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59 431t.jpgBox Of (19) Calvin And Hobbes Books By Watterson, Lots Of Funny Stuff Here For Cartoon Lovers, Books Are In Overall Good Condition, Box Is 16"W x 11"D x 10"T 8 2098 8.47   ended
188 1218t.jpgNew Webster's Desk Reference Five-Volume Set With Grammar Guide, Atlas, Dictionary, Thesaurus, Spelling Dictionary; Good Condition 7 687 3.25   ended
293 1797t.jpgBox Of Books From Anna Leonard, Lori Devott, Christine Warren And More! Good Condition 1 12892 1.00   ended
339 2073t.jpg(20) Woodworking Magazines, Filled With Good Plans And Information, Very Helpful For The Beginning Woodworker And The Professional As Well - Good Condition 4 14574 1.75   ended
346 2122t.jpg(20) Woodworking Magazines, Filled With Good Plans And Information, Very Helpful For The Beginning Woodworker And The Professional As Well - Good Condition 5 6431 2.25   ended
359 2198t.jpgThree Comic Books: Tales To Astonish Vol. 1 No. 18, 1961; Marvel Premiere Featuring 3-D Man, April 1977; Archie's Girls Mar. No. 147, 1968 And Five Dionne Quintuplets Books: 1935-1937 Stories Of The First Surviving Quintuplets Born, Also Six Popular Mechanic Books All From 1937, All Pages Seem To Be There But Some Covers Are Damaged/Missing/Detached - Fair Condition To Good Condition 21 12750 78.19   ended
416 21661t.jpg(4) Grilling Cookbooks Includes Char-Broil Grill Lovers, How To Grill, Sam The The Cooking Guy Just Grill This And Grilling With Gas Great Lot in Good Condition 7 1274 6.25   ended
466 2804t.jpgBox Lot Of (15) Packs Of Mostly Paperback Books, Authors Include: Patterson, Grisham, King And More! 6 3658 2.75   ended
475 2851t.jpg(20) Woodworking Magazines, Filled With Good Plans And Information, Very Helpful For The Beginning Woodworker And The Professional As Well - Good Condition 2 14574 1.25   ended
646 3964t.jpgBundle Of College Medical Books, Two New And (13) Used, Various Subjects Like Genetics, Biology, Heredity, Chemistry, Etc., Great For Research! - All In Good Condition To Excellent Condition 7 1854 8.51   ended
701 4360t.jpg(25) DC And Marvel Comics, Each Comic Has A Bag And Board And Is In Good Condition! Comic Books Include: Death Stroke, Dare Devil And Dark Hawk With Appearances By Punisher, Spider Man And More! 11 13621 13.08   ended
787 4786t.jpgBox Of Study Books And Dictionaries, Some Wear And Tear - In Fair Condition To Good Condition 1 1854 1.00   ended
788 4791t.jpgComic Books (69) Total! Nine DC Star Spangled War Stories, (40) Sgt. Rock, (19) GI Combat And One Marvel Godzilla - In Good Condition 16 15779 42.90   ended
789 4796t.jpgGermany/Hitler/World War II History Stuff, 1930's Das Reich Magazine Collection Including Vol. 1, Record Unopened And Three Hitler Books, All In German, 9" To 12"W - Good Condition For Age 6 1553 8.75   ended
800 4846t.jpg(20) Woodworking Magazines, Filled With Good Plans And Information, Very Helpful For The Beginning Woodworker And The Professional As Well - Good Condition 6 6584 5.50   ended
810 4906t.jpg(20) Woodworking Magazines, Filled With Good Plans And Information, Very Helpful For The Beginning Woodworker And The Professional As Well - Good Condition 6 6584 5.50   ended
815 4932t.jpgJournals And Coloring Books, Five Journals (Three Are Hardcover And Two Are Paperback), They Come With Ten Packs Of Pens, And One "Color Yourself Calm" Coloring Book - All New 10 10927 8.25   ended
842 5079t.jpg1984 Great Magazine Covers Of The World By Patricia Frantz Kery, Hardcover With Dust Jacket, 384-Pages And Measures 9 1/4"W x 12 1/4"H - Good Condition 1 687 1.00   ended
843 5085t.jpg"The World's Healthiest Foods" By George Mateljan, Over 800-Pages, Large Paperback, 8 1/2"W x 2"D x 11"H - In Good Condition 6 10389 4.75   ended
844 5091t.jpg"Camps And Cottages" Hardcover Book, 176-Pages, Size 10 1/4 x 10 1/4, Beautiful Color Photos! - In Very Good Condition 3 8583 2.80   ended
845 5097t.jpg"Mauser Military rifles Of The World" Hardcover Book, 265-Pages - In Very Good Condition 8 1807 16.25   ended
846 5102t.jpgCommemorative Edition Of Ronald Reagan "A Remarkable Life" What A Great Tribute To This Beautiful Man! 125-Pages, Paperback Book - In Very Good Condition 4 1698 3.55   ended
847 5108t.jpgTwo Books On The Kennedy Family, "All Too Human" The Love Story Of Jack And Jackie Kennedy And "Jackie After Jack" Portrait Of The Lady, Both Are Hardcover Editions - In Very Good Condition 1 15141 1.00   ended
848 5116t.jpgNice Assortment Of (16) Bird Books, "Birds Of The World", "How To Make Bird Feeders", "Bird Houses" And "Bird Recopies" Great Pictures For Identification, Great For The Bird Watcher! Hardcover And Paperback Editions - All Are In Good Condition 11 14318 8.51   ended
849 5121t.jpgMixed Lot Of Love, Inspiration And Romance Books, Perfect For Your Grey Winter Days, (16) Total, From A Non-Smoking And Pet-Free House, Paperback Editions - In Good Condition 4 14451 2.75   ended
850 5126t.jpgHere Is A Fantastic Read! Bill O'Reilly "Killing Lincoln" A Super-Great Truth About Our American History, 324-Pages, Hardcover Edition - In Very Good Condition 14 860 8.00   ended
851 5132t.jpg(15) Vintage LIFE Magazines From 1969, Beatles, Off To The Moon And More! Great Pictures And Information - All Are In Good Condition 12 12111 10.50   ended
853 5142t.jpgTwo Adult Coloring Books, "Inspirational" And 3-D Dogs", Great Gifts! - Both Are New 13 10924 5.75   ended
854 5149t.jpg(22) National Wildlife Magazines 1963 To 1971, Great Pictures And Facts! - All In Good Condition 5 14318 4.02   ended
855 5154t.jpgThree 1958 Hardcover Best-In-Books Excerpts Collection, Cartoons, Stories And More, Nefertiti, Peanuts, Switzerland And More - Some Wear But Still In Good Condition         ended
856 5160t.jpgTwo Kevin Trudeau Natural Cures Hardcover Books, #1 New York Times Best Selling Books - Both In Good Condition 2 8631 1.25   ended
858 5173t.jpgTwo Great Adult Coloring Books, Both Are Cat Themed, Great Gifts! - New 11 10924 10.26   ended
860 5184t.jpg"Notes To My Daughter" A Beautiful Book To Gift To Your Daughter, Shares Inspiration And Advice On All Things Important In Life, This Is An Award Winning Book By Vesna M. Bailey, Beautiful Gift For The Young Woman In Your Life, Over 200-Pages, Hardcover Edition - New 7 13884 3.25   ended
861 5191t.jpgArtist Suzy Toronto Adult Coloring Books, Three Pieces, Great Gifts! - New! 14 6791 7.00   ended
862 5197t.jpgVintage Five Book National Geographic Around The World Program Books, 1958, Scandinavian Countries, 5 1/2"W x 8 1/2"H - The Box Has Wear But They Are In Overall Good Condition 1 9145 1.00   ended
863 5204t.jpg"The Martha Stewart Cookbook" Hardcover Book, Collected Recipes For Every Day - Pages Are In Great Condition But The Cover Is Dirty 1 14117 1.00   ended
865 5212t.jpg"The Complete Tales Of Winnie The Pooh" Hardcover Book, The Back Of The Book Got Wet Sometime, The Pages Are Stuck And Damaged, Could Be Used Or Repurposed For Decoration - Fair Condition 1 15639 1.00   ended
866 5219t.jpg"10,000 Dreams Interpreted Paperback Book, 300-Pages Of Great Information - Very Good Condition 7 5815 8.27   ended
868 5230t.jpgRoget's International Thesaurus Copyright 1946 - Some Wear But Still In Overall Good Condition         ended
869 5236t.jpgHardcover "Mad Hungry" Feeding Men And Boys Book, Recipes, Strategies And Survival Techniques, 260-Pages With Color Pictures - In Good Condition 6 894 6.00   ended
870 21373t.jpg"Patent Pending In 24 Hours" Paperback Book, 5th Edition, 430-Pages Full Of Great Information! - In Good Condition 6 6584 7.50   ended
871 5248t.jpg"And Now It's No Longer Blank" Hardcover Book Designed And Edited By Anne Kirby, Notes, Sayings, Poems, Etc., From Regular Every Day People, 135-Pages - In Very Good Condition 3 13032 1.25   ended
872 5253t.jpgLike New "The NIV Daily Bible" In 365 Daily Readings Paperback Book - In Very Good Condition 1 1831 1.00   ended
873 5259t.jpg(13) Hardcover Book Lot, The Survival Series For Kids, What To Do When Your Mom Or Dad Says Be Careful! Earn Your Allowance! Get The Phone! Go To Bed! Do Something Besides Watch T.V.! What Should You Say Dear! Stand Straight Up! Be Good While You're There! Clean Your Room! We Can't Afford It! Be Kind To You Guest! Be Good! Write To Your Grandma! Great For Your Child's Library! - Like New Condition 6 10924 3.25   ended
874 5264t.jpgChildren's/Teen Activity Books, Two Made Lib Books And A Doodle/Coloring Book, Great As Gifts! - New 7 1722 5.50   ended
880 5304t.jpgLarge Assortment Of Shop Manuals, Fuel Systems, Heating And Cooling, Mazda, Ford And More, All Are Paperback Editions - In Good Condition 3 2284 4.25   ended
902 5424t.jpg"Leaves Of Gold" Leather-Bound Revised Edition 1959, Lot Of Two Books - In Very Good Condition Overall 17 10489 9.50   ended
957 5808t.jpg(100) DC And Marvel Comic Books, All With Bags And Boards In A Short Box, Titles Include: Detective Comics (Batman), Deathstroke, Captain Marvel, Captain Atom, Dark Hawk, Deathlok, Doom 2099, Demon - In Good Condition 23 15779 50.99   ended
1207 6814t.jpg(25+) Children's Books Including Scholastic And Others, Hardcover And Paperbacks, Very Good Condition 14 12476 11.00   ended
1216 6873t.jpgNice Lot Of Vintage 1988 Help Me Be Good Hardcover Books, Books Like Throwing Tantrums, Teasing, Tattling, Stealing, Snooping, Showing Off And Lots More! Like New Condition - Add These To Your Library! 9 13055 12.50   ended

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