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11 117t.jpgVintage Black Steamer Trunk, Wood And Metal Construction, Clean Interior With Pull-Out Tray, Some Wear And Rust But Overall Good Condition, 30"W x 16 3/4"D x 12"T 6 15258 6.26   ended
12 124t.jpgTwo Pairs Of Stirrups Made From Metal And Leather, Great Condition And Would Be Awesome For Decor! 6" And 8" Long, Also Comes With An Adlake Lock And Chain, Doesn't Come With The Key, From "C & O" Railroad, Great Old Piece! Needs Some Cleaning And 3"W x 4"L; All In Overall Good Condition 13 14506 20.51   ended
16 153t.jpgThree Antiques From The Attic Including An All-Metal Squirrel/Nutcracker, Heavy And Original From The 1940's Or 50's (2"W x 5"D x 4 1/2"T), Vintage 6" Iron With "No. 50" Stamped On It, And A Vintage Pair Of Glasses With Wire Frames And A Hard Case That Reads "Buhl Optician's 1457 Griswold Det. MI"; Some Wear But All In Good Condition Overall 10 12056 20.01   ended
17 160t.jpgVintage Large Pressed Glass oil Lamp With Eldorado Brass Burner, Some War But A Really Cool Piece And In Overall Good Condition, 17 1/2"T 18 10627 9.55   ended
22 187t.jpgFour WWI Items Including A Remington Arms Bayonet Puncture Knife (7 5/8" Blade) With Leather On The End, Also Comes With A Can Of Wheel Gearing Grease (Almost Full), 6 1/2" Mortar Bowl, And 10" Ice Bag; Lots Of Cool Stuff Here For Collectors! Wear From Age/Use But All In Overall Good Condition 15 1724 37.00   ended
24 201t.jpgNice Lot Of (10+) Vintage Horse Shoes, Great For Winter Crafting! Rusty But Overall Good Condition And Average Size Of 4 1/4"W x 6"L 12 14572 17.52   ended
26 213t.jpgTwo Vintage Griswold Steel Spindles And A Cool Bolt, They're Rusty But Very Cool For Their Age - Clean Them Up And Use For Decor! Good Condition Overall, 7"D x 10"L And 6"D x 9"L 7 14676 5.50   ended
27 218t.jpgVintage Kerosene Tank, Would Make Great Decor! Some Rusty Patina But In Overall Good Condition, 8 1/2"D x 15"T 4 9582 2.26   ended
34 254t.jpgWalnut Pipe Holder With Five Very High End Pipes, Three Are From England, One Has Spoon Carved Acorns On It, These Are Really Cool And In Good Condition, Pipes Are 5-6" Long And The Holder Is 11"W x 5"D x 5"T 13 7925 42.00   ended
35 268t.jpgTwo Great Looking Vintage Pulleys, One Is The Ney Mfg. Co. (Canton, Ohio) That's 5"W x 13"L, And The Other Is A Hudson 6"W x 11"L, Both Wood And Metal Construction And In Good Condition 17 10629 35.73   ended
36 276t.jpgPair Of Vintage Spats - Have A Piece Of History! Cloth And Leather - Good Condition And 7"W x 7"L; Also Comes With A Pair Of Decorative Keys On A Big Key Ring, Looks Really Cool When Hanging Up! Just Needs Some Cleaning But Overall Good Condition, Largest Key Is 8 1/2" Long 7 14506 10.50   ended
45 332t.jpgVintage Dietz #30 Lantern With Red, Flashing On One Side, Very Cool And The Glass Is Perfect Still! Overall Great Condition And 6"W x 6"D x 14"T 16 8952 23.50   ended
68 470t.jpgVery Nice Vintage Wicker Latching Chest Filled With Some Vintage Goodies Like 2" Harrods Handbag Mirror In Box, Paradise UCC Glass Bell (6 1/2" Tall), China Dishes And More! Some Wear But Overall Good Condition, 7"W x 5 1/2"D x 5"T 8 2295 2.75   ended
83 568t.jpg6' Antique Wooden Toboggan With Leather/Vinyl Pad That Runs The Entire length, No Broken Slats Or Cracks And In Excellent Condition, 16 1/2"W x 72"L 10 15481 31.00   ended
201 1235t.jpg1923 Pat. A&J Hand Mixer Egg Beater Green Depression Glass, Good Condition, 16 Oz. Capacity And 4 1/2"D x 11 1/2"T 24 12193 36.00   ended
253 1573t.jpgVintage Plated Silver And Pewter Lot With Platter, Candlestick, Tea Pot And More! Good Condition And 12" Diameter To 8" Tall 10 15606 4.50   ended
289 1795t.jpgJow Palooka's Battle Adventures #71 "Bloody Bayonet Cover" From 1952, Golden Age Comic, Original 10 Price! Worn And Torn On Edge 11 15388 3.25   ended
294 1821t.jpg1957 Felix The Cat Harvey Comic #80, Silver Age, 10 Original Price 12 1323 7.01   ended
301 1865t.jpgFour Color #283 Zane Grey's King Of The Royal Mounted Golden Age Comic, Dell 1950, In Plastic Sleeve And Look At That 10 Original Price! 10 15388 4.25   ended
388 2366t.jpgLeather And Rope Lasso - Perfect For That Western Decor! Good Condition And 6' Long 11 11528 10.51   ended
505 3002t.jpgFour Color #295 (Porky Pig) Golden Age Dell Comic 1950 Ten Cent Issues - Good Condition For The Age 5 15388 2.50   ended
940 5435t.jpgVintage Doctors Office Metal Scale, Some Chipped Paint, Otherwise Good Condition, Very Accurate Weight, 11"W x 21"D x 61"H 8 13988 52.50   ended
1166 6704t.jpgVintage Merit Badge Sash, 23 Badges, Boy Scouts, Very Good Condition And 5 1/2"W x 56"L 19 4602 19.45   ended
1181 6801t.jpgExtremely Large Stamp Lot Including Seven Albums, Also Comes With Some Showguard, Protective Pages, Frankenmuth 1st Day And More! Plan On Spending A Good Amount Of Time Going Through This Lot With Lots Of Surprises! Five Boxes In Overall Good Condition, 15" To 20" Long 19 13801 64.25   ended
1230 7104t.jpgVintage Beautiful Zodiak Oppenheim Israel Brass Letter Holder, Very Good Condition, 4 1/2"W x 1"D x 5"T 20 14436 24.49   ended
1369 6129t.jpgAntique Two-Lb. Butter Crock, 6"dia. X 4"H - No Chips Or Cracks, In Good Condition 11 10978 8.50   ended
1466 7820t.jpgAntique 1876 Wheeler And Wilson Treadle Pedal Sewing Machine Attachments, Machine Was Sold In September 2018 Auction, Machine Head Attachments Recently Found, In 10"Dia. Tin - Good Condition         ended
1518 8645t.jpgCast Metal Humpty Dumpty Coin Bank In Very Good Condition, 2"W x 5 1/2"T 7 15927 18.50   ended
1870 12195t.jpgWooden Air Plane, T:GRE Eagle 1, Motor Complete, Good Compression, Great Restoration Piece Or Hang In Man Cave, Some Wear But Still Looks To Be In Good Condition, 61" Wide Wingspan And 46" Long 14 8874 31.00   ended
2025 16800t.jpgWWII Era Screwback Officer Hat Emblem Pin Silvertone Eagle Grasping Arrows And Branch, 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" Very Good Condition 8 10881 10.75   ended
2045 16875t.jpgSix Good For One Drink Chips, From The Inn At St. John's Golf, Hotel Plymouth Michigan 5 9761 3.25   ended
2100 18979t.jpgGag Gift Quit Smoking Emergency Break Glass Vial With Match and Cigarette, Vintage 1970's, 4 1/2"L 7 11497 3.25   ended
2102 18987t.jpgVintage Girl Scout Lot- Numerous Metal Pins, 1940 Book, Cup, Soap Dish, Great Lot of Items, See Pictures, 1" to 3 1/2", Good To Very Good Condition 10 148 12.50   ended
2103 18997t.jpgVintage Carved Figural Face Pipe, Bowl and Stem in Very Good Condition, 6 1/2"L 11 834 20.50   ended
2106 19014t.jpgTweety And Sylvester #11 Dell Silver Age 10 Issue 1956 Comic 9 1698 7.50   ended
2112 19047t.jpgAnimal Comics 29 Golden Age DC 1947 Walt Kelly, Dan Noonan! Rare 5 15388 2.50   ended
2113 19053t.jpgMarbles From Estate, (146) 16MM, (4) 25MM, (1) 35MM, Look in Good Condition 11 15388 4.00   ended
2119 19089t.jpgNative American Basket with Lid, Comes With 1965-74 Original Article From Newspaper, Paint Is Good Condition For Age, 7"W x 3 1/2"H 7 8763 20.50   ended
2120 19096t.jpgVery Early Antique Islamic Arab Dagger, Iron Handle With Silver Design That is Tarnished, Full Blade With Tip of Wood And Iron Sheath Missing, See Pictures of This True Antique, 12"L 11 8763 58.00   ended
2123 19110t.jpgOld Wood Card or Cigarette Case, Lift The Lid on End, Spring Loaded, To Keep Closed, Great Case For Your Use, Great Condition, 3 1/2" x 2 7/8" x 1/2" 10 10222 8.09   ended
2124 19114t.jpgOld EPNS Silver Candle Snuffer With Nice Turned Walnut? Wood Handle, 14"L, Great Condition For Age and Use 7 4519 8.31   ended
2126 19124t.jpgBone Arrowhead Shape Bookmark Or Page Turner, Very Thin 1/16" 7"L, Nice Color From Age, Tip Broken, Victorian Era? 5 13528 3.50   ended
2133 19494t.jpgJohnson's New Illustrated Family Atlas 1867 of the World - Prof. A. Guyot. LL.D. Hardcover 14 1/2" x 18", Condition Issues - Binding has Been Taped, Cover Wear, Loose Pages but None Seem to be Missing. Contents Includes Maps, Physical Geography, Wildlife Data & Illustrations, Population Info, Celestial Maps, Religious & Sect Data. Very Interesting to Read. The Illustrations Alone are Worth Having Highly Collectibles! 22 2562 163.00   ended
2134 19504t.jpgHighly Collectible 11" x 16" Hardcover Youths Companion, An Illustrated Weekly Paper for Young People & the Family Volume LXXVI - 1902 by Perry Mason & Co Publishers, Boston. Condition Issues, Loose Binding & Pages but Still a Wealth of Information. Interesting Conversation Piece. Includes Stories, Reference Material & Period Advertisement 7 3889 8.50   ended
2444 14052t.jpgCollection of Antique War Ration Books- WWI and WWII Along With Stamps, Mounted in Nice Wood Frame Ready To Hang in Man Cave, 17" x 13 1/2", Very Good Condition 13 1553 18.34   ended
2625 11412t.jpgVintage Rustic Large Metal Milk Can Jug, #4 Rusty But Good Condition, Lid Comes Off, 13"Diam x 25"H, As Is 25 16048 17.51   ended
2627 11420t.jpgSuper Cool Vintage Piece! Complete Harness Yoke, Not Sure If It Was Used For Horses or Oxen, Just Know It Is Cool Primitive Piece! Rare To Find One Complete Like This One! In Good Vintage Condition, 5'W With 2" Timber x 35" 23 4519 18.00   ended
2629 11433t.jpgAntique Copper Boiler- This Is in Good Condition, Hard To Find This Nice With No Holes, Has Nice Patina, 27"W x 13 1/4"W x 17"H, Good For Display or Use 20 516 40.00   ended
2630 11438t.jpgAntique Chain Fall, Very Old Just Add Chain Or Hang Like it Is, Has Double Locking Wheel Hooks, Everything Works and Spins, Rusty But Good Condition, 8"W x 7"Thick x 14"H 9 4519 16.50   ended
2631 19180t.jpgAntique Wood Crate With Great Collection of Primitive Hand Tools, With Some Rust Overall in Good Condition, 12"W x 13"D x 4"H 6 8603 2.89   ended

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