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16 99t.jpgLot Of (12+) Paperback Aircraft Books Including PBM Mariner, TBD Devastator, Martin B-26B, And More! Good Condition 10 1553 11.00   ended
37 219t.jpg"The Last Lecture" Hardcover Book, 206 Pages, To Struggle In The Face Of Overwhelming Odds Is The Base It Seems For Many Of Us, Good Condition 5 15141 3.35   ended
178 996t.jpgBook Box Lot With A Large Collection Of Vintage Hardcover Reader's Digest Books, Good Condition Overall, Box is 9"W x 20"L x 10"T 1 10833 1.00   ended
231 1282t.jpgFive Vintage Programs Including 1980 Tigers Scorebook, CATS, Impresario And More! Good Condition Overall 1 7513 1.00   ended
287 1541t.jpgMisc. Book Box Lot With Mostly Reader's Digest, But Also Some Biographies, Teen-Age Treasury, And More! Mostly Hardcovers In Good Condition 1 10833 1.00   ended
291 1562t.jpgBox Full Of Various Books Including Some From The Turn Of The Last Century, A Lot Of Informational Books And Pamphlets For Help With Cooking And Shopping, Mixed In Is Some Old School Books That May Be Helpful With Homework, Paperback Book For Entertaining Reading, All In Good Condition, Box Is 14"W x 17"L x 13"T 1 10833 1.00   ended
411 2127t.jpg(23) Vintage Sports Magazines, Mostly 1980's, Football, Basketball, Baseball, A Few NBA Hoops Magazines, Detroit Pistons Programs, There Are Three Missing Covers, 8"W x 10 1/2"L - Some With Spine Wear And Cover Wear - Fair Condition 1 11446 1.00   ended
478 2473t.jpgSix Stephen King Hardcover Books Including: Needful Things, Insomnia, Nightmares And Dreamscapes, Bag Of Bones, Cell, Skeleton Crew - Very Good Condition 8 138 10.49   ended
483 2532t.jpgLot Of (11) Books And Three Booklets Including: Camping, Outdoors, Wilderness, Hunting, Canoe Camping, Back Packing, Most Are Vintage Books, Ten Are Hardcover And One Is Paperback - "Canoeing" Book Has Damage, Fair Condition To Good Condition 7 3106 12.01   ended
486 2554t.jpgSeven Books About Philosophy, Mysticism, Spirituality, Four Hardcover And Three Paperback, One Book Is About Flying Saucers And UFO's - All Are In Good Condition 2 138 3.50   ended
490 2579t.jpgLot Of (20) Mystery And Thriller Paperback Books, Authors Include: Dean Koontz, Ruth Rendell, Catherine Coulter, J.A. Jance And More - Normal Wear For Books That Have Been Read, Fair Condition To Good Condition 3 13801 2.58   ended
501 7285t.jpgComic Books Including One That Is A Very Nice Star Wars Episode 1 Anakin Sky Walker That Has A Certificate Of Authenticity, (20+) Pieces - Good Condition 10 13205 8.49   ended
568 7593t.jpgLot Of Nine WWII Magazines, Very Good Reading! - Good Condition 9 15601 9.51   ended
853 3492t.jpg(12) Leatherneck Magazine Of The Marines Magazines, 1964 to 1967 Editions, Some Wear But Good Condition 14 3592 6.50   ended
865 3561t.jpg1981 Large National Geographic "Atlas of The World" Hard Cover Book, 12 1/2"W x 18 1/2"H, Very Good Condition 8 2888 8.01   ended
878 3632t.jpgBen Hur A Tale of Christ By Lew Wallace, Published By Harper Bros. NY 1887, Clean Book, Very Good Condition, Hard Cover, 5" x 7" 11 8943 20.75   ended
921 3875t.jpg(11) Children's Young Adult Vintage Chapter Books, Hard Cover and Paperbacks, Lassie, Dennis The Menace, Mark Twain Huckleberry Fin, The Trouble Hunters and Hardy Boys, Good Condition 3 12230 2.03   ended
933 3936t.jpgSix Older Books- Hard Cover and Paperback, Pixie and Dixie, Donald Duck, And More, Some Wear, Still Good Condition 10 1323 10.50   ended
942 3985t.jpg1960's Children's Hard Cover Book Set, Random House Step Up Books, Birds, Insects, Do The Strangest Things, Meet The North American Indians, Meet Christopher Columbus, Etc. Some Wear But Still Good Condition 2 11446 1.25   ended
1101 4304t.jpg"Love Swept" Paperback Novels, (34) Total, Enjoy! Some Duplicates, Various Authors - All Books Are In Good Condition 2 9935 1.25   ended
1115 4385t.jpg(23) Hardcover Books To Add To Your Collection Or For Your Enjoyment, Authors Like: Mario Puzo, Anne Perry, Garrison Keillor, Bill Cosby "Fatherhood" - All Books And Jackets Are In Good Condition To Very Good Condition 3 2888 3.36   ended
1159 4607t.jpgFamily Guide to The Bible Hardcover Book By Reader's Digest, Concordance And Reference Companion To The King James Version - In Very Good Condition 3 8883 6.45   ended
1178 4699t.jpgRead Your Heart Away This Winter With (37) Books, Romance And Action Including Authors Catherine Coulter And Tami Hoag "Cry Wolf", Lots Of Good Reads, All Are Paperbacks - In Good Condition 1 1831 1.00   ended
1236 5065t.jpgB-24 Liberator At War Hardcover Book With Dust Jacket In Good Condition 5 15601 6.66   ended
1257 5212t.jpgThe Spiritual Man Hardcover Book By Watchman Nee, Good Condition 8 138 10.25   ended
1301 6724t.jpgThree Vintage Radio Books Including Single Sideband, FM And Repeaters And The Radio Amateur's License Manual; Paperbacks, Good Condition 7 9361 11.50   ended
1391 7225t.jpgCollection Of Fifty Comic Books Including Marvel And DC With Superheroes, Some In Sleeves But All Look To Be In Good Condition 11 13205 10.50   ended
1429 8708t.jpgThe 8080A Bug Book Paperback Book And Boolean Algebra (A Self-Instructional Programmed Manual) Hardcover Book And Electronic Communication Hardcover Book, Three Total - Good Condition         ended
1432 18995t.jpgCollection Of (50) Comic Books Including Marvel And D.C. With Super Heroes - Good Condition 11 14493 8.99   ended
1488 9003t.jpg"Younger Next Year" By Chris Crowley And Henry S. Lodge, M.D., Hardback Book, 321-Pages, If You Can Feel The Years And You Want To Do Something About It In An Entertaining Way - Good Condition 5 3719 2.00   ended
1491 9019t.jpgLarge Reader's Digest Complete Do It Yourself Manual Hardcover Book, 600-Pages, If It Is Not In This Book, Google It, This Is A Very Nice Book! - Good Condition 3 12348 1.60   ended
1572 5894t.jpgFlowers For All Seasons Hardcover Book And The Perennial Garden Hardcover Book 2 4589 1.25   ended
1597 6035t.jpgApollo : An Illustrated Manual Of History Of Art Throughout The Ages 5 5150 2.25   ended
1616 9204t.jpg"It's Not Fair" Paperback Book By Wayne A. Mack, 158-Pages, This Helps You Through When Your Are Having A Hard Time In Life - Good Condition 3 8959 1.60   ended
1729 9777t.jpgEight Vintage Instructional Books For Electronics Person Including Computer Circuits, Input-Output Schemes, Arithmetic Schemes, Digital Computers, Memory Schemes, Introduction To Binary Numbering, Switching Logic And Binary Arithmetic; Learn To Build Your Own Computer 2 15348 1.25   ended
1732 9799t.jpgNothing Like It In The World Hardcover Book By Stephen E. Ambroise, The Men Who Built The Transcontinental Railroad 1863-1869 7 8971 5.51   ended
1735 9807t.jpgThe Best Of James Herriot Hardcover Book, Very Good Condition 3 16063 1.75   ended
1747 9884t.jpgThe ARRL 1985 Paperback Handbook For The Radio Amateur, Good Condition 2 8507 1.75   ended
1795 10178t.jpgAwesome Lot Of (17) Hardcover Books Including Some Novels, Non-Fiction, Biographies, And More! Good Condition 5 12481 3.35   ended
1800 11235t.jpgBox Lot of Paperbacks, Romance And Crime, Good Condition, 12"W x 18"L x 4"H 5 4428 2.75   ended
1827 11413t.jpgAntique Road Show Primer, Paperback Book in Very Good Condition 6 8453 3.00   ended
1875 11657t.jpg10,000 Garden Questions Answered By 20 Experts, Hard Cover Book, Good Condition 8 12838 6.36   ended
1889 11715t.jpgRare JH Stroschin Signed With Remark (Hand Drawing) By Author, Story and Drawings By JH Stroschin Michigan Native 1990, Title A Unicorn Named Beulah Mae, Like New, 11 1/2" x 9"H 5 11270 5.50   ended
1934 7901t.jpgDavid McCullough 1776 Illustrated Edition, Has Loose Copies Of Important Documents Inside In Wax Paper Envelopes, Winner Of The Pulitzer Prize With Hardcover Sleeve, 12 1/2" x 9 3/4" x 1 3/4" - Good Condition 12 3719 8.51   ended
1940 7932t.jpgThree Antique Books: 1913 Boy Scout Edition "Buccaneers And Pirates Of Our Coasts"; 1931 "The Romance Of Leonardo Da Vinci"; 1925 "Etchers And Etchings" Hardcover Book - Sold As Is, Some Wear From Over The Years Otherwise In Good Condition 9 8943 4.76   ended
1953 7996t.jpg"Hitler 1889-1936 Hubris" Paperback Book By Ian Kershaw, This Is A National Best Seller - Good Condition 29 700 14.50   ended
1957 8014t.jpgHardcover Book Entitled "The History Of Prayer In America, One Nation Under God" By James P. Moore Jr. - Very Good Condition 4 76 2.25   ended
1997 8186t.jpgVintage 1923 Hardcover Edition Of "The Scarlet Letter" By Hawthorne Plus Cliff Notes - Good Condition 10 15889 5.00   ended
2201 13431t.jpgAssault At West Point, Paperback Book, The Court Martial of Johnson Whittaker, Good Condition 2 5426 1.25   ended
2279 13807t.jpgWalls Of Flame Hard Cover Book, By Gerald Schultz, Bay City Public Library, Good Condition 5 1020 3.09   ended

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