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35 224t.jpgThe Lone Star Ranger Hardcover Book, Copyright 1914, Some Watermark Stains - Fair Condition 5 8943 2.50   ended
65 401t.jpg(45) Vintage 1940's And 50's Western Paperbacks From Luke Short, William Colt MacDonald, Forrester Blake, Richard Felfair, Norman Fox, Ford Pendleton, Clay Fisher, And More! Some Cover Wear But Overall Good Condition 9 3106 11.75   ended
104 666t.jpgVintage 1927 Pictorial Review Magazine, Some Scribbles And Wear But Overall Good Condition 4 15348 2.31   ended
198 1140t.jpgVintage 1950's Original Blue Sunoco Custom Blended Handbook With Paperback Binding, Rare! Dealer Only, Very Good Condition 5 15348 3.40   ended
314 1803t.jpgBox Lot Of Books Including Mostly Hardcovers Like An Air America Playbook, Decorating Book, America A-Z, And More! Mostly In Good Condition 6 10040 3.00   ended
323 1860t.jpg(22) Hardcover Books From Koontz, Kellerman, Crichton And More! Good Condition 18 15767 14.03   ended
332 1908t.jpgVintage "A Course In Radio Fundamentals" And The A.R.R.L. Antenna Book, Paperbacks In Good Condition 17 8507 20.50   ended
606 5885t.jpgReaders Digest Great Photographs Of WWII And Gerald Lehman Memorial Hand Book, Both Paperback Pamphlets, Good Condition, Nice History Facts and Stories         ended
651 6152t.jpgPlastic Crate Of Vintage Magazines, Good Condition, 14"W x 7"D x 14"H, Includes Ten 1950's National Geographic And Quilting Magazines, Etc. 2 1023 1.25   ended
692 6398t.jpg(20) 1916 to 1030's Farmer Bulletins, From USDA in Good Condition, Pamphlets 10"L x 6"W 4 497 2.25   ended
714 2950t.jpg1896 "About The Reproduction Physiology Of Lower Organisms" In German, Hardcover Edition, 6 1/2"W x 9"H - Sold As Is, The Cover Is Worn And Splitting But The Pages Are In Very Good Condition 2 11116 1.25   ended
719 2981t.jpg"Why Did They Name It?" Hardcover Book, 207-Pages By Hannah Campbell, Explaining With Clever Text And Many Black And White Photographs And Drawings, Why And How Did Lucky Strike, Log Cabin, Jell-O, Bird's Eye Get Their Names? - Good Condition 7 558 3.41   ended
744 3143t.jpgBox Of Political Books Including: Jefferson; Al Gore; John Adam; Bush; Clinton; Al Franken; Israel Politics; Rome; Roosevelt; Nixon; "God's Politics" And More! Mostly Hardcover Editions, 16"W x 14"D x 11"H - All Are In Excellent Condition 9 10040 5.58   ended
748 3161t.jpgSeven Sesame Street Children's Hardcover Books, Most Are 8" x 10" Some Wear On The Outside, One Cover Has Damage - The Insides Are In Very Good Condition 8 12476 3.75   ended
954 4271t.jpgTen Books On Religion And Philosophy Including "Hope For The City", "The Papacy: Whose Bible Is It", "Abide In My Word", "How We Got The Bible", "The Right Prayers For Every Need", And "Tutankhamun"; Paperback And Hardcover; Good Condition To Very Good Condition 2 1854 1.25   ended
1189 8342t.jpgLot Of Six Books On Beer, Martinis, Guinness, Flight Of The Loons; Hardcover And Paperbacks, Good To Very Good Condition 1 1854 1.00   ended
1298 5120t.jpgBasket Of Quilting Books Including Five Hardcovers Of Beautiful Quilts Along With Instructions, Good Condition, Basket Is 11"D x 7"T 2 8229 1.50   ended
1330 5351t.jpgThe Riverside Shakespeare Handbook With All Of His Works Included, 8"W x 11"H - In Good Condition 10 10040 7.27   ended
1455 10653t.jpgAudio Books on CD- Good Playing Condition, Packaging Shows Some Wear, (14) Books Total- Danielle Steele, Fern Michaels, Susan Mallory, Sandra Brown, Stephanie Laurens and More, A Couple Are Former Library Ones 10 7389 10.75   ended
1509 8456t.jpgBox Containing (15) Christian Theme Books From Church Library, (8) Hard Cover and (7) Paperbacks, Authors Include Billy Graham, Charles Swindoll, John MacArthur, Max Lucado, All in Good Condition, All With Type Of Labeling You Would Expect From Library Books 1 15941 1.00   ended
1741 9191t.jpgBoys and Girls Baseball Books For Baseball Nut That Likes To Read, Vintage Clair Bee Stories, Baseball Strategy, How to Play, Al Kaline Story, For The Baseball Kid These Are The Essence of The Game, Plus Collectible Baseball Radio Circa 1950's to 60's, 7"W x 4"D x 5"H, Doesn't Work, Fair To Good Condition 30 2068 284.00   ended
1747 9229t.jpgBooks Of War- WWI War of 1812, Great Battles of The Civil War, Vietnam The Decisive Battles, Tanks Inside Out, War of 1812, Military Atlas of Tank Warfare, Plus More, Good to Very Good Condition, Beautifully Illustrated, Hard Cover and Paperback 13 1553 16.25   ended
1961 15430t.jpgThree Vintage Paperback Books On Transistors And Semiconductors, Good Condition 3 15348 1.50   ended
2194 16230t.jpgExtremely Old Catholic Book of Prayers, Devotions, Rules of Taking Confession, Last Rites, Communion, Vespers, Ordainment and More, Front And Back Covers Metal With Metal Clasp, However They Are No Longer Attached, A Few Pages at the End are Loose, the Rest is Intact, Paper Found In It Says Bible 1869, Very Ornate, 3 1/2"W x 5"H x 1 1/4"Thick, Memorial And Address On Envelope With 2 Stamp Inside, Found at an Estate Sale in Bay City - Beautiful Piece of History 12 8943 32.03   ended
2289 13979t.jpgLot Of Chapter Paperback Books Including: R.L. Stine, Plus More - Good Condition 5 9788 2.75   ended
2365 12897t.jpgBaby Sitter's Club Hardcover Book, Series #20-45, Missing #27, #32 - All In Great Condition 9 9788 10.00   ended
2434 12133t.jpgCarmel Colored Round Hat Box With Spotless White Interior And Flower Bouquet On The Top, The Carrier Is A Rose Cord, Like New Condition; Also Comes With Six Hardcover Books By Jane Austen Plus Another By PD James Written In 2017 As An Ending To Sense & Sensibility, Very Good Condition; The Hat Box Is 15"D x 6 1/2"T 4 1854 3.00   ended
2487 12416t.jpgVintage 1956 "Standard Field Tables And Trigonometric Formulas" Hardcover Book From United States Department Of The Interior, Cover Worn But Overall Good Condition 4 13538 4.25   ended
2523 13206t.jpgBaby Sitters Club Series Paperback Books Including Volumes 1-18 (15 Is Missing), Six Baby Sitters Little Sister Books, Super Special #2 Baby Sitters Little Sisters Series, Mystery #10; All In Good Condition 9 9788 10.00   ended
2622 10985t.jpgThe Mitford Years Book Set By Jan Karon, Four Paperback Books in Very Good Condition 3 15390 3.80   ended
2623 10991t.jpgThe Complete Book of Script Writing Paperback Book By J. Michael Straczynski, 1996 424 Pages, Good Condition 8 12750 8.23   ended
2624 10996t.jpgKilling Patton By Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard Hard Cover Book, No Dust Jacket But Good Condition 1 3719 1.00   ended
2625 11000t.jpgThe Sierra Club Guide To Sketching In Nature By Cathy Johnson, Paperback Book 28 Pages, Color and Black/White, Good Condition 11 12187 9.00   ended
2630 11028t.jpgOfficial CB Dictionary, 1976 Includes Codes, Rules and More, 140 Pages, Hard Cover In Very Good Condition 2 13618 1.25   ended
2631 11034t.jpgTwo Suze Orman Hard Cover Books- The 9 Steps To Financial Freedom and The Courage To Be Rich, Both in Good Condition 3 11478 2.02   ended
2632 11040t.jpgVintage 1976 Audubon Society Book 203 Plates In Full Color, Interesting Tidbits About Birds You Never Knew, By Michigan Native Les Line And Franklin Russell, Large Coffee Table Size 12 1/2" x 9 1/2"W x 1"Thick, You'll Want To Cut Out and Frame Some of These, Book in Very Good Condition, Cover Has Minor Damage 7 12306 3.01   ended
2633 11046t.jpgAirbrush Art Magazines, Five of Various Organizations, Articles And Photos, Tips on How To Airbrush, Fair Condition For Age, With Wear and Tear 4 5885 2.51   ended
2634 11052t.jpgIn the Arena By Charlton Heston Hard Cover Autobiography, 590 Pages, Very Good Condition 3 793 2.52   ended
2635 11056t.jpgSix Vintage Little Golden Books- Raggedy Ann and Andy, Little Lulu, Snow White, The Bunny Book and More, Mostly 39 Price Tag, Some Wear But Good Condition 4 12306 6.00   ended
2636 11062t.jpg1889 The Crime Of The Century Of Assassination Of Dr. Patrick Henry Cronin By Henry Hunt Hard Cover Book, Fair Condition, Cover Loose From Spine But Attached, 8"H x 6"W 3 8943 2.80   ended
2637 11069t.jpg1923 North Of 36 By Emerson Hough Western Hard Cover Book and Paperback Edition, Both In Good Condition 2 13005 1.25   ended
2639 11079t.jpg1967 How to Live With A Neurotic Dog By Stephen Baker, Great Cartoons and Stories, Paperback in Good Condition 7 6274 5.60   ended
2640 11084t.jpgTwo Books On British Royal Family, Charles And Diana The Prince & Princess Of Wales, And The Royal Baby Book, Both In Hard Cover In Good Condition         ended
2641 11091t.jpgGerman Collectible Books, Nazi Regalia By Jack Pia and WWII German Collectibles, Both Paperbacks in Good Condition, Lot of Information 5 2284 5.00   ended
2642 11097t.jpg1904 New and Complete United States History Swedish Hard Cover Book, Swedish Language in Good Condition, 7"W x 9" 4 16063 2.00   ended
2643 11103t.jpg(7) Children's Books In Good To Very Good Condition, Titles Are Berenstein Bears, Inside Outside Upside Down, Hardy Boys Mystery Chinese Junk, Mystery Of Haunted Hunt, Ghost Rock Mystery, Rocks and Minerals, Wizard Of Oz, The Jungle Book, 6" to 9"H 11 11617 9.49   ended
2645 11116t.jpgHard Cover Book Song Bird Carving By Rosalyn Daisey, Gives General Info On Carving And Step By Step On How To Carve Five Song Birds, Dust Cover Worn But Pages Inside Are In Good Condition 5 15606 6.50   ended
2646 11121t.jpgGods, Goddesses and Monsters By Shelia Keenan, Paperback 169 Pages Packed With Color Photos, Drawings, Stories From Around The World, Good Condition, You Should Know Most of These Myths One Way Or Another If You Can Read 3 14469 2.50   ended
2649 11136t.jpgColorado A Photographic Journey Hard Cover Book By Bill Harris, 128 Pages of Beautiful Photos, Very Good Condition 4 3719 1.75   ended
2650 11141t.jpgHard Cover Book The Art Of The Decoy American Bird Carvings By Adele Earnest, Book Contains 192 Photos of Various Carvings, Dust Cover Is Worn But Pages Of Book Are In Good Condition 4 1020 3.59   ended

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