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67 450t.jpg(30+) 8-Track Tapes With Great Entertainers Like Grand Funk Railroad, Willie Nelson, Kenny Rogers And More! Appears To Be In Good Condition But Untested/As Is 7 7513 7.00   ended
68 456t.jpgEleven Vintage Boxed Sets Of Opera Music With 78RPM And 33RPM Records From Gershwin, Ravel, Rigoletto, Peter And The Wolf, And More! Most In Excellent Condition 2 497 1.25   ended
69 23503t.jpgAround (90) Early 1900's-1940's 10" Vinyl Records Including Big Band, Orchestra, Some Jazz/Blues And More! Some Nicks And Scratches But Overall Good Condition 4 669 10.26   ended
219 1268t.jpg(230) 78 RPM Music Records, Variety of Male and Female Singers, Groups, Including The Ink Spots, Joni James, Andrew Sisters, The Gaylords, Many More, Fair To Good Condition, Most Have Scratches, Few Have Chips, Shouldn't Be Any Cracks, Two Boxes, No Sleeves, 10"Diam 6 497 5.51   ended
352 2012t.jpgFisher Price Record Player With Two Speakers, Turns On, Untested On Records 15"Sq. x 6"H, UPDATE - Powers Up And Platter Spins But Untested Further 12 13728 15.51   ended
368 2106t.jpgOne Early 1900's 9"Dia. Record (Blues), Eight Red Vinyl And Cardboard 9 1/2"Dia. Records (Old But Vintage Unknown); Six Red Vinyl 10"Dia. Records (Old, Probably Early 1900's), Eleven 12"Dia. Records, Very Early 1900's - A Few Nicks And Scratches But Still In Good Condition 5 497 10.88   ended
370 2122t.jpg(11) VHS Blank Tapes, Up To Six Hours, Three RCA, Eight Maxell - New In Package 17 6078 11.50   ended
381 2196t.jpgApprox. (53) Records, Pop, Soul, Disco, Rock, New Wave, Including: U2, Depeche Mode, Berlin, 12"Dia. - Condition Varies 11 497 15.77   ended
443 7277t.jpgVanity Fair Vintage Phonograph, Plays 45 And 33 1/2 RPM Records, Sturdy Plastic Case, 12"W x 5"D x 11"H - Very Good Condition And In The Original Box 9 11180 14.50   ended
620 2929t.jpgLarge Lot Of Cassette Tapes, CD's And More, Includes: Roy Orbison, Celine Dion, Leann Rimes, Hymns We Love And More 12 1854 4.25   ended
627 2988t.jpgHand-Covered Boxed Album Sets And Two Folder Albums Of 33 1/3's And 78's, Orchestra, Folk, Stephen Foster, African, Etc., These Are Really Cool To Look At! - Some Have Damage, In Fair Condition To Good Condition 2 497 1.25   ended
649 3102t.jpgElvis Collectors Edition "The Legend Lives On" Record Collection, Seven Records And Booklet Are Included, 12 1/2"W x 12 1/2"H - Like New Condition 18 443 43.88   ended
655 3139t.jpgLot Of (24) Eight-Track Tapes In A Case, Featuring Artists: Miles Davis, James Brown, Bob Dylan, Aretha Franklin, The Case Measures 17 1/2"W x 7 1/2"D x 6"H - Untested But They Appear To Be In Good Condition 6 4786 6.00   ended
761 3833t.jpgTwo Vintage Radio Collections Including The Best Of Jack Benny With 39 Episodes On Four DVD's Plus Our Miss Brooks Volume Two With (18) Episodes On Nine CD's, Digitally Remastered And Restored, Both Opened But In Excellent Complete Condition 11 10546 7.50   ended
766 3875t.jpgNew In Box Masterpiece Theatre : The Romance Collections With DVD's Of Anna Karenina, Withering Heights And Reckless 9 6347 3.75   ended
768 3886t.jpgThe Entire Bach's The Well-Tempered Clavier In Three Sets Of Two CD's Each, Accompanied By A Booklet For Each CD All Played By The Famous Polish Harpsichordist Wanda Landowska, Also Included Is A Landowska Uncommon Visionary, A Biographical DVD About Her Life And Influence, All Have Been Opened But Are In Excellent Condition 1 1854 1.00   ended
792 4063t.jpgLot Of (23) DVD's (Three New) And Two Blu-Rays With Movies Like Inception, Rosemary's Baby, Hocus Pocus And More! Good Condition 9 3122 14.95   ended
803 4164t.jpgApproximately (70) Vinyl Records From The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Ray Charles And More! Case Wear But Overall Fair To Good Condition 14 7967 32.00   ended
877 4638t.jpgFive Organ Concert DVD's From Famous English And German Cathedrals Including St. Thomas Church In Leipzig, York Minster And Two From King's College, Cambridge, Featuring Free CD's And Famous Organs And Organists; Good Condition 4 5485 2.25   ended
882 4676t.jpgNew In Package DVD's Including Two Polar Express And Five Elf Copies, Great Gifts And New! 13 1490 10.00   ended
902 4819t.jpg(7) Movies, Western, Comedy, Action, Five Richard Simmons, Music/Exercise Tapes, Along With Recipes, Instruction/Help Booklets, Plans, Six Coffee Mugs, Two Insulated Glasses, 5" to Approx. 9", Good Condition Overall 1 11180 1.00   ended
1274 9948t.jpgApproximately (66) 33RPM Vinyl Albums With Covers Like Hawaiian, Pop, Show, Country, Orchestra, Lots Of Christmas And More! Most In Good Condition 6 921 5.58   ended
1278 9969t.jpgBundy Resonite Selmer Clarinet With Case And Cleaning Towel And Reed Case, Hasn't Been Used For Years, Fair To Good Condition, Clarinet Is 28" Long And The Case Is 13 1/2"W x 9"D x 4"T 10 12750 31.21   ended
1287 10011t.jpgApproximately (90) 45RPM Vinyl Records Including Orchestra, Blues, Pop And More From The 1950's Through 70's; Comes In A Vintage Platter Pal Case And Overall Good Condition 11 7967 18.27   ended
1353 6759t.jpg(60) Record Albums- Made of Vinyl, Assorted Music, 1950's to 70's, Good Condition, 12 1/2"Sq. 5 11180 3.75   ended
1362 6832t.jpgNew Still Sealed Record Album, US Presidents Series, Speeches of Roosevelt And Kennedy, Vintage and Great Collectible 4 369 3.49   ended
1369 6873t.jpg(11) Madonna Record Albums, Various Condition, Overall Look Good 9 3180 7.50   ended
1554 8353t.jpg(20) Sealed Vinyl Record Albums, Includes Frankie Valli, Trick Daddy, Lil Kim, Wiz Khalifa And More, NEW 7 497 6.86   ended
1568 8426t.jpgDVD's- Ice Road Truckers, John Wayne, The Holiday, Entrapment, Gettysburg, National Velvet, Black Beauty, Sea Biscuit, Good Condition 8 1274 7.50   ended
1571 8444t.jpgGreat Lot of DVD's New in Package, Great For Gifts, Jaws, Polar Express, Elf, Horrible Bosses, Happy Feet, Transformers, Iron Will 10 14232 9.51   ended
1575 8463t.jpgDVD's- Mis Bradley Mysteries, Rambo First Blood, Divided States of America Deadline, Chased By the Light, Get The Picture, War Photographer in Good Condition 6 7534 3.00   ended
1578 8482t.jpgOld Record Lot Filled With Country, Broadway, Christmas Stuff and Much More, Over 50 Total in Fair To Good Condition 7 15639 3.00   ended
1601 5989t.jpgThree New In Package DVD's Including Two Elf And A Polar Express, Good Stocking Stuff Or Gifts! 9 2531 9.40   ended
1703 8628t.jpgOver 100 CD's Country, Rock, Classical, Various Other Genres, 15"W x 16"L x 5"H, Good Condition 15 1854 26.73   ended
1727 8744t.jpgThe Hunger Games Complete 4 Film Collection on Blu-Ray In Excellent Condition 11 14585 15.51   ended
1736 8784t.jpgBackpack Style Guitar Case, Very Good Condition, Nylon 41"L x 14"W 16 15672 10.70   ended
1958 10375t.jpgRare 33PRM, In Areas of 45 RPM Vinyl Records From Fact Records Including "Freedom", "Modern Times", "Russia Before And After", And "Communism"; Sleeves Have Wear But The Records Look Good! 1 13343 1.00   ended
2283 12624t.jpg(35) Vintage Vinyl 33RPM Records From The 1950's-70's, Good Condition And Assorted Genres 9 497 7.50   ended
2288 12650t.jpg(65) Vinyl 33RPM Records With Lots Of Polka! Good Condition 9 5621 16.50   ended
2391 9528t.jpg(36) DVD's For The Whole Family Including Kid's Movies, Horrors, Actions And Westerns; Even John Wayne! Good Condition 9 12892 15.53   ended
2425 23353t.jpgBox Of 45's, (100's) To Choose From, Artists Include: Dr. Hook, Toto, Human League And More - Fair Condition To Good Condition 6 6243 11.50   ended
2449 14813t.jpgA Signed Esteban Burswood Six-String Acoustic Guitar And Soft Case, Very Few Minor Nicks, No Scratches, Owned For 20 Years, Very Little Play Time, The Neck Is Tight And Straight, New Lightweight Acoustic Steel Strings, A Very Nice Sound! 41"L - Excellent Condition 17 3927 33.00   ended
2465 22926t.jpgYamaha PSR-310 Keyboard With Damper Pedal And Power Cord, It Works Great! 14"W x 35 1/2"L x 4 1/2"H - Good Condition 11 2454 22.51   ended
2475 14973t.jpgFive Six-Record Album Sets And One Five-Record Album Sets, Including: Eddy Arnold (6); Organ Magic (6); Polka Party (6); Tumbling Tumbleweed (6); Jim Reeves (6); Organ Favorites (5); 12 1/2"W x 12 1/2"H Records Boxes - Good Condition 11 3180 9.50   ended
2592 16808t.jpg(63) Audio Cassettes By Assorted Artist Like: Kenny B, Fleetwood Mac, The Cars, Christmas And More, They Are In A Case That Needs Repair - In Good Condition 8 14885 2.75   ended
2658 14282t.jpg10+ Disney Records From The 1960's And 70's, Play Them! Maybe Frame Them As Art? Great Resale Value Too! Winnie The Pooh, Snow White And More! Very Good Condition, 12" Diameter 5 5246 20.00   ended
2722 15902t.jpgNice Lot Of About (144) 10" Vinyl Records From 1900's Through The 1940's, Lots Of Orchestra, Big Band And Some Jazz/Blues; Comes With "Darktown Poker Club", "Little Alabama Coon", "Mississippi Mud", And More! Some Chips And Scratches But Mostly Good Condition 12 13728 27.51   ended
2777 16188t.jpgLot Of Three Star Trek Records, Two Still Sealed In Original Shrink Wrap! Good Condition To New! 7 5621 7.50   ended
3143 19519t.jpgWorld War II With Walter Cronkite- (6) VHS Tapes and Cases, Air War Over Europe, Battle Ground Italy, Invasion The Allies Attack, Europe and The Allies Close In, War Against Japan, Pacific War Begins, Good Condition 3 3122 3.25   ended
3294 20509t.jpgBox Of CD's, (20+) By Assorted Artists, Country, Pop, Rock, ZZ Top, Faith Hill, Adam Sandler - Good Condition 7 13621 4.25   ended

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