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101 555t.jpgCool Stuff That Includes Baskets, Vintage Greeting Cards, Jump Rope, Tin, Decorative Broom, Portable Cassette Player, Vintage Creamer And More, Some New And Others Good Condition, Box 14"W x 18"D x 8"T 5 2453 2.75   ended
109 609t.jpgMens Lot Of Screws, Flagpole Holder, Handles, Clamps And More, Some New And Rest Good Condition, Box 14"W x 10"D x 3"T 4 5151 1.75   ended
164 925t.jpgSome Highlights: Coca-Cola Bank, Massager, Avon Pin, Gold Bow, 51 Silver Bells For Wedding, Yankee Candle Ornaments, And Many Movies 3 2453 1.50   ended
168 953t.jpgTote Full Of Kitchen Stuff Like Square Presto Electric Fry Pan, Works Good; 2 Vision Pans, One With Lid; 6 Heart Shaped Plates NEW; 5 Variety Of Plates; One Bowl; One Small Strainer; One "Slim Jim" By Coleman Water Jug - Good Condition 24"W x 18"D x 16"T 6 7179 5.50   ended
236 1367t.jpgSony AM/FM Head Phone Radio, Lighted Arm Band, Reflective Vest and More - Untested, Fair to Good Condition, 5" to 40"L 3 4385 1.75   ended
358 2119t.jpgMiscellaneous Lot Including Veratron Portable Walkman, Necklace, Wicker Broom, Creamer Dish and (2) Baskets, 3" to 13"W - Good Condition 4 9927 1.77   ended
547 3305t.jpgAwesome Mystery Box With Some Super Cool Stuff! Glass, Silver, Paper & Fabric, All Chosen With Care Hoping To Make You Happy To Win It! All In Very Good Condition, 12"W x 6 1/2"D x 13 1/2"T 8 8507 6.50   ended
617 4896t.jpgBox Lot Including Large Rectangle Presto Electric Frying Pan, Anchor Hocking Casserole Dish, Large Pot, Thermos Container, Coleman Water Jug And Much More! All In Good Condition And Comes In Plastic Storage Tote, 18"W x 23 1/2"D x 15"H 7 7179 13.00   ended
662 5190t.jpgCeramic Pitcher (Handle Glued), Gallon Jar, (2) Measuring Cups, Jar Opener & Small Purse, Other Than Repaired Handle All Are In Good Condition, 2" To 11 1/2" Tall 1 2453 1.00   ended
713 3699t.jpgMystery Box Full Of Some Very Nice Items, You Will Not Be Disappointed! 10"W x 10"D x 5"H 14 8507 15.62   ended
727 3776t.jpgLot Of Various Toys And Games Including Easy Bake Oven, Magic 8 Ball And Owen Hart Figure Among This Lot, All Are Either New In Box Or Slightly Used, Good Condition, Box Measures 17"W x 17"D x 11"H 8 11497 5.50   ended
846 4464t.jpgWoven Basket Filled w/ Gifts Including New "Oh Boy!" Frame, Gram's Rules, Child Wrap, Transparent Package Wrap, "The Lost Art Of Enjoying Life" VHS & More! New & Good Condition, 5" To 40" Wide 6 12064 5.50   ended
1201 5995t.jpgAssorted Ceramic Mugs & Plates, Also 3 Soap/Lotion Dispensers for Under the Counter, 3 1/2" to 10"Dia, Fair to Good Condition         ended
1204 6014t.jpgBox of Vintage Recipe Cards, 5" Milk Glass Vase, (2) Tomato Soup Mugs, 9" x 12" Cake Pan & Carrier, (2) Rolls Contact Paper, (3) Vinyl Table Covers, NIP, (2) Packages of Party Confetti NIP & a Wok Stir Stick, Good to New Condition, 1/2" to 18"W 6 2453 3.25   ended
1205 6021t.jpgUnsorted Mystery Tote with Vintage & Newer Items, From Estate Clean Out, Selling by the Tote Full, No Broken Junk, There is Value Here! 17"W x 24"D x 15 1/2"H 20 12337 16.66   ended
1206 6025t.jpgWood "IDO" Collage Picture Frame, Metal Picture Frame, Cannister & Tin, Good Condition, 5" to 23"W 5 6215 3.00   ended
1287 6572t.jpgMystery Box Packed With Useful Things and Entertaining Items Too! Be The Winning Bidder! 14"W x 14"D x 21"H 14 11275 8.77   ended
1377 8970t.jpgThis Surprise Box Has Useful And Fun Items Inside, Do You Wanna Win? Of Course You Do! Let The Bidding Begin! 22"W x16"D 13"T 8 11275 9.01   ended
1379 8981t.jpgSurprise Box Packed With New And Nearly New Items, Sell, Trade Or Gift, Bid To Win! 20"W x 20"D x 14"T 11 10425 10.38   ended
1396 9092t.jpgRandom Items Like Old Vintage Kids Puzzles, Knick Knacks, Dishes, All Need Cleaning And In Fair To Good Condition, 3 3/4"-13" 2 11842 3.00   ended
1398 9111t.jpgFrames, Vase, Platter & So Much More, Great Box Lot To Get! 3"-10"W, Good Condition 5 8162 3.58   ended
1477 7740t.jpgOld Toy Tractor, Ceramic Figurine, Avon Bottle, Tin Hello Kitty Bank & More, Fair To Good Condition, 11 1/2"W x 15"D x 8"T 7 949 8.50   ended
1531 8070t.jpgBox Lot Of Misc. Items Including Notebooks, Wiltonware Dolls And More! Good Condition, 3" To 10" Wide 1 11115 1.00   ended
1532 8079t.jpgBox Lot Of Assorted Items Including Picture Frames, Glassware And More! Good Condition, 2 1/2" To 8" Wide 2 10848 1.25   ended
1539 8130t.jpgAssorted Household Knick Knacks w/ Mary Kay Make Up Pouches And More! All In Good Condition, 2 1/2" To 6" Wide 1 11115 1.00   ended
1542 8163t.jpgBox Lot Of Misc. Household Items Including A Glass Mug, Plastic Basket, Toy Truck And More! Good Condition, 5" To 12" Wide 2 8190 1.25   ended
1627 9292t.jpgBox Lot Of Mostly Vintage Glass/Plastic Frames, DVD's, Doll Chair And Much More! Good Condition, 17"W x 22"D x 8 1/2"H 2 11115 1.25   ended
1663 9551t.jpgBox Lot Of Household Items Including An Old Watch Box, Glass Vase, Amish Doll Cloth & More! Fair To Good Condition, Box Is Full And Measures 12"W x 16"D x 13"H 4 8628 1.75   ended
1671 9615t.jpgLarge Box Lot Of Assorted Household Items Like Plastic Thermos Mug, Baseball Card Handbook, Ceramic Mugs, "Ceramir" Platter And More! Very Good Condition, Box Is Full And Measures 16"W x 19"D x 10"H 1 5424 1.00   ended
1889 13847t.jpgMystery Box of Heavy Collectibles, Good Assortment, 8"W x 15"L 11 11823 8.00   ended
2218 11084t.jpgMystery Box- Heavy Box With Nascar Collectibles, 9 1/2"W x 18"L x 9"H 11 1167 9.50   ended
2225 11125t.jpgMix of Bottles, Glasses, Cameras and More, Cool Skippy "Bear" Jar, 2" to 10"H, Fair To Good Condition 1 10751 1.00   ended
2266 11353t.jpgTote Full of Coffee Cups, Silverware, Plates, Much More, Fair To Good Condition, Tote 23 1/2"W x 18"D x 18"H 3 1854 1.50   ended
2271 11391t.jpgNapkin Rings, Picture Frame, Dream Catcher, Tin and More, Clock Missing Battery Cover, Overall Good Condition, 1 1/2" to 12"L 2 3960 1.25   ended
2522 14465t.jpgCeramic Vases, Canoes And Cups, Some Have Beautiful Patterns, Some Have Small Chips Otherwise Good Condition, 2"-6"W         ended
2703 16475t.jpgLots of Misc. Items- Leigh Faux Flowers, Roll of Yarn, Ceramic Water Can Décor, Umbrella and More, Good Condition, 12"W x 19"D x 3 1/2"H Flat Box Full 2 10426 1.25   ended
2754 16785t.jpgPink Tin Lunch Box 9"W x 4 1/2"D x 7 1/2"H, Tin And Fabric Boxes From 5 1/2" to 8" And Some Round Boxes With Lids, Good Condition 6 9927 3.77   ended
2763 16832t.jpgTable Covers- Cloth Hot Pads, Plastic Ice Trays, Plastic Cups and More, Fair To Good Condition, 7"W x 7"H Plus 1 6771 1.00   ended
2828 17231t.jpgNew In Box Handyman Special Including Racing Boat, Weight Scale, Hot Knife, Digital Scale And More! Everything Needs Repair! 12" To 16"W 13 3927 16.50   ended
2835 17272t.jpgCool Lot Of Useful Items Including Hand Mixer, Paint Roller And Much More! Good Condition, 3" To 12" Wide 5 5777 5.50   ended
2838 17283t.jpgMisc. Lot Of Corvette Planter, Flashlight And Small Metal Bucket, All Need Cleaning But Overall In Good Condition, 4" To 8" Wide 3 11746 3.25   ended
2839 17289t.jpgMixed Lot Of Craft Items Including Ribbon, Shoe Polish, Calculator And More! All In Good Condition, 2" To 8" Long 1 3927 1.00   ended

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