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194 1125t.jpgPaperback and Hardcover Books In Good Condition, Many Art and Reference Books 7 1854 3.75   ended
223 1273t.jpgStudents Pilots Flight Manual In Good Condition and A Senior Pilot's Flight Log and Record Book Also In Good Condition, Up To 11" 1 13635 1.00   ended
289 1697t.jpg(22) Paperback Books In Good Condition: Eighteen WWII and Four Fiction 7 10546 6.04   ended
325 3992t.jpgBox Of Books Approx. 22, Tracie Patterson, Lori Wick, June Masters Bacher Trilogy And Others, Mostly Paperback With A Few Hardcovers Mixed In. Good To Very Good Condition 1 18650 1.00   ended
357 4151t.jpg6 Nora Roberts Paperback Books In Good Condition: Pagan Stone, High Moon, Mysterious, The Hollow, Montana Sky, Jewels of the Sun 6 13767 6.50   ended
365 4203t.jpgTwo Ann Coulter Books Plus O'Reilly "Killing Patton", WWII Book, Pride of Carthage, Hardcover, Good To Very Good Condition 3 13437 1.50   ended
429 1914t.jpg13 Paperback and Hardcover Best Selling Mystery Books Including Three Patterson, Two Pearson, Fielding, Three Grisham, Coben, Truman and Mofina In Good Condition 5 12452 2.00   ended
513 2364t.jpg(14) Kids Chapter Books In Good Condition: Flat Stanley, Ready Freddy, Horrible Harry & Others 3 2765 4.25   ended
532 2469t.jpgThree Paperback Calvin & Hobbes Comic Books In Good Condition 6 18051 10.54   ended
533 2476t.jpg(15) Kids Chapter Books In Good Condition: Horrible Harry, Amber Brown & Others 7 13191 4.50   ended
542 2528t.jpg(8) Hardcover Books: Stephen King, Bruce Springsteen, Rod Stewart, Beach Boys, Benny Goodman & More 5 12627 3.05   ended
601 2859t.jpgComplete 7 Book Series of Harry Potter In Very Good Condition, Books 1 & 3 Paperback and the Rest Are Hardcover 11 12338 25.96   ended
639 3065t.jpg5 Hardcover and Paperback Books All In Good Condition: Pictorial Guide To Perennials; A Birds & Bloom; How To Attract Birds; Rodale's Garden Insect, Disease & Weed Guide; Natural Remedies Plus A Bonus Dried Flower Poster 1 2462 1.00   ended
721 5496t.jpg(20) Kids Paperback and Hardcover Books In Good To Very Good Condition: 101 Jokes, Thank For Thanksgiving, Polar Bear and More 5 2765 5.50   ended
726 5522t.jpgMilitary Hardcover Books In Good Condition: Two Combat, One Each Rat Patrol & Dick Donnelly 6 1323 4.25   ended
932 10628t.jpgTen Children's Book, Two Activity Books, Four Not Colored In Coloring Books, All in Good Condition 3 12452 1.50   ended
959 10812t.jpgReader's Digest Condensed Books, Hard Covers 1980 to 1989, Good Condition For Age 4 10833 2.25   ended
1110 6401t.jpgThree Berry Books, Six Cussler, Brooks, Peters, Baldarri, Paperback Editions, In Good Condition To Very Good Condition 6 17010 3.25   ended
1119 6461t.jpgTwo Hardcover Children's Books, One Mackinaw Bridge And 5,000 Awesome Facts, In Good Condition 9 12452 7.50   ended
1120 6467t.jpgTwo Atlas World History Books, One Is Paperback And One Is Hardcover, 120-Pages, 460-Pages, In Good Condition         ended
1121 6474t.jpgLike New! US Army Book, History Of The Army, This Is A Very Nice Hardcover Book 11 15141 5.59   ended
1122 6479t.jpgChampionship Wrestling "Masters Of Mayhem" Hardcover Book, Copyright 1991, Back When They Had The Greats! In Good Condition 6 3193 2.50   ended
1123 6484t.jpgGreat American Journeys Reader's Digest, Explore America, It Looks Like One Page, Plan Sheet, A Child Might Have Wanted To Autograph And Back Roads And Hidden Corners, Reader's Digest, Explore America , Both Are Hardcover Books, In Good Condition         ended
1125 6497t.jpgKennedy And Lincoln Book, Hardcover Edition, In Good Condition 7 14606 8.51   ended
1126 6502t.jpgTwo Books By Beryl Cook, One Of England's Most Popular And Talented Painters, New York, Has (30) Wonderful And Original And Funny Paintings And London With Funny Paintings Of A Tour Around London, Hardcover Editions, In Excellent Condition 1 4840 1.00   ended
1127 6508t.jpgFive Magazines From 2015, Three Sports Aviation, One Aora Pilot, One Automobile BMW At 40 In America, All Are In Excellent Condition         ended
1128 6515t.jpgPaul Reiser "Familyhood", C. 2011, Garry Marshall's "Wake Me When It's Funny", C. 1995, Rosie O'Donnell's "Her True Story" C. 1997, Suzanne Somers' "Ageless" C. 2006, All Hardcover Books, In Very Good Condition         ended
1129 6520t.jpg"Codependent No More" By: Melody Beattie, How To Stop Controlling Others And Start Caring For Yourself, And "No More Misbehavin" By: Michele Borda, Ed.D. 38 Difficult Behaviors And How To Stop Them, Paperback Edition, In Good Condition 1 16432 1.00   ended
1130 6525t.jpg"Chicken Soup For Grandparents Soul" Book By: Canfield Hansen, McCarty And McCarty, Hardcover Edition, And "Grandmothers Are Like Snowflakes" By: Janet Laneese, Paperback Edition, Both Are In Good Condition 1 13444 1.00   ended
1131 6531t.jpgCrossing Over, The Stories Behind The Stories About Life After Death By: John Edwards, Paperback Edition, In Good Condition 3 7917 2.75   ended
1132 6536t.jpgTwo Children's Classic Books, Charlotte's Web And Oliver Twist, Both Are Hardcover Editions, They Are In Great Condition 12 12452 7.76   ended
1133 6542t.jpgFour History Information Books, England Hardcover, Versailles Paperback, World History, Age Of Global Integration Paperback And Great Wall Of China Paperback, In Excellent Condition 3 15889 1.75   ended
1134 6549t.jpgClassic Aircraft Of World War II, 400-Pages, Contains Detailed Profiles Of Some Of The Most Significant Aircraft Of The War, Hardcover Edition 8 18226 4.25   ended
1135 6554t.jpg1942 Currier And Ives Hardcover Book By Harry T. Peters And A Folder Of Prints To Frame, Many Prints In The Book Too, In Good Condition 3 6861 5.00   ended
1136 6560t.jpgVery Nice Coffee Table Book, Art Treasures Of The Louvre, Published In 1960, Beautiful Color Pictures With Descriptions, Hardcover Edition 4 12187 5.24   ended
1137 6566t.jpgTwo Paperback Books, Cartoonimals, How To Draw Amazing Cartoon Animals And Painting Songbirds By: Sherri Nelson, In Good Condition 8 3381 3.25   ended
1140 6582t.jpgWood Carving Illustrated Books, Four Illustrated Caricature Carving Books, Paperback Editions, In Good Condition 21 16808 15.55   ended
1141 6588t.jpgRed Carpet Ready By Melissa Rivers C. 2010, Stori Telling By Tori Spelling C. 2008, Down The Rabbit Hole By Holly Madison C. 2015, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow By Sophia Loren C. 2014, All Are Hardcover Books, In Very Good Condition 2 672 2.25   ended
1142 6594t.jpgLike New! Thunderstruck Paperback Novel 6 14939 5.00   ended
1143 6599t.jpgAntique Iron Identification And Values By Kathryn McNerney, Paperback Book In Very Good Condition 5 497 4.25   ended
1144 6604t.jpgLarge Print Book, "Rocket Boys" A Memoir By Homer H. Hickam Jr., From The Coal Mines To NASA, Hardcover Edition, In Excellent Condition 4 18466 3.05   ended
1145 6609t.jpg"Between You And Me" A Memoir By: Mike Wallace With Gary Paul Gates, Includes 82-Minute DVD Of The Most Famous Interviews, Hardcover Edition, In Excellent Condition 1 10040 1.00   ended
1146 6614t.jpgTwo Nature Books By Reader's Digest, Hardcover Editions, "Wild Australia" And "Mysteries Of The Rainforest" In Good Condition To Very Good Condition         ended
1149 6630t.jpgLarge Hardcover Book "Royal Doulton Figures" Produced At Burslem Staffordshire, In Good Condition 3 996 2.00   ended
1151 6640t.jpgFour Paperback Books, Titles Include: Lincoln Lawyer, John Adams, Our Game And The Rag And Bone Shop, In Good Condition         ended
1153 6652t.jpgTwo Paperback Books, The Alhambra And The Generalife And Awakened Qin's Terracotta Army, Both Are In Good Condition         ended
1154 6657t.jpgFive-Piece A Mix Of Paperback And Hardcover books, Some Titles Include: Darkness Sticks To Everything, Haroun, Angel's Return Home And Others, In Good Condition         ended
1155 6663t.jpgThree Hardcover Books, Maria Valtorta, Prayers And Two Presidential Prayer Team Journals (New) 1 14040 1.00   ended
1156 6669t.jpgPaperback Book, "T1-84 Plus Graphic Calculator For Dummies" In Good Condition 1 12248 1.00   ended
1157 6674t.jpgTwo Paperback History Novels "A World Undone" And Undaunted Courage", In Good Condition 5 8971 4.26   ended

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