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58 333t.jpgKurzweil Electric Mark 10 Organ With Bench and Music, Looks In Good Overall Condition With Only A Few Knicks and Scratches, Unknown If Working, No Power Cord, Untested - As-Is, 57"W x 22"D x 33"H 9 3515 47.00   ended
60 21979t.jpgReturn of The Jedi Book 1983 With Writing on Inside Cover, Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Story Book WIth Writing on Inside Cover, Star Wars Story Book With Full Color Photographs, Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition VHS Tape Set With Four Flameless LED Votives, Fair to Good Condition, Shows Wear, Etc. 4 3419 3.50   ended
114 658t.jpg(13) Classic Disney Movies on VHS, Most Are Black Diamond Versions, All Tapes In Good Condition For Age, Untested - No VCR, As-Is, Classics Everyone Should Enjoy!! 3 11231 3.88   ended
247 1422t.jpgRecords Used and Untested, Some Have Scratches, Mostly Classic Country, Covers Worn, Fair Condition, As-Is 11 18625 14.72   ended
444 1997t.jpgTwo DVDs In Good Condition: A Million Ways To Die and In The West 3 12940 1.50   ended
445 2002t.jpgTwo Musical Recorders In Like New Condition, 13"L 5 9971 2.51   ended
453 2044t.jpg5 New CD Country Music Collection Includes "Forever Country" In 3-Disc Tin Containing 36 Country Classics and Also 22 Songs By John Denver On 2 CDs "Calypso" and "Take Me Home Country Road", New and Unopened 16 700 10.00   ended
527 2442t.jpgFirst Act 6 String Electric Guitar In Very Good Condition, Works Good, 28"L 5 1931 4.00   ended
543 2534t.jpg83 Albuns In Good Condition: Buck Owens, Charlie Pride, Nat King Cole, Loretta Lynn & More 9 497 22.00   ended
704 5408t.jpgFirst Act Discovery 6-String Acoustic Guitar In Very Good Condition, Pink, 31"L x 10"W x 3"Thick 13 16232 9.29   ended
719 5486t.jpgZippy Mat Music Style Playmat, Touch Sensitive, 24 Key Buttons, 8 Instruments, 4 Drum Sounds, 3 Scratch Effects, CD/MP3 Compatible, Microphone Included For Karaoke, New In Box, 18 1/2"L Box 7 4166 6.65   ended
780 5799t.jpg(4) Guitar Training Books Both Paperback and Hardcover Plus A Keith Urban DVD, Up To 11 3/4"H 3 6347 1.50   ended
787 5841t.jpgDVD Video Now Color Player With Cord, Blue Has A DVD In It "Jimmy on Ice" "Battle of the Bands", Very Good Condition, 5"W x 6"D 11 12293 6.00   ended
870 3731t.jpgFive VHS New Audubon Series Birds of North America, 1-V 4 15606 2.25   ended
977 10921t.jpgFender Mustang Short Scale Bass Hard Case, Very Good Condition, $180. New At Guitar Center, 14"W x 46"L x 4"H, Also Fits Other Guitars And Bass' 5 11668 21.50   ended
1042 6094t.jpgStar Trek Deep Space Nine Season 1 DVD Like New, Six Disc Complete First Season 4 14532 4.25   ended
1176 6786t.jpgBrand New In Box! Valencia Acoustic Guitar, Model VC204HCSB, Great For A First Guitar! It Has A Retail Value Of $119.99 20 14985 31.00   ended
1210 4456t.jpgLike New Condition! Curious George Movies One And Two, Barbie Magic Of The Rainbow, Barbie Swan Lav., Barbie Magic Pegasus, They All Still Work 6 4472 5.50   ended
1212 4466t.jpgDVDs Including: South Park Season 6, Chappelle's (Uncensored) One And Two, Chappelle's Live At The Fillmore, Martin Lawrence, Dawson's Creek One And Two, All Look In Good Condition 7 10659 2.80   ended
1237 4608t.jpg(17) DVDs Including: Sin City, The 6th Day And More! Horror, Action And Disaster, In Good Condition To Very Good Condition 17 6857 7.06   ended
1376 7386t.jpg(47) Christian Worship CD's, Included Are Chicken Soup For The Soul, Evanescence, Soundtracks And Compilation WWJD, Bebo Norman, Red, Sonicflood And Many More!39"H Plastic Holder Too! They Look To Be In Good Condition 5 1854 13.50   ended
1729 9060t.jpgMetal Music Stand, Not Sure What Instrument This is For, But Will Hold A Guitar, Very Good Condition, 34"H 8 14266 3.00   ended
1736 9088t.jpgFour DVD's Nickelodeon, Bubble Guppies Sunny Days, Sesame St. Sing Along, Bubble Guppies Animals Everywhere, Into The Snow We Go! Good Condition 3 11355 1.25   ended
1751 9157t.jpg(12) DVD's Mr. And Mrs. Smith, Man of The Year, Friday Night Lights, Plus More, Good Condition 6 1931 3.25   ended
1755 9185t.jpgFour CD's By Kenny G, Holiday Classics, Faith And Two More, Good Condition 2 8625 1.25   ended
1757 9194t.jpgBox of Guitar Picks and Strings, Plastic and Metal, Fair to New, 5 1/2"W x 8"D x 3"H 10 17155 4.25   ended
1759 9205t.jpgNew in Package DVD's, (9) Total, The Taking of Pelham 123, Jason Statham Safe, Mel Gibson Braveheart, Madagascar, Bewitched, All About Steve And More 9 7415 4.09   ended
1766 9238t.jpg(6) CD's By Yanni, Ethnicity, Tribute, Dare to Dream, And More, Good Condition 7 8625 5.01   ended
1768 19264t.jpgFour Volume CD Set of Big Band Music, Two Opened in Very Good Condition, Two New Sealed Packages 7 1323 7.01   ended
1777 9296t.jpg(31) VHS Tapes- Disney Movies Such As Lilo & Stitch, Hercules, Goofy, Winnie The Pooh, Fox and The Hound, Biblical Movies, Acts, The Visual Bible, Miracle Maker The Story of Jesus, Precious Moments And More, Good Condition 1 10489 1.00   ended
1832 13333t.jpgHouse M.D. Season 4, Complete Fourth Season, In Real Good Condition 4 5119 2.75   ended
1834 13342t.jpgSome New And The Rest In Good Condition On The Items In This Lot Of Six Spiritual CD's Including: Acappella, Matthew West, Ernie Haase And Avalon 4 5164 2.00   ended
1939 17130t.jpgDepeche Mode Homemade Scrapbook, Various Memorabilia Including News Clippings And Much More! In Good Condition, 9"W x 12"H 5 3193 2.78   ended
1949 17198t.jpg(47) Contemporary CD's That Include Soundtracks, Radio Disney, Wedding Track, Karaoke, R&B, Shania Twain, Zapp And Roger And Many More! In Good Condition 11 1854 9.05   ended
2211 18645t.jpgLot Of (40) CD's Including: Titanic, Country Stream, Glee - The Music, Charlotte Church, Bobby Vinton Plus More! In Good Condition 10 1854 11.50   ended
2390 13123t.jpgTen CD's- Andres Segovia and John Williams, Sharon Colvin, Howard Jones, Jerry Schneider Band and Many More, Look Good 4 720 2.86   ended
2391 13128t.jpgTwo CD Box Set, The Essential George Jones, The Temptations, Emperors of Soul, Good Condition, 10 1/4" to 12 1/4"L 9 17232 6.51   ended
2397 13159t.jpgMagnavox DV220MW9 DVD VCR Combo Viewing Your Recorded Or Other Videos Is Stunning Experience Thanks To The Progressive Scan Which Brings You Clear Picture With No Distortions, Moreover The Dolby Digital Provides Excellent Sound Quality With Included Remote Control, Cords, Manual, Dust Cover, Measures 17"W x 9"D x 4"H, Powers On DVD Tray Opens And Closes Untested Further As Is, Looks Good 29 8487 26.01   ended
2402 9864t.jpgDVD Gaither Gospel Series, Gather and Vocal Band, Ernie Haase, Signature Sound Together, Good Condition 4 15606 3.25   ended
2406 9884t.jpgFour Time Life 100 Classics For Relaxation CD's, Good Condition 3 8579 3.25   ended
2411 9909t.jpg(11) CD's And Candle Holder, Small Change Purse, Shelby, Lenny Kravitz, Gary Barlow and Many More, Good Condition 1 1854 1.00   ended
2415 9933t.jpgBlu Ray And DVD, Digital HD Lee Daniels The Butler Inspired By A True Story, And Mad Fury Road Max, Good Condition 3 17660 1.75   ended
2417 9943t.jpgFour CD Set of Music Of the Beatles, Good Condition 11 983 8.75   ended
2438 10056t.jpg(21) DVD's Include Little Rascals, Kung Fu, Panda 2, The Princess And The Pea, The Nut Job, When Harry Met Sally, The Big Stick and Many More, Good Condition 13 6619 8.00   ended
2457 10173t.jpg(17) DVD's- The Unit Season 1, 2, 3, Every Which Way But Loose Conan "The Complete Quest" And Much More, Good Condition 10 10659 10.50   ended
2459 10187t.jpg(78) Various Sheet Music in Fair to Good Condition, 12"W x 16"L 2 497 1.25   ended
2672 15174t.jpgMicromatic Record Player Cabinet Style, Working, Good Condition, 18 1/2"W x 60"L x 26"H 1 16432 1.00   ended
2719 12177t.jpg(38) Record Albums, Mix of Genres, Including Jim Reeves, Loretta Lynn, Sound Tracks, 1964 Disney Haunted House, Holidays and More, Fair to Good Condition 18 9018 14.35   ended
2824 16004t.jpg(44) Vintage 45 RPM Records In Very Good Condition, With Dust Covers And Carrying Case, These Were Well Taken Care Of, Mostly Older Classic Country Including Dobie Gray, Merle Haggard, Ray Price, Barbara Mandrell, Waylon Jennings, Charlie Pride And Many Others That Could Be Rare 22 12555 16.50   ended
2844 16097t.jpgNice High End Yamaha Electric Guitar, Does Need New Strings, EG112C2, Untested, As Is, Looks in Very Good Condition, 13"W x 38 1/2"H 8 16731 28.50   ended

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