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26 165t.jpgPendulum Brass Metal and Wood French Themed Battery Operated Clock In Very Good Condition, 14 1/2"Diam x 17 1/2"H 10 15031 7.50   ended
66 381t.jpgVintage Wood Clock With Diorama of 3D Nature Scene Below The Clock In Bubbled Glass, Works, Very Good Condition, 8"W x 3"D x 16"H 2 5255 1.50   ended
67 386t.jpgNew Haven Owl Clock, Plastic, Works and In Good Condition, 13"L x 9"H 9 11049 7.50   ended
137 788t.jpgBird House Paper Clock In Good Condition, Untested - As-Is, 3"W x 2"D x 5"H 1 7789 1.00   ended
153 882t.jpgWhite Ceramic Clock In Very Good Condition, Needs Battery, 5"W x 5"H 2 14376 1.25   ended
167 971t.jpgWood and Metal Bulova Clock In Box, Very Good Condition, Untested - As-Is, Box 6"Diam x 4"H 9 18205 12.53   ended
177 1026t.jpgResin Clock With Angel Figurine, Very Colorful and Very Good Condition, Needs Battery, 7" x 4"         ended
185 1074t.jpgPlastic Desk Clock In Good Condition, Needs Battery, 5"W x 7"H 1 14376 1.00   ended
199 1158t.jpgCrystal Clock In Very Good Condition, Needs Batteries, 4"W x 5"H 2 14376 1.25   ended
203 1180t.jpgPlastic Flip Style Desk Clock, Works and Needs Batteries, Good Condition, 5"W x 5"H         ended
206 1193t.jpgCrystal Desk Clock In Very Good Condition, Works, Needs Batteries, 5"W x 3"H 2 14376 1.25   ended
211 1217t.jpgCrystal Mantel Clock In Very Good Condition, Untested - As-Is, 12"W x 7"H 1 14376 1.00   ended
216 1242t.jpgCrystal Desk Clock In Very Good Condition, Works, Needs Batteries, 5"W x 3 1/2"H 6 14376 4.24   ended
219 1255t.jpgAntique Metal Very Heavy Clock In Good Condition For Age, Untested, As-Is, 4"W x 6"H 6 310 4.00   ended
224 1280t.jpgCut Crystal Desk Clock In Very Good Condition, Works, 5"W x 4"H         ended
297 1739t.jpgBrass Danbury Clock Looks In Good Condition But Untested - As-Is, 6"W x 5"D x 10"H 1 1859 1.00   ended
299 1751t.jpgTested and Working Wooden Mantle Clock With Very Neat Design, Good Condition, 6"W x 12"H 7 6622 5.36   ended
307 3899t.jpgAwesome Cast Iron Anchor Clock In Good Condition, Untested - As-Is, 6"W x 10"H 14 10602 7.00   ended
311 3922t.jpgDark Brown Resin Mantle Clock Looks In Good Condition, Untested - As-Is, 5"W x 6"H 5 15889 3.25   ended
314 3936t.jpgBrass Carriage Clock Runs On Batteries, Very Good Condition, 5"W x 8"H 1 13539 1.00   ended
635 3044t.jpgPorcelain Mantle Clock In Very Good Condition, Works, 6"H 1 18493 1.00   ended
788 5846t.jpg(6) Travel Clocks, Untested - As-Is, Look In Good Condition, Up to 4 1/4"W 5 16497 5.59   ended
881 3778t.jpgDelta College Mantel Clock, Wood With Great Finish, Very Good Condition, Works, 7 1/2"W x 1 1/2"D x 5"H 1 14376 1.00   ended
899 3853t.jpgMantle Clock, Plastic Frame Jesus Picture Inside, Some Wear, Otherwise Good Condition, Works, 12 1/2"W x 2 3/4"D x 9 1/4"H 1 10489 1.00   ended
900 10419t.jpgVery Unique Cherry Color Tabletop Grandfather Style Clock, Looks To Be Home Made And In Good Condition, Pendulum is Moving But Unsure If It Keeps Good Time, Come Preview At 1BID.US, 12"W x 8"D x 30"H 4 10546 6.50   ended
1218 4500t.jpgSmall Plastic Bedside Clock From "Westclox", Plastic Construction, Untested, Sold As Is, It Looks In Very Good Condition, 5"Dia.         ended
1616 11134t.jpgTwo Quartz Clocks Of Marble And Steel, They Look In Very Good Condition, Sold As Is, 2 1/2"D x 5"H To 5"W x 2"D x 5"H 2 11066 2.25   ended
1622 11163t.jpgBulova Clock Made Of Brass, It Works And It Is In Very Good Condition, Measures 3"W x 2"D x 4"H 4 15019 4.69   ended
1638 11232t.jpgTwo Clocks, Brass And Black, Made Of Metal, One Is Linden And Both Have Name Plates, They Work And They Are In Very Good Condition, 6"W x 2"D x 5"H 1 15611 1.00   ended
1692 11512t.jpgBenchmark Brand Black Clock, Made Of Plastic, Sold As Is, In Very Good Condition, 4"W x 2"D x 6"H 1 15611 1.00   ended
1699 11548t.jpgTools Frame Clock Made Of Molded Resin, It Works And It Is In Very Good Condition, 4 1/2"W x 4 1/2"H 1 16897 1.00   ended
1833 13337t.jpgThree Desk Clocks, Made Of Metal, Glass And Plastic, Sold As Is, In Very Good Condition, 4"W x 6"H To 3"W x 2 1/2"D x 5 1/2"H 4 310 2.75   ended
1840 13374t.jpgWood Alarm Clock, It Works, It Is Missing The Battery Cover But It Is In Good Condition, 5"W x 2"D x 6"H         ended
1973 17335t.jpgNew! Thomas Kinkade Christmas Carol Clock, It Keeps Good Time And Plays (12) Traditional Christmas Carols, Batteries Not Included, 8"Dia. 10 18205 5.76   ended
2003 8004t.jpg8" Teal Watch By Joan Rivers, Faux Teal Leather Inter Pressed In Goldtone, Large Face For Watch, Fold Over Clasp, Good Condition 2 17879 1.25   ended
2242 18845t.jpgTwo Small Wall Clocks, Wood And Plastic Materials, 8" And 10"Dia. 4 14939 2.25   ended
2288 19125t.jpgTrophy From Cal Softball Clock, Metal And Plastic Materials, It Needs A Battery, In Very Good Condition, 6"W x 4"H 1 15611 1.00   ended
2308 12664t.jpgLinden Desk Clock and Clock With Tony Engraved On Front, Good Condition, 3 1/2" and 4"H         ended
2538 8587t.jpgClock With Wood Frame, It Just Needs Batteries, In Good Condition, 11"Dia. 8 13539 4.00   ended
2583 8830t.jpgNew In Box! Sloan Anniversary Clock With Real Glass Dome, A Great Gift Idea! Quartz Movement, It Will Require One "AA" Battery, 11" Or 12"H 6 17788 5.01   ended
2653 15072t.jpgFirst Time Clock With Date, Needs Battery, Good Condition, 10 1/4"Diam 5 6794 4.45   ended
2661 15115t.jpgLarge Linden Oak Wall Clock With Glass, 24" Looks Good, Untested, As Is 12 13539 7.50   ended
2667 15145t.jpgClock "Live, Love, Laugh" Formed Wood, Looks Good, As Is, 11"Diam 2 15611 1.25   ended
2668 15150t.jpgThree Clocks- Porcelain Or Ceramic Mantle, Thomas Kinkade, Quartz and Unmarked, Working, Very Good Condition, 5 3/4" to 9 1/2"H 1 9725 1.00   ended
2683 15231t.jpgPlastic Clock, Edinburgh, Works, Untested, Looks Good, 16"Diam 4 532 1.75   ended
2684 15236t.jpgPlastic Clock, Made in USA on Bottom, Looks Good, Untested, As Is, Unsure of Brand, 9 1/2"W x 14"H 1 15611 1.00   ended
2734 12259t.jpgNice Metal Look Framed Wall Clock, By Firstime Manufactory, Plastic Untested, As Is, Uses 1 AA Battery, Looks in Very Good Condition, 20"Diam 5 3960 2.25   ended
2735 12264t.jpgClock Lot Featuring CMU Legacy Group, Anheuser Busch, Farmers Ins. And More, All Untested, But Look in Good Condition, Wood, Metal, Plastic, Etc. Five Total, 5 1/2" to 7"H 4 16497 4.25   ended
2737 12271t.jpgWood Frame Deck Clock, Uses 1 AA Battery, Untested, As Is, Looks in Good Condition, 7"W x 3"D x 7 1/2"H 6 13539 6.50   ended
2743 12305t.jpgNice Wall Clock Service Award, "Romanow Building Services" Plastic in Good Condition, Untested, As Is, 10"W x 1 1/2"D x 14"H         ended

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