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177 1093t.jpgLot Of (35+) Misc. Girl Items Including Twenty Note Pads, New Dark Red Over Shoulder Purse, Three New Eye Glasses Cases, Four Zippered New Leather/Vinyl Cases, Basket Trinket Box, Two Tree Hangers (Dog And Rabbit), And More! Comes With A Reusable Panda Tote, Full Box Is 12'W x 9"D x 6"T 4 13928 2.00   ended
426 2563t.jpgPorcelain Lamp Holders, Phone Cable Tool With Ends, Switch And Plug Covers, Phone Wire, Timer, Radio And Much More, 11"W x 15"L x 9"H - Good Condition To New 8 2926 3.25   ended
430 2597t.jpgMystery Box For Adults, Good, New And Older "Vintage" Items, Use For Gifts, (Valentine's Day, Etc.,) Surprise And Enjoy! 16"W x 11"D x 9"H 8 15649 8.50   ended
431 2600t.jpgEstate Clear-Out With Lots Of Various Vintage Goodies, Includes: Two White Glass Vases, One White Glass Bowl, Four Glass Vases And Other Household Décor, 15"W x 20"D x 12"H - Good Condition 8 12627 5.09   ended
628 3647t.jpgA Nice Assortment Of Items Including: Eight 5"W x 7"H Frames Of Wood With Glass; A Painted Blue Bird 12"W x 12"H Frame, Wood With Glass; Metal Bird Wall Art 8"W x 15"L; "Hard Rock Café" Drinking Glass; A 6"Dia. Glass Bowl; Large Black Cherry Christmas Candle; Turkey Shaped Napkin Holder; A Glass Bird That Is 4"L x 3"H - Very Good Condition To New Condition 16 3884 7.09   ended
632 3672t.jpgSurprise Box! Packed With Goodies! Bid To Win And See What's Inside! It Measures 17"W x 12 3/8"D x 12 3/8"H 10 13928 7.50   ended
660 3815t.jpgBox Lot Including: Two Homemade Wooden Chairs, Two Wood Trivets, Ceramic Platters, Incense Sticks And More, 4" To 10" Tall Or Wide - Good Condition To New Condition 3 14195 1.50   ended
685 3951t.jpgCollection Of Vintage Glass And China, Large Assortment Of Various Styles, Wexford Glass, Ceramic Santa, 3" To 12" Tall/Diameter - Good Condition To Very Good Condition 10 120 6.50   ended
690 3981t.jpgEstate Box Containing: Umbrella, Stainless Kitchen Pan And Serving Bowl, Coffee Cups, Game And More 3" To 15" Long/Tall 4 12892 2.25   ended
823 4708t.jpgMisc. Box Lot- Cartons, Silverware, Silver Tray, Old Pepsi Bottles, Candle Holder, Etc. Foam- Metal- Glass Etc. 2 1/2" to 26"L 7 15287 3.25   ended
902 5261t.jpgMystery Box 15"W x 12"D x 11"H 7 13928 6.03   ended
936 5414t.jpgMystery Box 13"W x 11"D x 17"H 8 13928 10.00   ended
1293 7428t.jpgMisc. Box Lot With Fujifilm 10.2MP Camera - Powers On But Screen Flashes, Soft Glasses Case With Lens Cloth, Norman Rockwell Reproduction Print "The Scoutmaster" In Silver Tone Frame (11"W x 14"T), Family Picture Frame With Matt For Multiple Photos And More! Lots Here So Make Sure To Check Out This Lot! Good Condition And Items Vary From 3 1/2"W x 1"D x 2 1/2"T To 16"W x 12"T 4 8380 1.75   ended
1296 7446t.jpgKitchen Lot With A Box Full Of Seven Hot Pan Holders (Mostly Mitten Style), Orange Juicers Plastic (Green & White), Battery Operated Thermometer (Both Worked But Need Batteries, Directions Included), Wooden Napkin Holder And Six Cloth Place Mats; Good Condition Overall And Items Are 5 1/2" To 18" Long/Tall 2 9861 1.25   ended
1315 5865t.jpgAvery Shoulder Bag, Canvas With Game Call Speaker By Johnny Stewart, 50' Speaker Extension Cord, Five Assorted Tapes, 12"W x 9"H x 8"H - Good Condition 9 4886 3.25   ended
1532 8729t.jpgMystery Box - Place The Winning Bid To Find Out What's Inside, 13"W x 19"L x 12"T 8 16007 8.50   ended
1535 8744t.jpgMystery Box - Place The Winning Bid To Find Out What's Inside, 10"W x 22"L x 16"T 5 13928 5.51   ended
1662 8320t.jpgMisc. Lot- Frog Ashtray, Five Crock Bird Feeders, One From Roseville Ohio, Lefton Pitcher, Chopping Block and More, 1 1/2" to 10"H, Good Condition 10 3387 7.55   ended
1670 8375t.jpgTwo Mystery Boxes- What Will Be Inside, Donate or Resell What You Don't Like, Keep The Rest! 14 1/2"W x 16"D x 9"H and 13"W x 18 1/2"D x 6 1/2"H 7 13928 6.50   ended
1672 8388t.jpgMystery Box 9 3/4"W x 19"D x 16"H 14 9044 6.00   ended
1679 8428t.jpgNew in Package Good Resale or Personal Use, Children's Brain Builders Puzzles, Glue, Lenses Cases, Envelopes, Child Safety Latch, 3" to 6 1/2" Tall or Wide 2 13771 1.25   ended
1916 9734t.jpgMisc. Lot With Sports Memorabilia, Plastic Containers And Canvas Picture (11"W x 14"T), Fair To Good Condition, Box Is 13"W x 13"D x 11"T 10 10924 4.50   ended
1917 9741t.jpgVintage Decor Box Lot With Metal, Ceramic, Etc., Small Copper-Tone Bucket, Ceramic Wall hanging Planter, Parrot Vase, And More! Good Condition And 11"W x 13"L x 6"T 3 14195 1.75   ended
1922 9769t.jpgMystery Box - Nicely Packed Box With New And Vintage Items! 18 1/2"W x 22"L x 12"T 10 13928 7.00   ended
2221 12499t.jpgKitchen Mystery Box Filled With Everyday Kitchen Needs, 12"W x 15"L x 13"H 8 13621 5.50   ended
2339 10973t.jpgWood Box Full of Various Vintage Items, Matchbox Holder, Sun Catchers, Flags, Cards and More, Good To Very Good Condition, 2 1/2" to 23"L 6 15287 3.86   ended
2505 9143t.jpgBasket Lot With Misc. Items Including Door Chimes, Model Rocket Engines, Women's Wallets And More! Good Condition To New In Package, 8"W x 13"L x 14"T 4 13771 1.75   ended
2621 11396t.jpgNice Card Box With Variety Of Smaller Bags For Lunch and Snacks, Makeup and Other Organizing, Card Box Has Nice Metal Carry Handles, 11 1/2"D x 8"W x 6"H, Good Condition 3 15185 1.50   ended
2807 12941t.jpgBox Lot With A New 3.5" Diskette Storage For Ring Binders, Coca Cola Folder, Wood/Plastic Picture Frames With Glass, A Water Bottle And Much More! Good Condition To New, 4 1/2' TO 13" Long/Tall 2 5357 1.75   ended
2897 13371t.jpgBox Lot With A Soccer Ball, Clorox Disposable Gloves, Mustang Saw (19 1/2"L), Dish On Flyers Toy; Very Nice Lot With Good To New Condition Items, 5 1/2"L To 25" Long Items 5 3746 2.00   ended
2955 17821t.jpgMisc. Goodies Mostly New in Package, Wood Clothes Pins, Tablecloths, Night Lights, And More Useful Items, 3" to 108"L 5 15247 2.00   ended
2993 18203t.jpgLarge Ladies Surprise Box Filled With Items To Keep, Sell, Gift, Don't Pass, Bid To Win! 18"W x 26 1/2"D x 11"H 12 12357 6.50   ended
2999 18226t.jpgDouble Stacked Mystery Box Filled With Misc. Items To Keep, Sell or Gift, Some Vintage, Don't Pass, Bid To Win, Overall 13"W x 13"D x 21"H 7 2917 10.50   ended
3122 14489t.jpgKitchen Mystery Box Filled With Every Day Kitchen Needs … 12"W x 18"L x 16"H 7 15130 4.50   ended
3158 14663t.jpgNice Handy Plastic Tool Box With Propane Gas Valve, Newer Type, And Four Caster Wheels, 16"W x 6"D x 4 1/2"H - Good Condition 12 8710 7.00   ended
3173 14744t.jpgMystery Box, Bid To Win This Beauty! 12"D x 12"L x 12"H 6 13928 9.00   ended
3210 14956t.jpgBox Lot of Draperies, Assorted Fabric Squares and Fabric Pieces, Nice Lot To Use Or Repurpose, 7 1/2" To 64", Good Condition 3 14297 2.25   ended
3387 16381t.jpgPlastic Trash Can Full Of Misc. Mop Handles, Vacuum Tube, Camp Chair, And More! Good Condition, 36-60" Long 9 989 3.75   ended

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