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407 2108t.jpgWooden Jewelry Box With Walnut Finish, The Box Measures 10"W x 5"D x 13"H - Good Condition 10 9503 10.01   ended
435 2267t.jpgThree-Drawer With Glass Top Jewelry Box With Earrings And Trinkets, Missing One Drawer Knob, 11"W x 7"D x 9"H - Good Condition 5 15561 3.25   ended
460 2393t.jpgNew Silver-Tone Rectangular Shaped Covered Jewelry Box, 8 1/2"W x 5 1/2"D x 3"H - Good Condition 1 9795 1.00   ended
1000 8206t.jpgBeautiful Blue Topaz and Sterling Silver Pin, Very Feminine Piece, Not Stamped, But Jeweler Tested, Working Hardware 1 1/3" Across, Stones Are Faceted and Prong Set, Very Good Condition 8 12627 5.09   ended
1002 8212t.jpgFour Silvertone Cuff Bracelets, Including One With Turquoise Stones, Very Good Condition, Super Estate Lot 14 13748 27.20   ended
1004 8221t.jpgTwo Silvertone Cross Necklaces, One For Him, One For Her, Up to 26"L, Good Condition 4 15828 1.75   ended
1006 8229t.jpgVintage Bali .925 Sterling Gemstone Post Earrings, Jeweler Tested and Stamped, SAW 925 Fancy Metal Work, Not Original Backs But They Fit Snug, Purple Rounded Amethyst Cabochon Stone, Little Pearl and Very Light Color Stone in Square, Heavy For Size 4.7 Grams, Very Good Condition 8 8372 8.00   ended
1008 8239t.jpgOlder 14K Gold Filled Opal Necklace, Stamped, Real Fire Opal, Not Lab Created, Full of Reds, Greens, Blues, Yellows, Even Purple and Orange, Prettiest Most Vibrant Opal I've Ever Seen, Opal 1/3" x 1/4" Oval, The Necklace is 20"L, Both In Very Good Condition, Pendant is Stamped 4 8372 15.50   ended
1010 8247t.jpgVery Cool Polished Stone Charm Bracelet On Goldtone Chain Link Band, Very Good Condition, 6"L 2 1364 2.00   ended
1012 8255t.jpgThree Very Nice Costume Bracelets, Two Stretch and One Faux Pandora In Brilliant Blues, Very Good Condition, Up to 7"L 2 387 1.25   ended
1014 8263t.jpgAstra Designer Joseph Wiesner New York High End Diamond Paste Crystal Pendant Brooch, Clover Shape With Four Large Rhinestone Settings, 1 3/4"L, No Missing Settings, Very Good Condition 14 9681 7.51   ended
1016 8271t.jpgCoolest Ring Ever! Vintage Hand Blown Murano Glass Beads and Leather Band That's Bendable Adjustable, (12) Beads of Various Colors and One Swarovski Crystal Blue On Top, Each Bead is Then, Oval, But Not Round, 1/3" x 1/4", Could Wear On Toes Too, Very Good Condition 5 387 5.26   ended
1018 8277t.jpgElco Sterling Silver Bracelet For Charms, Includes Anniversary, Charm (Unmarked) Very Good Condition, 7"L 11 3524 6.75   ended
1020 8286t.jpgHand Made Stamped, Signed, Tested as Sterling, Unsure of Design, Quite Possibly Native American Made, Size 6 in Very Good Condition, Top of Ring 1"L x 2/3"W 8 13748 15.50   ended
1022 8295t.jpgBronzetone Necklace With Rhinestones, Very Cool Vintage Look, 18"L 6 13621 2.75   ended
1024 8302t.jpgVintage Bell Trading Post Harvey Era Copper Necklace With Thunderbird Pendant, Like New Condition, Pendant 2 1/2" x 1 5/8", Necklace is 14 1/2"L Hanging From Neck Not Counting Pendant 9 14722 8.50   ended
1026 8310t.jpgVintage Men's Ring Large Size 10, Stamped Silver With Black Onyx, My Pops Wore It Daily Throughout The 70's, It Still Looks Really Nice, Some Scuffs, No Dents, Very Good Condition 10 11180 12.28   ended
1028 8318t.jpgSilvertone Ring Size 9, White Topaz With Skulls Flanking The Stone And Intricate Detail All Over, Also Has Mini White Topaz Down The Sides, NEW 14 11446 13.50   ended
1030 8326t.jpgVery Rare .950 Silver And Sugilite Hinge Bracelet, 40.6 Grams, Stamped and Jeweler Tested, Invisible Hinge And Clasp, The Purple Is Expertly Inlaid It Appears Part of Silver, Very Rare on Jewelry And It's Softer Stone, Vintage 1950's Era Taxco Bracelet, Stamped and Jeweler Tested, 2 3/4" Across Opening, 3/4"W, Very Good Condition 17 13343 46.00   ended
1032 8335t.jpgAuthentic Moissanite And Sterling Post Earrings, Moissanite Is As Close As You Can Get To A Diamond, It's An Actual Gemstone and Very Very Beautiful, These Are 1 Carat Each, Faceted For Brilliant Sparkle Four Prong Set, All Sterling Including Backs, No One Will Ever Know, Diamond Testers Beep As Real Too, Very Good Condition 18 11034 31.00   ended
1034 8345t.jpgVintage Sterling Silver and Faceted Black Zircon Ring, Crowned Prong Setting Makes This One Very Special, Excellent Metal Work The Stone, 2/3" x 1/3" It's Smaller Size 6, So Looks Great On Pinky, Very Good Condition, Jeweler Authenticated 8 11180 8.27   ended
1036 8352t.jpgThree Fun Copper Color Bracelets, Two Stretch And One "Pandora" Style, Very Good Condition, Up to 7"L 2 4983 2.25   ended
1038 8362t.jpgThree Silvertone Cuff Metal Bracelets From Estate, Very Good Condition, One Is Hinged, Circa 1960's- 70's 2 8869 1.25   ended
1040 8370t.jpgTwo Vintage Designer Signed Goldtone Pins With Rhinestone and Faux Pearl Settings, Kramer of NY Prong Set With Glued In Pearls, Crown Trifari 3" x 2" All Are Fantastic With No Missing Or Dead Rhinestone Settings, Great Lot, Very Good Condition For Age 8 996 5.51   ended
1042 8379t.jpgPearl And Jewel Goldtone Pin, John Rivers- Can Be Worn As Cross or X, Goldtone With Eight Faux Pearls And Four Green Crystals and Red Crystals, 2 1/4" x 2 1/2"L, Very Good Condition 3 11270 2.25   ended
1044 19471t.jpgMen's Vintage Gold and Sterling Harley Davidson Ring Size 12, Large and Heavy, Ten Grams, Inside Band .925 MOD Emblem, Circle C 10K HD, 10K Gold Emblem, Sterling Band Flames, Signs of Wear, But My Husband, Worn Daily For 30 Years, Stamped And Jeweler Tested, Beautiful Ring 15 15678 36.50   ended
1046 8394t.jpg14KT Yellow Gold And Pearl Beaded Necklace, 18"L, (23) 5MM Pearls and (46) 2MM Gold Beads, Very Good Condition, Marked 14KT Mexico 18 14879 26.00   ended
1048 8402t.jpgVintage Fred Harvey Style Southwest Silver Cuff Bracelet Loaded With Navajo Stamps, Freshly Polished But Still Tarnished on Inside, No Sterling Marks At All, Some Type of Silver, Untested, 1 7/8"W and 6" From End To End, Rarer Piece in Very Good Condition 6 8869 21.59   ended
1050 8409t.jpgVintage 1940's Lever Back, Gold Filled Austrian Crystal Drop Pierced Earrings, West Germany, Pat. Pend. Or Ges Gesch. Very Beautiful Colors in Crystals, They Are Pointed Diamond Shape, Just Super Nice, 1 1/2" Total Drop, Crystals 3/4" x 1/2" 9 15289 11.00   ended
1052 8417t.jpgFantastic Goldtone Pin, Was Made After Field Trial Hall of Fame Dog "Hard Cash" Edmund H. Osthaus Did A Painting Of This Dog, Owner Er. Shelley, Very Good Condition, 1 1/2"L x 1"H 6 4316 5.50   ended
1056 8434t.jpgVintage Rhinestone Bracelet, Get Some Bling Without The Cost, No Missing Settings, 6 1/2"L x 1/2"W, Very Good Condition 10 8418 3.25   ended
1058 8442t.jpg14KTGOGD Gold Filled 10" Ankle Bracelet, Very Good Condition, Could Be Used On Larger Wrist Sizes 2 148 1.25   ended
1060 8449t.jpgExtra Large Goldtone 3 3/4" x 2 1/4" Modern Retro Look Cat Pin, Unsigned, Further Research Will No Doubt Be Rewarding, I Have Seen This Style Before, Fantastic Goldtone, Perfect, Very Good Condition 4 5357 3.75   ended
1062 8456t.jpgOlder 1970's Era Brooch, Nice Designs Etched Or Carved Into It, Five Hanging Pendants, Total Size 2" x 3 1/2", Puffed and Domed, Very Unusual, I Think It's Pewter, No Stamps, Non Magnetic, Very Good Condition 4 11455 5.59   ended
1066 8473t.jpgRarer Goldtone Crown Trifari Pin With Huge 10 Carat Topaz Setting, Real Eye Catcher, 1 1/2" Beautiful Piece of Jewelry, Mint Condition 5 116 3.25   ended
1068 8480t.jpgTwo Vintage Native American Necklaces, Carved One Shaped Like Tooth, One Shaped Like Tiger Head on Cord, Very Good Condition, 16"L 5 13274 5.09   ended
1070 8488t.jpgFive Different Kind of Necklace, Goldtone, Silvertone and Seven Different Kinds of Pendants All IN Good Condition, Up to 16"L 8 12627 3.50   ended
1072 8499t.jpgVery Very Large Retro Flower Pin For Your Collection of Vintage Jewelry, Great Condition, 3 1/2" 3 15789 2.25   ended
1074 8506t.jpgVintage Goldtone Bangle Bracelet, No Stamps Anywhere, Non Magnetic and Beautiful, 3/4"W x 2 3/4" Across Opening, Not A Scratch or Mark On It, Heavy Solid Simple Elegant Design, Like New Condition 6 1811 2.75   ended
1076 8514t.jpgJewelry From Estate- Silvertone, Black With Rhinestones, Floral Design, Very Good Condition, 16"L 12 12838 5.50   ended
1078 8522t.jpg14K Gold Pierced Earrings, Rose Stone, Good Condition, Real Good- Tested 7 24 12.39   ended
1080 8530t.jpg(24) Pieces of Goldtone, Silvertone Pierced and Clip Earrings, All in Good Condition, Some Vintage, Up to 1"Diam 16 2733 6.19   ended
1082 8539t.jpgTwo Vintage Goldtone Pins, Rose Signed, Mouse With Rhinestone Eyes, Up to 2"L 1 5357 1.00   ended
1084 8548t.jpgWomen's Crystal Inlay Engagement Or Wedding Ring, Silvertone Stamped 925 NEW, Very Pretty Size 7 1/2 26 16048 52.00   ended
1086 8558t.jpgStunning 1950 West Germany Art Glass Pin And Earring Set in Filigree Settings, 1" to 2 1/4", Very Good Condition 7 15789 7.45   ended
1088 8567t.jpgGoldtone With Plastic Accent Necklace With Pierced Earrings, Very Good Condition, Nice Gift For The One You Love, 16"L 1 24 1.00   ended
1090 8578t.jpgTwo Vintage Native American Necklaces, Carved- Elephant Shape, Flower, Both on Cord Necklaces, Up to 16"L, Very Good Condition 8 1811 7.06   ended
1092 8587t.jpgNew Coin and Jewelry Loupe, 20 x 21MM 4 12248 4.51   ended
1093 8591t.jpgLadies Luxury Crystal Zircon Ring, Purple Color Stone, Size 7 1/2 New and Lovely 9 10835 4.25   ended
1095 18990t.jpgNew Elegant Ladies Silvertone Hollow Mosaic Five Red Diamond Wing Ring Size 6 1/2, Lovely 18 15601 11.01   ended

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