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258 1598t.jpgVery Misc. Box Lot With Grinding Wheels, Marlboro Playing Cards, Ladle, Funnel And Much More! Some Wear But Mostly Good Condition, Box Is 12"W x 16"D x 10"T 8 13618 5.75   ended
414 2539t.jpgMystery Box In Tote, Lots Of Fun And Intrigue, Or Just Bring It To The Next Party You Attend And Leave It Under Their Tree! 10"W x 19"L x 11"H 11 7693 12.50   ended
463 2791t.jpgBox Of Misc. Items: Oak Towel Ring, Peanut/Candy Dispenser, Etc., 10"W x 15"L x 6"H - Fair Condition to New In Package 2 8563 1.50   ended
464 2795t.jpgMystery Box Luggage Filled With Odds And Ends, Measuring 13"W x 20 1/2"L x 6 1/2"D, Are You Tripping? 7 12695 2.75   ended
586 3520t.jpgLarge Mystery Tub Filled With All Kinds Of Great Items! 16 1/2"W x 24"L x 16 1/2"T 6 15788 9.00   ended
587 3523t.jpgResale Lot With New Items Such As Summer Items, Outdoor Decor, Toys, Thermometer, Flashlights And More! Box Is 22"W x 24"D x 22"T 18 8162 26.00   ended
614 3718t.jpgBox Of Odds And Ends: Door Lock, Lenses Cloths, Ear Plugs, Shelf Brackets, Computer Cords, Mouse Traps, Parts For Lamps, Wall Vent Plus More! 19"W x 12"D x 10"H - All Are In Good Condition To Very Good Condition 4 8782 1.75   ended
617 3745t.jpgGreat Lot Of Misc. Items! Includes An Ultimate Cartooning Kit (Minimally Used And Complete), A Great Assortment Of Lettering (2" And 4") With Several Letters In Each, All Letters Available, Hardly Any Used, Various Curling Ribbon, Lanyards, And Two Packs Of Shrink Art For Use With Ink Jet Printers, The Box Measures 14"W x 10"D x 9"H - All Are In Great Condition 3 9788 2.75   ended
648 3980t.jpgA Box Filled With Collectibles And Gifts Including: Colognes, Decorative Pieces, The Box Measures 16"W x 23"L x 11"H - New! 5 15504 6.00   ended
698 4328t.jpgAVON Collectibles, Gifts, Cologne, After Shave And More, Never Used, The Box Measures 12"W x 17 1/2"L - New! 7 12238 3.50   ended
700 4356t.jpgLarge Surprise Box Packed With Lots Of Stuff! Some New, Vintage And Gently Used, Don't Miss! Measures 18"W x 18"D x 24"H 10 13928 8.50   ended
737 4530t.jpgCrafts Lot And More! Most Are New! Wood Items, Mostly Items That You Paint, Box Of Tea Lights, (70) Envelopes And Blank Cards, Small Stamp Collection, Two Kitchen Items, Used Love Soap Dispenser, Two Stencils, 1/2" To 11"W - Good Condition To New 4 9756 1.75   ended
791 4803t.jpgBox Lot Of Misc. "Parts", A Pair Of Easton Speakers, Rubber Rats, Nuts And Bolts, Toy Transformer "Eldon Industries" And More, 2" To 7"L - In Fair Condition To Very Good Condition 2 3510 1.75   ended
892 5372t.jpgBox Lot Full Of Goodies! Mug, Tin, Steamer, Phone Case, Etc., The Items Range In Size From 3" To 12"W, 12"W x 18"D x 12"H - Good Condition To New Condition 5 14195 3.25   ended
985 6044t.jpgBox Lot Of Misc. Items, Paperback Books, Wall Clock, DVD's And More, 10"W x 15"L x 8"H - Sold As Is, Overall Good Condition 12 1854 5.51   ended
1333 7582t.jpgBox Lot With Four Snowman Mugs, New Camper's Journal For The Camping Enthusiasts, Ladybug Cooking Timer, Pair Of Brushed Brass Sconces With White Glass Shades (New), And A No-Jump Dog (One Size Fits All); 2 1/4" To 9" Long/Diameter 2 15287 1.25   ended
1426 8060t.jpgEight Misc. Items- Two Larger Glass Jars With One Lid, Wax Melter With Floral Design (Ceramic) Two Smaller Square Jars With One Glass Lid, Big Wood Pestle, Pack a Robe in Bag "Plaid Print" Two Random Things, 2" to 14"H or Wide, Good Condition 2 14195 1.00   ended
1499 8414t.jpgBought Used and Put Back in Box, Some Never Used, Candles, Bowl, Picture Frame, Wall Hanging Never Used, Small Things Still Wrapped Jewelry Box, Autograph Book, Enjoy! Good Condition and Never Used, 2 1/2" to 12 1/2"H or Wide 3 2765 1.50   ended
1602 6154t.jpgDouble Stacked Mystery Box Filled With Items To Keep, Sell or Gift, Some Vintage, 16" and 20 1/2"L 13 1677 12.50   ended
1609 6204t.jpgMystery Box 19"W x 10"D x 14"H 16 13878 8.50   ended
1642 6413t.jpgMisc. Lot- Picture of Boy 8" x 10" Very Old, Black Amethyst Cake Plate 8"Diam, Vase of Daisy's 7"H, Brass Candle Snuffer 14"L, Marble Green Egg 2"Diam, Irish Eamon Clover Leaf 4"Diam x 5"H Pattern From Ireland, Good Condition 1 11681 1.00   ended
1754 8705t.jpgWomen's Double Stacked Mystery Box Filled With Items To Keep, Sell or Gift, Don't Pass, Bid To Win, 13"W x 17"L x 25"H 17 14491 13.00   ended
1807 14145t.jpgA Box Lot Of Various Items Including: A Summer Garland In Blue, Green And Pink; An Oreo Tin; A German Style Stein; A Wellness Mug 24-Oz.; A Handmade Vintage Bag From The 50's, Hot Or Cold, Fruit; Green Des; An Old-Fashioned Swim Cap, Items Range In Size From 2" To 9"W - All Are In Good Condition 5 1810 3.52   ended
1929 16533t.jpgBox of Misc. Items- Two 10.5 Oz. Tubes of Caulk, Flashlights, Three Peanut Butter Jars Of Misc. Items, Two Quart Size Bags Of Screws (New), Water Line Hose (New) Plus Other Useful Items, 1" to 36"L, Good To NEW 12 4328 7.55   ended
2316 9956t.jpgSmall Duffle Bag Of Nylon Material 16"L, Viking Glass Aqua Blue Vase 15 1/2"H That Needs Cleaning, No Chips Or Cracks, A Tin "We Accept Cash" Sign 12 1/2"W x 8"H, An Umbrella And More - Fair Condition To Good Condition 2 5865 1.55   ended
2380 10332t.jpgKitchen Box Lot Including: Dinner Plates, Coffee Cups, Silverware, Cookie Cutters, Banana Tree, Recipe Cards, Shelf Liner And More! The Box Is 14"W x 18 1/2"D x 10 1/2"H And The Items Range In Size From 3 1/2" To 18" - All Are In Good Condition To New Condition 5 7097 2.00   ended
2383 10362t.jpgDon't Miss This Box Lot!! Includes: Dog Toys, Telephone That Works, Flamingo, Home Basics Brush (New), Remotes And More!! 4" To 21" Long Or Tall 3 8410 1.50   ended
2419 11576t.jpgPaper Christmas Party Cups, Spice Spray, Clothes Pins, Art Brushes, To Do List, And More, 4 1/4"Diam Tealight to 11 1/2" Plastic Spoon 2 14195 1.25   ended
2533 12721t.jpgBox Of Misc. Power Cords, A/V Cords, Some Electronics, Remotes And Mouse; Lots Of Goodies And In Good Condition, 12"W x 22"L x 7"T 7 3927 2.75   ended
2558 12864t.jpgMystery Box, 9 1/2"W x 20"L x 14"T 10 9044 5.50   ended
2713 13141t.jpgAwesome Vintage Assortment Of Cool Items Including Three Rolls Of 8MM Movie Film Of Civil War Re-Enactments From 1961, About 600' Long! Index Taped To One Can, Also Comes With Wooden Fold-Out Rulers, Switch, Tubing Cutter And More! Good Condition And 2" To 8" Long 13 687 12.16   ended
2846 20344t.jpgMystery Box With Something For Everyone, No Christmas Stuff, 14"W x 14"D x 16"T 7 5150 10.50   ended
2848 20356t.jpgMen's Surprise Box With New And Quality Items Inside, Don't Pass - Bid To Win! 12 1/2"W x 17"D x 12 1/2"T 18 15550 13.00   ended
2869 20470t.jpgLarge Mystery Bin Tote, Lots Of Goodies, Bid To Win! But What Could It Be! 20"W x 38"L x 6"T 14 13928 5.00   ended
3222 15315t.jpgTwo Plant Water Cans Plastic, Six Pack Cooler, Bike Seat, Pet Dish 6" to 14" In Good Condition, Needs Cleaning From Storage 1 4646 1.00   ended
3508 18803t.jpgCute Basket With Stoppered Bottle, Working Clock, Nice Glasses Cases and More, Clock Untested, Otherwise Good Condition, 6" to 11 1/2"H/Long 1 9044 1.00   ended

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