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124 712t.jpgCeramic Plate #10131D "Soul Music" By Lee Cable The Wild Bunch Plate By Bradford Exchange In Good Condition, 9"W x 6 1/2"H 5 10269 4.24   ended
134 773t.jpgResin "Bluebells for Humility" Angel Dressed In Blue Dress Carrying A Stem With Blue Flowers Made By Demdaco Wildflower Angels In Excellent Condition, 6"H 3 3120 3.51   ended
138 794t.jpgBlue & White Glazed Ceramic Serving Dish or Display Piece In Excellent Condition, 12"L x 9"W x 5"H 5 13486 7.75   ended
139 799t.jpgResin Collectible Shoe 4"L, Tiny Chip On Edge Otherwise Good Condition 1 159 1.00   ended
141 809t.jpgThomas Kinkade Plate #12113F Limited Edition Enchanted Cottages Plus D.C. Rusty Rust Plate "Moonlight Retreat" #6444C, 8"Diam 4 13486 3.75   ended
142 815t.jpgWedgewood Dish Signed By Lord Wedgwood of Barlaston 1997 In Like New Condition, 4 1/2"Diam 1 14376 1.00   ended
143 821t.jpgResin Made By Demdaco, A Beautiful Angel "Gift of Freedom" Dressed In Green and Blue With Two Bluebirds and A Dove On Her Arms, Ribbon Says "Peace, Hope, Joy, Freedom" Like New Condition, 9 1/2"H 4 10879 2.00   ended
145 831t.jpgBeautiful Resin Angel With A Wood Carved Look, Holding A Dove and Has Lot Of Detailing, Excellent Condition, 8"H 5 3084 2.03   ended
147 842t.jpgFenton Blue Carnival Plates #1 and #2 In Annual Series, 1970 and 1971, Very Good Condition, 8"Diam 5 17667 5.50   ended
149 855t.jpgPrecious Moments Like New In Box Figurine #115911 "Our Love Still Sparkles In Your Eyes" 25th, 4 3/4"H 9 10260 7.03   ended
151 870t.jpgBeautiful Light Blue Melon Fenton Glass Pitcher/Vase With Ruffled Edge In Very Good Condition, 6"H 12 14699 14.05   ended
154 887t.jpgPair of Antique Royal Staffordshire Pottery Bowls, 9"Diam x 2"H, Crazing From Age Otherwise Real Good Condition 3 18493 3.25   ended
163 947t.jpg(3) Ceramic Gourds: A Great Addition To Your Fall Decor, Place On A Shelf, Table, Outside, Fireplace - So Many Options, Very Good Condition And Ready For A New Home, Large Is 7"W x 11"H 25 6234 13.50   ended
165 959t.jpgCarved Wood Traveling Man With All Of His Possessions Around His Neck, So Much Detail In This Piece, 6"H 7 18493 4.25   ended
179 1036t.jpg(2) Eagle Statues, Molded Resin With Wood Base, Very Good Condition, 5"W x 5"D x 10"H 8 12930 11.51   ended
180 1041t.jpg5 Pieces of Stoneware In Real Good Condition 6"H to 12"H: Jugs, Bowl and Vases (One Has Been Converted Into A Light and Marked Roseville) 2 3746 2.25   ended
183 1061t.jpgBasket Filled With Critters and Their Homes, Bottoms Signed, Ceramic, Good To Very Good Condition, 2"H to 4"H 3 3746 1.75   ended
186 1078t.jpgBeautiful Ceramic Bird Piece, Momma, Daddy & Baby, Colorful and Eye Catching, Great Addition To Your Collection, No Chips or Cracks, 9"W x 8"H 2 11823 1.25   ended
192 1113t.jpgFour Normal Rockwell Mugs, Two Each Norman Rockwell Tanker Mugs, Cream & Floral Gasser Pope Veggie Serving China Bowl USA, Wheaton Figural Embossed Bottles and One Each Germany China Tea Cup Glass Globe Oil Lantern (Needs Replacement Wick), New In Box Pet Wok, Lassie Framed Picture and Last Supper 6 15889 2.50   ended
200 1163t.jpgBeautiful 7"H Angel, White Porcelain 4 1/2"Diam Base, Flowers Light Up (Batteries Included), Very Good Condition 6 10879 2.25   ended
209 1207t.jpgPair of Heavy Glass Vintage Candlestick Holders 7"W x 4"H In Excellent Condition 1 13486 1.00   ended
212 1223t.jpg(3) Glass Decanters With Stoppers In Good Condition Up To 6"T 9 8617 12.50   ended
215 1238t.jpg4 1/2"Diam Cut Glass Cigar Ashtray In Good Condition, Very Unique 5 16432 3.00   ended
226 1292t.jpgFooted Glass Bowl 13"L x 9"W x 4 1/2"H and Ceramic Gravy Pourer 8"L x 5"H In Good Condition 2 17673 1.75   ended
294 1726t.jpg5 Decorative Wine Bottles In Good Condition, 14"H 1 9420 1.00   ended
296 1735t.jpgNice Eggshell White McCoy Vase Dish Marked McCoy USA on Bottom, Some Barely Noticeable Cracks On Corner Otherwise Good Condition, 8"W x 5"D x 3"H 1 13486 1.00   ended
301 3867t.jpg(5) Amber Tinted Globe Light Covers, Frosted Floral Pattern, Great For Light Fixtures or Crafting, Excellent Condition, 5"W x 6"H 4 12248 1.75   ended
309 3911t.jpg4"W x 8"T Glass Egg On Wooden Stand Marked SATSUMA On Bottom, Textured With Beautiful Detail and In Excellent Condition 8 786 10.50   ended
310 3916t.jpgPicnic Basket With Three Blue and White Candleholders, One Large Goose Girl Blue Glass, One Small Glass Goose Girl, On Green Glass Good Girl, Dollies, Small Mackinac Bridge Plate, 3"H to 6"H, Basket 20"W x 12"D x 9"H, Good To Excellent Condition 8 17277 9.50   ended
372 4237t.jpg(5) Glass Jars All Sizes and (2) Glass Light Globes, Some Chips and Cracks, Fair to Good Condition, 7"H to 12"H         ended
594 2818t.jpgMikasa Plate On Pedestal Little Girl Decorating Tree, Excellent Condition Plus Small Dish Mikasa With Red Metal Holder 10 1/2"H, Dish 8" Diam Also Excellent Condition 7 6883 8.03   ended
596 2828t.jpg(2) Boxes of Odds and Ends In Good Condition: Plates, Cups, Bowls, Serving Dish, Some Vintage Japan and England, 15"W x 12"D x 10"H 6 18493 3.25   ended
612 2922t.jpg(3) Stoneware Water Pitchers Stamped Handmade USA 2001 All In Good Condition: 1 Qt - 1 1/2 Qt - 3 Qt, Very Colorful Useful Pieces, 8"Diam 10 9725 11.08   ended
613 2929t.jpgBeautiful Large Hummingbird In Flight, No Chips or Cracks In Good Condition, Nice Statement Piece, 8 1/2"W x 9 1/2"H 17 9323 8.00   ended
614 2933t.jpgVintage Believed to be From the 1940's or 1950's, Very Old, Porcelain Girl Figurine Walking Two Spaghetti Poodles, Made In Japan, Good Condition, 6"H 7 674 5.51   ended
615 2937t.jpgCarnival Glass 2-Handled Complete Bowl 6 3/4"H In Good Condition 6 13486 5.50   ended
617 2948t.jpgCarnival Glass "Rose" Pattern Covered Butter Dish 7 1/2"W x 6"H, Good Color & Good Condition (No-See Chip When Cover Is On Dish) 10 17277 5.76   ended
618 2954t.jpgPorcelain/Resin? Bridesmaid Doll In Pink Dress With Cone Stand In Good Condition, 9"W x 14"H 2 18706 1.25   ended
621 2970t.jpgBride Porcelain Doll Connoisseur Doll Collection (Seymour Mann) With Stand, Very Good Condition, 16"W x 18"H 2 18706 1.25   ended
622 2976t.jpgPrecious Moments In Box #176958 In Very Good Condition, "Some Plant, Water, But God Giveth The Increase", 5"H 6 15863 6.00   ended
625 2991t.jpgPrecious Moments #521299 In Good Condition, "Hug One Another", 5"H 8 12369 6.53   ended
632 3028t.jpgPrecious Moments In Box In Very Good Condition 5"H, 2010 Symbol of Membership Figurine, "Life Is Soup-er With You In The MI" 9 15863 6.03   ended
634 3038t.jpgDainty Set of Vintage Ashtrays In Carry Rack, All Original, No Chips or Cracks - Paint Is In Great Condition, Made In Japan and Purchased From Brinns, Pittsburg PA, Very Good Condition, 4"Diam, Hard-To-Find A Set Intact Like This! 3 18196 2.00   ended
638 3061t.jpgPretty Pink Flamingo Figurine In Very Good Condition, 5"W x 8 1/2"H, Wood Base 8 16328 6.50   ended
655 3149t.jpgAutumn Color Relish Tray, Centerpiece Pumpkin, Ceramic With Gourds, 9"W x 15"L and 7"W x 14"L, Damage to One Lid Otherwise Good Condition         ended
725 5516t.jpgDisney Minnie Mouse Musical Waterglobe New In Box Never Taken Out, 7"H 6 16916 2.76   ended
871 3734t.jpgPorcelain Birds in Flight Collection The Hummingbirds Odyssey, 5"H, Very Good Condition 4 12248 1.75   ended
875 3752t.jpg1992 Elvis Presley Limited Edition Plate #6413A Looking At A Legend, Plate 16 Elvis Returns To The Stage By Emmet, Very Good Condition in Box, 8 1/2"Diam 9 16916 4.25   ended
876 3756t.jpgTwo Fenton Pieces, Signed And Painted By F. Burton, Bird and Vase, 5 3/4"L and 7 3/4"H, Both in Good Condition 8 7485 9.50   ended
971 10884t.jpgTwo Lighthouses By Scaasis South Manitou Island Leland MI, Old Mission Point, Traverse City MI, 8"L x 8"H, 7"L x 7"H, Both Like New in Very Good Condition 7 14771 6.55   ended

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