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1006 9639t.jpgNice Lot of Bicentennial 1776-1976 Kennedy Half Dollars, Ten Total, Very Good Condition 7 12251 9.00   ended
1011 9664t.jpg1917 Walking Liberty Half Dollar, 90% Silver 9 8168 6.05   ended
1016 9684t.jpg1914 $5. Bill G18629850A, Fair Condition 9 5174 21.11   ended
1017 9690t.jpgBag of World Paper Money With Canadian Bills, Up to 7"L, Looks in Good Condition For Age 9 5357 23.00   ended
1018 9698t.jpgHarder To Find Wheat Pennies- 1909, 1909 VDB, 1910, 1911, 1912, 1913, 1914, 1915D, 1916, 1916D, Nice Lot 40 418 44.12   ended
1020 9718t.jpgHarder To Find Wheat Pennies- 1930, 1930D, 1930S, 1931, 1931, 1931D, 1932, 1933, Eight Total, Nice Lot 20 418 24.49   ended
1025 9737t.jpg1935 E Blue Seal Silver Certificate Cut Off Center in Super Condition 9 5174 4.00   ended
1026 9744t.jpg1928 G Two Dollar Red Seal Bill in Good Condition 9 5174 6.51   ended
1028 9756t.jpgFive Grams of Pure Fine Silver 23 12288 10.65   ended
1031 9769t.jpgThree Old Silver Coins- 1926 Liberty Quarter, 1898 Barber Quarter, 1935 Walking Liberty Half Dollar, Nice Older Lot 21 7814 20.01   ended
1034 9783t.jpgRare 1870 2 Piece, VG Fine, Made in USA 26 7814 55.10   ended
1040 9808t.jpg2002 D Mint Set, Five State Quarters With Sacagawea Dollar 11 2004 8.27   ended
1041 9818t.jpg2000P Mint Set, Five State Quarters and Sacagawea Dollar 7 2004 7.00   ended
1042 9826t.jpgOne Ounce Copper "Don't Tread on Me" With Two Grams of Pure Fine Silver 14 1086 10.00   ended
1045 9843t.jpg1987 Mint Set P&D Mint Marks 5 10425 7.27   ended
1048 9861t.jpg(8) Indian Head Pennies- 1889, 1901, 1902, 1903, 1904, 1905, 1906, 1907, 1908 All in Fine Shape 26 5968 20.50   ended
1056 9898t.jpgWalking Liberty Halves, 1944P, S Mint 90% Silver in Fine Condition 19 9369 15.62   ended
1058 9907t.jpgWashington Quarters 1942, P D and S Mints 90% Silver, 1943 P D and S Mints 90% Silver, Two Complete Years 12 10986 18.15   ended
1059 9911t.jpgNew 2017 Donald Trump Inauguration Gold-plated Coin, 1 1/2"Diam 24 1086 11.06   ended
1060 9915t.jpgMelania Trump Half Dollar in Case, Silvertone With Picture 1 3/4"Diam, Very Good Condition 16 3084 11.99   ended
1064 9938t.jpgLiberty Peace Dollar 1925P 90% Silver, Very Fine Condition 30 11449 37.66   ended
1065 9933t.jpg1894-O Morgan Dollar, 90% Silver, Fine Condition 20 11295 32.00   ended
1066 9943t.jpg1984 The American Prospector, One Troy Ounce, .999 Fine Silver 13 7814 26.00   ended
1067 9948t.jpg1934P, 1936D Walking Liberty Halves, 90% Silver, Fine Condition 14 7814 17.00   ended
1068 9954t.jpgWalking Liberty Halves, 1943D, S Mints, 90% Silver, Fine Condition 17 161 21.11   ended
1085 10077t.jpg1999S Proof State Quarter Set, All Superior Coins Already Preserved, Graded PR69 DCAM and Registered By Serial # Through PCGS, Set Includes Georgia, NJ, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Delaware, Coins Valued At $85., They Come With Their Own Hard Plastic Coin Case and Lid, Valued At $18. to $20. 11 148 33.76   ended
1087 10096t.jpg2002/03 Brilliant Sacagawea Dollars, Graded PR69 DCAM With Combined $45.00 Value, Both Strong Mirrored Coins With Great Strikes, Beautifully Displayed And Preserved Already, All You Need To Do is Have The Winning Bid, This is Lot 1 of 3 Series In This Auction 15 8070 21.10   ended
1088 10104t.jpg2011S Silver Proof America The Beautiful State Park Quarter Set, Valued $90.00 You Receive Gettysburg, Glacier, Olympic, Vicksburg, Chickasaw National Parks, Coins Are All Protected and Preserved, 2nd Year Run is Desired As There Was Only 722 Thousand Minted and Strikes Were Thought To Be Exceptional On All Five Coins in Series 10 3311 31.00   ended
1089 10111t.jpg2009S Perfect PR70 DCAM Presidential Dollar, John Tyler 10th President, There Has Only Been 684 Coins Graded Perfect To Date, Current Value Going Upwards is $54.00, No Guessing On This And Other Two Presidential Coins This Auction 12 8070 24.28   ended
1090 10117t.jpg1896S XF Silver Morgan Dollar, Very Sought After Year/Mint, Estimated 500K Of Coins Still Remain But Only 28K This Grade Or Higher, Recent Auction Sold One For $400K, Lowest Recent Auction Value For Muich Lesser Grade Was $63.00 18 1639 35.00   ended
1091 10122t.jpg1894-O Silver Morgan Dollar, XF Condition, New Orleans Gem, No Rim Dings or Damage, Both Sides Great Details, This Coin Has Character And Charm, Estimated Around 161K Still Around Today, About 7K This Grade and Higher 18 8489 37.32   ended
1092 10127t.jpg2016 Silver Eagle 30th Anniversary- This Silver Dollar Is Gorgeous, Has Been Graded And Preserved Already Which Increases It's Value, Good Luck Winning This Coin 15 9369 32.28   ended
1093 10132t.jpg1890-O AU Silver Morgan Dollar, Estimated That There Are 1.7 Million Left But Of This Grade And Higher About 180K Remain, No Rim Damage or Faults on Either Side, Coin With Dazzling Details 19 8489 50.25   ended
1094 10136t.jpg2010S Silver Proof America The Beautiful State Park Quarter Set, Valued At $80.00, You Receive Hot Springs, Yosemite, Mount Hood, Yellowstone And Grand Canyon, Coins Are All Protected And Preserved, These First Year Runs Are Great Strikes, There Was Only 860 Thousand Sets Minted, This is One of Them 12 3311 31.00   ended
1095 10143t.jpg1921S AU Morgan Silver Dollar, Very Desirable Coin, Estimated 2.2 Million Still Remain But Only 100K This Grade and Higher, Recent Auction Set Record For Year/Mint and Sold For $44K 15 9369 31.01   ended
1096 10148t.jpg2009S Perfect PR70 DCAM Presidential Dollar, James K. Polk 11th President, There Has Only Been 804 Coins Graded Perfect To Date, Current Value Going Upwards is $55.00, No Guessing On This And Other Two Presidential Coins This Auction 10 148 25.19   ended
1097 10153t.jpg2006/07 Impressive Sacagawea Dollars, Graded PR69 Deep Cameo Proofs With Combined Value of $45.00, Both Are Excellent Examples of Near Perfect Coins, Both Professionally Preserved And Displayed, Your Collection Will Look Great With These In It, Lot 3 of 3 This Auction 11 148 18.15   ended
1098 10159t.jpg2009S Perfect PR70 DCAM Presidential Dollar, William Henry Harrison, 9th President, There Has Only Been 904 Coins Graded Perfect To Date, Current Value is $62.00, No Guessing on This and Other Two In This Auction 11 148 22.50   ended
1099 10163t.jpg2009S Silver Proof Washington DC and US Territory Quarter Set, These Coins Are Valued At $90.00 and You Get All Six, Washington DC, American Samoa, Guam, N. Mariana Islands, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, All Protected and Encased To Protect Your Investment 10 3311 31.77   ended
2000 10796t.jpg2004/05 Outstanding Sacagawea Dollars, Graded PR69 DCAM With Combined Value of $45.00, Both Strong Mirrored Coins With Excellent Strikes, Professionally Displayed And Preserved, Winning Bid Takes Both, Lot 2 of 3 This Auction 10 8070 23.00   ended
2001 10802t.jpg1921 AU Silver Morgan Dollar, For You Today is One of Estimated 360K Left in This Grade of Higher, Almost Five Million Still Remain But Getting Rarer In This Grade And Pristine 16 7814 34.01   ended
2002 10806t.jpg1974/76 Brilliant Kennedy Half Dollars, Each is $34.00 Value, Total For Both is $68.00, They Are Eye Catching DCAM 69 Graded, Preserved Coins That Are Treat To See, Look At and Own, Collectors Will Love These Coins And It Goes Without Saying There Will Only Be One Bicentennial 1776-1976 Coin Ever 12 148 26.00   ended
2003 10812t.jpg1921D AU Silver Morgan Dollar, It's Estimated That Around Two Million Still Remain But Only 150K This Grade And Higher, She is Lightly Toned Each Side, Still Extremely Detailed And Rims Undamaged 15 7084 29.25   ended
2011 10867t.jpg2000S Silver Proof State Quarter Set, Valued At $90.00 You Get All Five Coins, Preserved And Graded PR69 DCAM By PCGS Set Includes New Hampshire, South Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, Massachusetts, They Come With Their Own Hard Plastic Case and Lid, Valued At $18. to $20. 9 148 46.00   ended
2013 10883t.jpgIndian Head Cent Collection- Set Starts With 1859 Ends With 1909, Need To Check Your Books As Many Key Dates, Semi Key Dates Included in This Outstanding Valuable Collection, This Set is Very Extensive So Good Luck With Owning 43 Coins, Each Minimum Of Good/VG Condition, Up to XF Condition 49 7699 350.00   ended

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