All In Good Condition, 5 1/2" To 11" Long 2 10749 1.25   ended
943 5539t.jpgVintage Wooden Crate Filled With Assorted Things Like Antique Blue Reflector, Nails, Bolts, Exercise Pull, Scrapers, Toy Car, Vintage Price Tagger And More! Good Condition, 17 3/4"W x 14 1/2"D x 12 1/2"H 8 657 6.50   ended
963 5688t.jpgNice Misc. Lot With Shoe Polish, Knife, Felt Pens, Travel Iron And More! Good Condition, 2" To 12 1/2" Long 3 3927 1.50   ended
964 5697t.jpgOffice Supplies Lot Including Three-Hole Paper Punch, Label Maker, Pencils & Pens, Clock And More! Untested But All In Good Condition Or New, 2"+ 4 2082 2.00   ended
969 5731t.jpgBox Lot Including Plastic Silverware Tray, Aluminum Cake Pan, Stainless Steel Knives, Wooden Handles And More! Good Condition, 5" To 15" 1 2808 1.00   ended
971 5748t.jpg(30+) Pieces Of Princess Diana & Prince Charles Publications Including Paper Doll Book, Programs, (5) Pieces Of Glassware, Tin, (10) Small British Even Flags w/ Faces, And Much More! Overall Good Condition, 2"+ Items In A 13"W x 16"D x 4"H Box 5 12527 2.75   ended
1137 22738t.jpgBox Lot of Waffle Maker, Hockey Skates Size- 1, Ice Tea Maker, Plus More, Good Condition Overall, 3" to 13"L 11 12366 6.00   ended
1177 6334t.jpgMystery Box- 18"W x 14"D x 8"H 11 12293 5.00   ended
1288 8199t.jpgLot of Canisters, Purse, Pottery Marked USA, Pie Tins, Vintage Glasses and More, 5" to 10"L, Good Condition Overall 3 3992 1.50   ended
1354 22491t.jpgSaw, Drafting T, Hammer, Yard Bags, Plus More, Some Rust But Overall Good Condition, 5" to 28"L 9 10369 4.08   ended
1461 6813t.jpgBox Full Of Bears Including Valentines, Old Fashioned, Tennis, Hippy, Skiing And More! Some Still With Tags But All In Good Condition, Longest Bear Measures 19" Long And The Box Is 12"W x 24"L x 13"H 1 11115 1.00   ended
1462 6822t.jpg(3) Rolls Of Floral Tape (Two Green And One White) And (10) Hot Glue Guns (Alot Heats Up), Good Condition To New, 4" To 20" Long 9 12337 8.06   ended
1468 6863t.jpg(22) Piece Odd Lot Featuring (16) Clear Vases, (5) Picture Frames And Unopened Garden Tool Set 3 10574 1.50   ended
1601 7072t.jpgRoam, If You Want To, With This Multi Piece Lot of Travel Related Decorations In Like New Condition, This Multi Piece Extravaganza is Out of This World With Tropical Decorations, Maps, Leis, Hula For Children VHS and Lots More! 8" to 30"L Items 3 1677 2.00   ended
1603 7088t.jpgBox Lot- Party Pack, Five Clothes, Assorted Napkins, 52"W x 70"L, Most NIP, 5" to 7"         ended
1608 7121t.jpgFull Box of Empty Wine Bottle To Repurpose, Several Sizes and Shapes, 12" to 16"H, Good Condition 2 5657 1.25   ended
1729 9009t.jpgSurprise Box! Heavy & Full of Treasures, No Broken Junk, All Goodies - 16"L x 7"W Box 12 12337 10.50   ended
1816 12474t.jpgTwo Puzzles- 1000 Pieces "Summertime" 500 Pieces "Wild Horses on The Run" And Eight Reusable Shopping Bags, Good Condition 6 12281 3.25   ended
1817 12483t.jpgSurprise Box- Gift, Sell Keep, Bid To Win! Good Items 16"W x 23"D x 10"H 13 8380 6.00   ended
1874 12811t.jpgMystery Box Full of Nice Things, Nothing Broken or Junk, Box Measures 19"W x 20"D x 13"H 11 2548 6.50   ended
1926 10127t.jpgSurprise Box! What's Inside, Items To Sell, Gift or Keep and Save Money With, Bid to Win! 24"W x 14"D x 13"H 13 11759 5.50   ended
1949 10266t.jpgChildren's Vintage Red Records, Vintage Shoe Bank, Lotto Game (Complete) All in Good Condition, 5 1/2" to 9"L 6 4564 3.07   ended
2159 10909t.jpgBox Of Misc. Camping Stuff Including A Thermos, Plates, Kettle, Stakes And Coleman Inflate-All, Metal And Plastic, Good Condition, 13"W x 16"L x 11"T 9 5815 5.78   ended
2291 12332t.jpgAttention Ladies! This Mystery Box Is A Beautiful Lot For You To Have So Bid To Win! 14"W x 17"D x 8"T 14 9631 7.50   ended
2375 11663t.jpgVintage Glass Candy or Cookie Jar Filled With Lots of Goodies, Cameras, Plastic Trolls, Cars and More, 5 1/2"W x 8 1/2"D x 7 1/2"H 13 7071 8.00   ended
2392 11752t.jpgMystery Box! Little New and Little Old, Little Blue- Little Gold, Bid To See What Is This Box For Your Eyes Only! 9 3/4"W x 9 3/4"D x 7 1/2"H 9 8380 6.00   ended
2394 11766t.jpgTiger Lot- Lamp, Collectible Plates, Figures, Resin, Glass and Ceramic, Box Full in Good Condition, 3" to 13 1/2"H 12 10426 15.01   ended
2533 15156t.jpgTote Full of New Items- CD's, Books, Tablet Covers, And More, Fidget Spinners, 3" to 18"L 8 3927 6.00   ended
2627 16392t.jpg(2) Baskets, Football, Unmarked Pottery And Jar w/ Lid, Good Condition, 4" To 17" Wide         ended
2645 16517t.jpgBox Of Odds And Ends, Good For Decorating Windowsills Or Small Shelves, Good Condition, 2" To 7" Long 2 11115 1.25   ended
2712 17718t.jpgMystery Box Full Of Good Things 12 1/2"W x 20"L x 11"T 12 11275 6.25   ended
2818 16960t.jpgTwo Eagle Belts- New To Good Condition, Both 46"L Full Grain Cowhide, You Can Put Your Own Buckles on Them, Eagles Fighting Figure Fighting Resin On Wooden Base, 9"H Premier Collection, All Nice in Wicker Basket 12 2548 7.00   ended
2886 17311t.jpgMixed Lot of Items- Old Coke Bottle, Drum Sticks, Horn Button, Ball, Lights and More, Fair To NEW In Package, 1 1/2" to 16"L 4 3309 2.00   ended
3269 19384t.jpgLot Of Kitchen Items Including Pans, Mugs, Games, Country Music Tapes And So Much More! Glass/Ceramic/Wood/Etc., Fair To New Condition, 4" To 18" Long 5 12366 2.00   ended
3351 21953t.jpgCoaxial Cable, Electrical Tape, Cover Plates, 19.2V Batteries, Dewalt Charger, Coleman 2 Burner Stove and More - 1 1/2" to 25 Feet Long, Untested - Fair to New Condition 11 11696 19.35   ended
3354 22591t.jpgUnsorted Mystery Tote - Too Much to Sort Through and List, 17"W x 24"D x 15"H 14 11115 7.50   ended

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