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248 1428t.jpgAntique Treadle Sewing Table With Minnesota Sewing Machine, Walnut Cabinet, Untested, From Estate, Looks In Good Condition, 33 1/2"L x 17 1/4"D x 31 3/4"H 13 6459 40.09   ended
262 1542t.jpgAssorted Large Pine Cones In Good Condition, Great For Crafts, Box 20"L x 12"W x 10"H 2 18445 1.75   ended
290 1703t.jpgAssorted Large Pine Cones, Seem To Be In Good Condition and Clean, Great For Crafts Box 16"L x 12"W x 6"H 3 18445 2.00   ended
616 2942t.jpg50-Pieces 5 1/2"Sq Fabric Squares For Making Quilts, Clean, Various Colors, Good Condition 6 17819 5.50   ended
649 3120t.jpg50 Pieces 6"Sq Fabric For Quilt Making, Clean and Very Good Condition, Various Colors 5 4010 3.25   ended
669 3231t.jpg16 Pieces of 25"W x 3 1/2"W Clean Wood, Great For Craft Projects, Very Good Condition 13 18684 5.51   ended
699 3385t.jpgNew Animals Dolls 15"H, For Craft/Display 8 17843 6.75   ended
765 5717t.jpg275 Wooden Wheels: 150 1" and 125 1 1/4", New In Sealed Plastic Bags, Wow! You Could Make 15 18-Wheelers! 13 2073 13.39   ended
784 5823t.jpgEmbossing Light Table and Fiskars Crimper, Crimper Makes Paper Corrugated, 6 1/2"W Rollers, Works, Light Table Is Great For Tracing, Only Used A Few Times, Very Good Condition 8 6486 5.22   ended
858 3666t.jpgAssorted Box of Craft Kids We Sing book, Invitations, CD's, Ribbons, Cards Etc. Nice Box, Good to New, 3"Diam to 8 1/2"H         ended
868 3721t.jpg(75) Pieces Of 4 1/2"Sq. Fabric For Quilt Making, Various Colors, Clean in Quart Ziploc Bag 8 6519 3.25   ended
891 3819t.jpgBox of Quilting Magazines, (40) In Like New Condition, 8"W x 9"D 2 2144 1.25   ended
897 3844t.jpgCrafters Special Box, Six Glass Vases in Various Sizes, Faux Flowers, Small Wicker Basket, (22) Metal Buckets in Blue and Green, 16"W x 11"D x 12"H, Good to New 1 5290 1.00   ended
917 10525t.jpgQuilting Magazines, Many Patterns, Very Good Condition 1 11398 1.00   ended
933 10636t.jpgSix Containers Of Mosaic Chips To Make Mosaic Table, Bowling Ball, Vase, Many Uses, 9"W x 9"H 12 3025 6.50   ended
934 10650t.jpgBox of Decorative Glass Gems, Two Bags Blue Glass Gems, Craft Beads, Bag River Pebbles, Big Bag of Glass Gems, Use For Crafts or Mosaic Designs, All Look Good To Very Good Condition, 2" to 6"H 13 15497 10.50   ended
939 10683t.jpgBox of Shells, Box of Glass Gems, Two Bags of Mosaic Tiles, Two Sponges, All Look Good Condition, Great For Crafts, 2" to 6"H 5 13087 3.25   ended
952 10770t.jpgOver 300 Pages of Cardstock, Solid Colors, New 8 1/2" x 11"H 12 6791 8.50   ended
954 10781t.jpgOver 300 Pages of Cardstock, Solid Colors, New 8 1/2" x 11"H 19 6791 12.80   ended
974 10901t.jpgLow Model Cast Iron Treadle Sewing Machine Base, No Manufacturer Name, Good Condition, All Wheels And Pedal Turn Easy, 25"W x 16"D x 19"H 11 18684 14.50   ended
1224 4537t.jpgTen New Adult Coloring Books, All Different Styles, These Are Thick, Detailed Books, Beautiful! 9"W x 11"H 10 11887 5.50   ended
1249 4670t.jpgPint Cuttlebug Cricut With Instructions, Diecast And Two A Plates, Emboss Machine, Five B Plates (Two Never Used), One C Plate, Rubber Mat, Magnetic Mat, In Very Excellent Condition, 3 3/4"W x 10 1/2"L x 8 1/2"H And 12"W x 9"H 16 6791 41.50   ended
1332 7132t.jpg(50) Pieces Of 5"Sq. Fabric For Making Quilts, Various Colors, This Is A Nice Lot! In Good Condition 3 18673 2.25   ended
1344 7204t.jpg(50) Pieces Of 5"Sq. Fabric For Making Quilts, Various Colors, Clean And In Good Condition 3 18673 2.25   ended
1409 19224t.jpgWatercolors, Chalk And Paint Set With Built In Easel Top, (24) Different Chalk Sticks, (18) Different Paints, Made Of Wood, In Good Condition, The Easel Is 15 1/2"W x 10 1/4"H And The Case Is 15 1/2"W x 10 1/2"D x 4 1/2"H 13 17879 8.50   ended
1411 4980t.jpgNew In Gallon Ziplock Bag! 1,000 Pieces Of 2 1/2"Sq. Fabric For Making Quilts, Clean! Various Colors! 8 6519 5.56   ended
1422 5044t.jpgNew! (75) Pieces Of Fabric Squares, Clean And In Various Colors, In A Quart Size Bag, 4 1/2"Sq. 4 6519 3.00   ended
1471 5260t.jpgNew! Nice Five-Piece Stainless Steel Rubber Handled Scissor Set, 5" To 9 1/2"L 16 12452 16.50   ended
1517 7617t.jpgVery Nice "Brother" VX 808 Sewing Machine, It Works Great And It Comes In A Handy Carrying Case, In Very Good Condition, The Case Measures 18"W x 10"D x 16"H 9 4530 26.00   ended
1531 7685t.jpgBrother Sewing Machine With Book, Foot Pedal And Cord, Metal And Plastic Materials, In Original Box, It Is In Good Condition And It Measures 17"W x 8"D x 14"H 15 18684 26.00   ended
1555 7793t.jpgBox Full Of New Yarn And Knitting Needles, Over (25) Rolls Of Yarn! Different Colors, 10"L 19 17879 10.51   ended
1658 11324t.jpgNew To Good Condition On The Items In This Bag Of Yarn, Some Full And Some Pieces, A Bag Of Plastic Picture Frames For Needlepoint Hangings, One Pair Of Needles, 4" To 9"L 5 5350 3.25   ended
1660 11336t.jpgNew In Package! Lot Of Three Packages, Waste Fabric, 8.5 Count, All Cotton, Cross Stitch Fabric, One Piece Is 12" x 18" 4 15206 2.50   ended
1702 8930t.jpgVery Nice Scrapbook Companion Tote Organizer On Wheels, Has Telescope Handle For Rolling, Lots of Pockets And Tons of Storage Compartments, Removable Insert With Storage, Comes WIth Very Unique Photo Album Made Out of Banana Leaves, Great For Crafts, Scrapbook Companion, 20"L x 10"D x 16"H, Album 12"W x 13 1/2"L x 1"D, Very Good Condition 15 18650 21.50   ended
1737 9092t.jpgOver 300 Pages of Cardstock Solid Colors, New 8 1/2"W x 11"L 17 18706 13.25   ended
1743 9119t.jpg200 Plus Pieces of 8 1/2" x 11" Paper, Includes Prints, Vellum, Glitter and Corrugated, Very Good to New Condition 11 18706 5.50   ended
1819 13279t.jpgThree Full Skeins Of Yarn And Blanket That Has Been Started, Once You Finish It You Will Have A Beautiful Blanket! 10" To 60"L 11 3376 5.50   ended
1864 13489t.jpgNew!! Mini Stitcher In Box, Cordless, Compact And Totally Portable, Great For Crafts And On The Spot Repairs Like A Torn Hem, Big Machine Power That Fits In The Palm Of Your Hand, It Measures 8"W x 4"D x 6"H 4 428 3.25   ended
1878 13562t.jpgBrand New! Set Of Six Adult Coloring Books And (76) Piece Artist's Loft Ultimate Art Set, Includes Case, Colored Pencils, Pencil Sharpener, Eraser And More! Get Ready For The Winter! 11"W x 9"D x 5"H 5 8223 13.50   ended
1898 13665t.jpg(50) Pieces Of 6"Sq. Fabric For Quilt Making, Various Colors, Clean And In Very Good Condition 8 4010 3.75   ended
1903 16939t.jpgNew! Two Scrapbook Stamp Sets, (12+) Total, Happy Birthday To Thinking Of You, 2" To 3 1/2"L Each 4 18650 3.82   ended
1904 16943t.jpg(50) Pieces Of 6"Sq. Fabric For Quilt Making, Various Colors, Nice And In Very Good Condition 14 12248 5.50   ended
1974 17339t.jpg(50) Pieces Of 6"Sq. Fabric For Quilt Making, Various Colors, Clean And In Very Good Condition 7 4010 2.83   ended
1979 17368t.jpgCool You Paint Ceramic Lot, Four Pieces, Three Snowmen And One Mouse On Drum, Great Rainy Day Fun! No Chips And In Good Condition, Great Rainy Day Fun! 4 1/2" To 8 1/2"H 5 14875 2.80   ended
1984 17396t.jpg(50) Pieces Of 5"Sq. Fabric For Quilt Making, Various Colors, In Very Good Condition 6 6519 3.08   ended
1986 17406t.jpg(50) Pieces Of 5"Sq. Fabric For Quilt Making, Various Colors, Clean And In Very Good Condition 4 6519 2.75   ended
2205 18604t.jpgBeautiful Vintage Shabby Chic Wood Singer Sewing Machine Cabinet With Gorgeous Ornate Cast Iron Base, In Good Condition Overall, 36"W x 18"D x 31"H 23 6459 30.09   ended
2210 18639t.jpgCrafting Box Lot! A Great Assortment Of Crafts, Includes: Tim Holtz Ink, Stampin' Up, Punch, Gel Pens, Chalk, Vinyl, Tags, Mat Stacks, Sponge Daubers, Craft Sheet, Stamps, 12"W x 19"L x 4"H 7 18706 10.50   ended
2246 18877t.jpgVintage Frost Line Kit To Create A Down Hood Navy Ripstop Jacket, New Down Included, The Material Is Missing, Includes Zipper, Thread, Spools, Great For Your Next Sewing Project, 12"W x 5"D x 14"H 1 15019 1.00   ended
2266 19003t.jpgKnitting Book And Boxed Set, The Knitting Book Has (301) Hints And Tips By Rosemary Worth, The Boxed Set Is Debbie Macomber, "Classic Patterns Box Of 23 Designs", Still In Great Condition, 5"W x 8"L 3 17734 1.50   ended

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