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135 778t.jpgVictorian Porcelain Doll With Stand, Dynasty Doll Collection, Very Good Condition, 17"H 4 18706 3.75   ended
136 21827t.jpgGrandma and Grandpa Porcelain Doll Set With Stands In Very Good Condition, 18"H 8 17843 13.50   ended
144 826t.jpgCollector's Choice Porcelain Collectible Doll With Certificate (Blue Dress With Wheelbarrow) Like New, 9"L x 10"H 5 12164 6.57   ended
172 999t.jpgPorcelain Doll in Brown Dress With Stand In Very Good Condition, 17"H 2 18706 1.25   ended
174 1011t.jpgVery Cute 14"H Collectible Plush Bear, Retired, The Bearington Collection, "Rick & Slick" Very Rare - Limited, Display Only In A Cabinet - Very Well-Taken Care Of, Look For Another In The Auction 11 16525 5.54   ended
184 1067t.jpgPorcelain Grandma Doll, Apron and Cape, Sitting, Includes Stand, Very Good Condition, 18"H 6 17843 5.50   ended
195 1134t.jpgToy Lot, Ton of Vintage and Action Figures, 4"H to 11"H 9 687 10.33   ended
231 1319t.jpgToy Lot, Some Vintage, Tons Of Fun, Includes Simpsons, Some Show Wear - Fair To Good Condition, 14"W x 15"L x 6"H 3 11446 1.50   ended
233 1331t.jpgVarious Tyco, Bachmann & Lewis Electric Model Train Parts Including Buildings, Trees, Signs & More In Good Condition, 12"Sq x 6"H 11 7888 16.00   ended
286 1674t.jpg(3) Radio Controlled Toys: Insect, Crane, Monster Truck, Untested As-Is, Parts or Repair, 20"L to 24"H 4 223 1.25   ended
313 3930t.jpgVintage Gabrielle Ind Cowboy Vest With Pony Boy Cap Gun and Rubber Holster Belt With A Hubley Steer On The Buckle In Very Good Condition, 10"L 9 4959 7.00   ended
511 2349t.jpgToy Frog Scoop With Suction Cups For Tub, Detachable Scoop To Get Toys Out, Plus Crab Water Book, Like New, 18"W x 18"D x 6"H 2 9387 1.25   ended
512 2356t.jpgVintage 1976 Fiddle Sticks In Excellent Condition, Batman-Hulk-Superman, 25"L x 16"W, Hours of Fun! 6 16172 4.69   ended
516 2380t.jpgKids Toys In Good Condition: 17 Blocks, Noah's Ark Toy and Bath Spout, Baby Toys, 13"W x 9"D x 14"H 1 15206 1.00   ended
517 2386t.jpgNew In Box Star Trek Captain Kirk Bobble Head, 7 1/2"H 16 16658 9.59   ended
518 2392t.jpgAction Figure New In Box (Some Wear On Box) From The Series "Lost" Mr. Eko 2007, 10"W x 8"H 3 17980 1.50   ended
521 2411t.jpg(3) TY Dinosaurs In Good Condition, 5"L 1 17907 1.00   ended
523 2420t.jpgAssorted California Raisins In Good Condition, 14 Pieces (Only One Double), 3"T to 4"T 15 15261 10.75   ended
526 2437t.jpg(6) Nascar Collectible Cars In Good Condition, Metal and Plastic, Kellogg's Semi-Truck 4 12001 4.25   ended
567 2674t.jpgSeveral Old Metal Tonka and Buddy L Trucks, Straight From The Barn, Rusty - Fair to Good Condition, 5"L to 32"L 15 3746 30.51   ended
623 2981t.jpgAntique Plastic Baby Doll With Dress, Shoes and Bonnett, Good Condition, 12"W x 13"H 4 8617 7.01   ended
627 3002t.jpgLarge Doll With Black Hair In Yellow Dress In Overall Good Condition, 12"W x 16"H 7 18706 6.07   ended
646 3103t.jpgBig Box With (6) Tonka Yard Trucks For Keeping Your Kids Happy, Work, Good Condition For Age - Some Rust/Damage, Great For The Beach/Sandbox, 17"L to 30"L 5 6412 13.37   ended
676 3268t.jpg1968 Chevy Camaro Z28 Scale Car By Welly, Shows Some Wear - Fair Condition, 8"L x 2"W x 2"H 6 838 8.00   ended
679 3284t.jpgBudweiser #8 2002 Diecast Scale Nascar In Good Condition, 8"L x 3"W x 2 1/2"H 7 15031 6.50   ended
681 3294t.jpg71 Cuda Diecast Scale Car By J. Lloyd Shows Some Wear - Fair Condition, 8"L 3"W x 3"H 6 838 12.00   ended
689 3334t.jpg(6) Fighting Bobblehead Bucks New In Package, Real Cute Novelty Gift, 8"L x 3"H 6 12837 6.50   ended
705 5415t.jpgBarbie and Ken Special Edition Wedding Fantasy New Old Stock, Box 15"W x 3"D x 13"H 11 11180 14.00   ended
712 5449t.jpg(2) Lalaloopsy Stuffed Dolls 26"T, (3) Coloring Books and A Lalaloopsy Coloring Poster Pad - Good Condition 5 18454 3.00   ended
714 5459t.jpg(3) Vintage Raggedy Ann Cloth Dolls In Good Condition: Two 25" and One 9" 5 6424 3.25   ended
718 5480t.jpgBuck Rogers in The 25th Century Space Fishter 1979 Mego Mfg Missing Some Pieces Otherwise Good Condition and 1979 Buck Rogers Laser Scope Fighter Ship By Mego Still Lights Up, 11 1/2"L and 12"L 15 14147 20.35   ended
720 5490t.jpgRaggedy Ann & Andy Homeade Set, 20 Years Old, Cloth, 21"H and Good Condition 3 18196 2.25   ended
724 5512t.jpgDisney Princess Castle 17"H In Excellent Condition, Blue & Pink Plastic 4 11410 5.34   ended
865 3704t.jpgBox of Bionicles And Learning Resource Motorized Gear Set, Moon Rover, 1" to 11"L or Wide, Looks Good 6 18454 3.34   ended
945 10722t.jpg(13) Piece My Little Pony Toy Lot, Good Condition, Just Needs Cleaning From Storage, 4" to 7"H 8 11801 5.22   ended
969 10873t.jpgBox of Misc. Toys, All Clean And Ready To Play With, Good To Very Good Condition, 2" to 10"H 7 11446 3.59   ended
1115 6431t.jpgRolling Bag And Suitcase, The Suitcase If Full Of Stuffed Animals Including: Elmo, Dora, American Eagle Bear And Gorilla, All In Good Condition, The Bag Is 30"L 1 15390 1.00   ended
1189 6869t.jpgLot Of (55) K'Nex Parts In Sterilite Tub With Lid, In Good Condition, 12"W x 18"L x 7"H 3 12627 1.50   ended
1199 6950t.jpgVintage Hobby Horse On Springs, Molded Hard Plastic On Wood And Metal Frame, Note: Curtis, You Are Too Big For This! No Markings Found, Very Little Wear, In Very Good Condition, 24"W x 30"L x 44"H 11 4449 19.50   ended
1203 4418t.jpgNew In Package! Hot Wheels "1999" Mechanic Rocket Cycle Collectible #25744 Model Kit, 10"W x 12"H 3 18196 2.25   ended
1204 4423t.jpgNew In Box! New Brite, Rail King Train Set, It Features Lights And Sound, 34"W x 5"D x 15"H 26 3931 40.00   ended
1205 4429t.jpgSix Total Items Including: Limited Edition State Bear Of Michigan, The 26th State, Red, White And Blue Colors With Collectible 2004 Michigan Quarter In A Protective Case, It Has A Flag Of The State Of Michigan On It's Paws; 2000 Limited Edition Unopened With Tags Britney Spears Pop Stars Bean Bag Bears With Collectible Shirt And Pearl Necklace TY Baby From Beanie Babies Collection; TY 2001 February Birthday Bear; TY 2002 October Birthday Bear With Party Hat; TY 1999 Buzz The Bear; This Is A Nice Collection Of Collectibles, Good Condition To Brand New And Unopened, Come Take A Look! 6" To 10"H 7 13555 7.50   ended
1209 4451t.jpgHuge Vintage Cowboy And Indian Figurine Lot! (101) Pieces! Medium Sized: Six Red Indians, Eight Green Indians, Seven Blue Cowboys, Six Yellow Cowboys, A Tipi, A Tiki, Two Horses And Several Bugg Pieces, Regular Sized: Green Cowboy And Indians, Yellow Cowboy And Indians, Red Cowboy And Indians, Blue Cowboy And Indians, Orange Cowboy, Two Hot Green Cowboys, Two Horses, Three Fences And One Rock Formation, Small Sized: Two Horses, Yellow, Blue And Red Cowboy And Indians, Tons Of Different Cowboy Positions And Tons Of Different Indian Positions, Lot Of Hours Of Fun! Come Check Them Out! Sizes Range From 1 1/2" To 2"H 8 4959 13.00   ended
1214 4479t.jpgLike New In Box! 2018 Optimus Prime Transformer, 9"W x 3"D x 8"H 11 14639 26.65   ended
1219 4506t.jpgNew In Box! Disney Pirate Play Set, Plastic Material, 9"W x 13"H 6 12338 3.75   ended
1226 4549t.jpgFour New In Box Stark Raven Figures, In Good Condition For Any Collector, 9"W x 5"D x 10"H 8 17980 8.50   ended
1260 4727t.jpgLike New Condition! Set Of Eight Lego Bionicle Kits, Two Each Of Kits 71313, 71314, 71315, 71316, Four Are Build As Individual Monsters, Four Are Combined Into One Mega-Monster! All Instruction Books Are Included, There's A Bag Containing Extra Parts Too, 6" To 9"H 7 18699 14.76   ended
1404 4945t.jpgVery Cute! Retired Bearington Bears "Molly Mukluk" 14" Plush Bear, #173036, Very Well Taken Care Of, For Decor In A Cabinet, Look For Another One Is This Auction 10 16680 6.00   ended
1426 5065t.jpgAn Awesome Two-Piece Tonka Trucks Lot, Metal And Plastic Materials, Just Needs Cleaning From Storage, In Good Condition, 17" To 24"L 4 217 6.50   ended
1673 11408t.jpgLot Of G.I. Joe Vehicles, Figures And Accessories, Most Seem To Be Vintage, Not Sure If All Is Complete But They Seem To Be In Good Condition, Sizes Range From 3" To 10"L 15 14639 26.02   ended

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