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27 165t.jpgVintage Hard Cover Book "The Happy Hollister's and Sea Turtle Mystery" Very Good Condition 3 5469 2.25   ended
114 675t.jpgTrixie Belden Mystery Book, Lot of 12 Books- Some With Dust Jackets, Some Paperbacks, Some Vintage, Good Condition, No Musty Smell 6 4983 12.50   ended
133 792t.jpg(35) Assorted Hard Cover and Paperback Christmas Books, Mostly Romance, Good Condition, Great Winter Reading! 11 557 9.25   ended
135 807t.jpg(65) This Lion Roars Magazines- Old Model Train Magazines From The 1980's to 1990's, Two Mad Magazines From 1970's, All in Good Condition 4 11649 2.00   ended
136 814t.jpg(28) Star Wars Books, Hard Cover and Paperbacks, Good Condition 9 11343 12.75   ended
138 827t.jpg1942- 43 Memoranda Book, 1912 Tuscarora Year Book, 1901 Hymnal, Good Condition, 5 3/4" to 8 1/4" 1 3992 1.00   ended
154 917t.jpgJohn Deere Tractor Data Book, Paperback, Good Condition 9 843 8.50   ended
193 1137t.jpgLot of Books- Hard Cover and Paperbacks, Box Full! The Singing Bandits, The Old of the Gods, Pre History and More, Good Condition, Box 16"W x 19"D x 9 1/4"H 1 3992 1.00   ended
200 1193t.jpgAntique 1916 "The Practical Home Physician" Hard Cover Book, Illustrated With Color Plates, Revised and Enlarged Edition, Loose Binding And Pages, But None Missing 8 5462 12.50   ended
207 1234t.jpg1977 Edition of Norman Rockwell Favorites, 50 in All, Great To Look At, Also Individual Prints, Could Be Framed, Bottom Corner Curled A Bit, Still in Good Condition, 12"W x 15"H 14 7925 11.99   ended
208 1240t.jpg1900 "History of Our Country" Deluxe Edition Numbered Copy 221/500 By Edward S. Ellis AM Hard Cover With Marbled Pages, Cover is Rough, Binding And Pages Are in Good Condition 4 5462 5.01   ended
211 1260t.jpgThe Giant Book of Essential Knowledge, Hard Cover, Some Wear But Still in Good Condition 7 5462 4.25   ended
218 1301t.jpgSuccess- The Triumphs and Achievements of Self Made Men, Hard Cover With Some Wear On Binding And Edges Otherwise Good Condition, Copyright 1891` 12 11286 5.51   ended
259 1557t.jpgHard Cover Book, The Official Military Atlas Of The Civil War By Major George B. Davis, US Army 821 Maps, 206 Drawings and 106 Engravings, Very Large Coffee Table Book, 13 1/2"W x 16 1/2"L 14 10715 18.00   ended
266 1603t.jpg(24) Hard Cover Books, Encyclopedia Of World War II, Good Condition, 9 1/4"W x 12"H 6 1553 5.50   ended
301 1818t.jpgHuge Coffee Table Book, Eternal America By Yoshikazu Shirakawa, Beautiful Pictures, Good Condition, Hard Cover 6 12187 4.50   ended
308 1856t.jpgHuge Hard Cover Coffee Table Book "The War of The Nations" All Black and White Pictures, Dust Jacket is Torn And Cover Is Dirty, Inside Is Very Good Condition 2 4589 2.50   ended
318 1915t.jpg(33) Books, Recipe Books, Christian Books, Sports and More, Paperback and Hard Covers, Some Have Wear, Overall Good Condition 1 1854 1.00   ended
383 2288t.jpg(12) Left Behind Series Books- Complete Set- Tim Lathaye, Jerry B. Jenkins, Christian Books, Paperbacks, Good Condition 8 11364 12.50   ended
464 2782t.jpgBox of 50 Assorted Christmas Paperback Books, Mostly Romance, Good Condition 6 2065 8.50   ended
481 2895t.jpgNIP Stretchable Fabric Book Covers, Lot of (12) High School Musical, Standard Book Size, Reusable and Washable 1 2158 1.00   ended
501 3021t.jpg50 Plus Books On Self Improvement, Wellness, Spirituality Etc. Wide Selection, Good Condition, Hard Cover and Paperbacks 5 3436 2.93   ended
528 3179t.jpgFive Repair Manuals For 1996 CK Track, 1982-96 Cavalier, Skyhawk, Sunbird, 1960 Track Repair, 1985-94 Geo, 1986-86 Chevy, GMC 2 and 4X4 Trucks, Some Wear But Good Condition 4 6771 2.25   ended
590 3551t.jpgPaperback Book "Trees Of North America And Europe" Some Wear But Good Condition 9 764 6.00   ended
596 3586t.jpgAmerica's First Ladies Book, Hard Cover With Dust Jacket, Good Condition 7 11486 5.50   ended
604 3637t.jpgVintage Housekeeping Sphere By Betty Crocker Magazines From 1970's and More, Good Condition 1 5485 1.00   ended
608 3667t.jpgNice Collection of Seven Hard Cover Science Fiction Books, Two Years Best Science Fiction And One Years Best Fantasy and Horror Plus More, Good Condition 2 2566 1.25   ended
629 3795t.jpg(33) Paperbacks- Edgar Rice Burrough's Collection, Tarzan, Pellucidar, Also Science Fiction, All in Good to Very Good Condition 9 6347 15.01   ended
643 3873t.jpgColorscapes Book, Hard Cover Inspiring Palettes For Your Home, Good Condition 2 6717 1.25   ended
646 3886t.jpgNice Lot of Four Vegetarian Cookbooks, Hard Cover And Paperbacks, Good Condition, Teens- Indian- Soup and Breads 3 4698 2.75   ended
688 4144t.jpg(7) Spiral Bound Cookbooks, Thousands of Recipes, Good Condition 11 10833 7.50   ended
695 4191t.jpg(11) Terry Pratchet Novels, Paperbacks- Sorcery, The Truth, Grape Jugulum and More, Good Condition 6 2098 8.57   ended
696 4200t.jpgFive Hard Cover And Paperbacks- Five Total, Sex in The City, Real Housewives, Confessions of A Shopaholic, Very Good Condition         ended
756 4563t.jpg60 Plus Books- Could Be Long Winter, Great Reading By Danielle Steele, Bob Parker, Linda Howard, Paperbacks, Good Condition 5 9376 3.75   ended
796 4779t.jpgBetty Crocker 40th Anniversary Cookbook, Hard Cover Binder With Some Staining Overall, Good Condition 2 10833 1.25   ended
798 4789t.jpgFour Books- House Plants, America's Most Beautiful Resorts, Katrina, Inventors and Discoveries, Three Hard Cover and One Paperback, Good Condition 1 9638 1.00   ended
799 4797t.jpgFive Paleo Joe's Dinosaur Detective Club Series Paperbacks, Very Good Condition 7 5277 8.00   ended
801 4810t.jpgTwo Books on Negotiating Bank Mergers and Investigating Work Place Harassment, Great For Human Resources, Four Total, Good Condition         ended
803 4818t.jpgThree Paperbacks- Animal Tracks and Signs, Two Shelia Bosworth Books, Good Condition 2 9352 1.25   ended
804 4824t.jpgGerman Dictionary, Roget's Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases, The Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, Good Condition 1 843 1.00   ended
805 4832t.jpgTwo Wizard Of Oz Books, Both Hard Covers, 1985 and 1991, Good Condition 6 879 11.11   ended
806 4838t.jpgFirst Responder Paperback Book, Older With Some Wear But Overall Good Condition         ended
808 4849t.jpgFour Cookbooks- Down Home Trailer Park Cookbook, Cooking Up A Storm, Plus Two More, Two Hard Cover and Two Paperbacks, Good Condition 13 10811 6.39   ended
810 4857t.jpgIntroduction To Private Security Book, Hard Cover, Good Condition 1 6288 1.00   ended
811 4861t.jpgNIP Four Paperback Books- Life Lessons With Max Lucado 5 8380 4.25   ended
812 4865t.jpgThe Class of 1846 Hard Cover Book With Dust Jacket, Very Good Condition 7 1323 9.00   ended
814 4876t.jpgLarge Hard Cover National Geographic Society, 100 Years of Adventure, 9 1/2" x 12", Like New Condition 5 8971 5.50   ended
815 4881t.jpgThree Vintage Books- Robinson Crusoe, The Arabian Nights and Gulliver's Travels Hard Cover, Some Wear on Edges, But Overall Good Condition 1 11528 1.00   ended
816 4887t.jpgCards- Poker Theme Lot, Bridge Score Pad, Bartender Book and Electronic Guide Needs Batteries Untested, 4 3/4" to 8 3/4" Tall or Wide         ended
817 4894t.jpg"Teen's Cook" Paperback Cookbook, How To Cook What You Want To Eat, Good Condition 6 11636 5.75   ended

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