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4095 17538t.jpgMuzzleloader 54 Cal 3x9 Tasco Scope, Thompson Center Arms, Very Good Condition, Includes Leather Ditty Bag, Leather Ball Bag, Manual, 100 Balls, Maxi Bullets, Bore Butter, Powder Flask, Funnel Patches, Powder Solvent, Extra Nipple, Powder Measure, Cleaning Jags, 43"L 26 18584 178.02   ended
4311 25176t.jpgUPDATE: SELLS TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER Mossberg 12 Gauge Shotgun, 24" Ported-Rifled Barrel, Check Adjustment with Scope, 9-Lightfield Sabot Slugs *Sells with Owner's Confirmation* Note: This Item is Located Off-Site. Please Contact 1BID Office to Arrange for Pickup of this Item with Seller. PayPal is NOT Accepted as a Form of Payment for This Item. 17 12975 300.00   ended

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