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1 30t.jpgSteel Milk Can With Lid, Painted Black, Good Condition, No Rust Holes, 24"H x 13"Diam 10 10960 10.50   ended
3 21858t.jpgAntique Primitive Chain Hook Ends With Very Heavy, 36"L, Good Condition 14 15957 10.50   ended
14 93t.jpg(6) Half Gallon Blue Mason Jars In Good Condition For Age, 5"Diam x 10"H 16 15037 26.26   ended
15 100t.jpgAntique Bug Sprayer, Rusty But Surprisingly Works, Some Partial Stamping Left On It, Use or Decoration, Very Good Condition For Age, 20"L x 8"H 1 16589 1.00   ended
16 107t.jpgVintage Apple Press Has A Few Parts Missing But Not Sure What, Crank Handle, 8"W x 4"D x 24"L, Good Condition 8 2110 6.01   ended
21 134t.jpg4-Piece Antique Iron Collection Marked "Asbestos Sad Iron" and "Simmons Special" In Good Condition For Display: One Complete, One Top and Two Bottoms, 6"L-7"L 5 17232 6.00   ended
33 196t.jpgAntique Dietz Vesta New York Central Kerosene Lantern, Rare Red Globe!, Tested and Works, Good Condition, 6"Diam x 15"H 11 9478 36.00   ended
78 457t.jpgAntique WWI U.S. Soldier Picture, Has Oval Bubble Convex Glass With Turtle Looking Wood Frame, Marked On Back "Cleaned 10 of 2003", Very Good Condition, 12"W x 24"H 11 1323 36.00   ended
84 485t.jpgLidded Can Lot, Old Ashtray, Soap, Necklace, Pill Containers, Vintage Stamps, 10"Diam x 8"H 1 14376 1.00   ended
91 530t.jpgAntique Salt and Pepper and Match Holder Set Has Written On It Complements of "JOS Bremer" Hardware, Shoes and Harness, Hemlock MI, Good Condition For Age, 5"W x 7"H 6 8303 11.50   ended
95 21983t.jpgAntique Sword On A Holder Plaque, Very Old and Hand Forged, Good Condition For Age, 25"W x 8"H 10 15889 5.50   ended
159 921t.jpgVery Good Of Vintage/Antique Items In Good Condition: Brush, Pin Cushions, Linens, Trinkets, Box 10"W x 18"L 16 6520 18.35   ended
178 1031t.jpgVintage Clear Glass Oil Lamp With Chimney, Eagle Brand, Made In USA, Very Good Condition, 16 1/2"H 10 10546 4.02   ended
189 1092t.jpg(6) Tobacco Pipes On Wood Stand With Tobacco Storage Area Under Lid, Good Condition, 11"W x 6"D x 6"H 10 17616 10.00   ended
196 1140t.jpgVarious Lot of Vintage Bicycle Parts for Restoration Including A Pedal Crank With Bakelite Hub Cover, Western Flyer Chain Guard, Troxel Seat With Crash Rail, Sears Flightliner, Rear Rack, Approx 10"L to 20"L 6 5242 6.02   ended
214 1234t.jpgDecorative Powder Horn In Good Condition, 11"L 7 3746 10.50   ended
295 1732t.jpgHey Michigan State Spartan Fans, This Replica Scale Model Helmet, Will Look Great With Your Other "Sparty" Memorabilia, With Some Patina, It's Solid Brass and Weighs More Than 3 Lbs, 5"W x 7"D x 8 1/2"H, Very Nice Condition 21 1195 25.99   ended
316 3945t.jpgScale Model Double Stacked Barrel Brass Cannon on Wheels. 3" wide x 7" long x 4" high. Very good condition 12 247 12.72   ended
317 3949t.jpgVintage Shaving Items Include Barbershop Old Fashioned Luxury Shaving Mug & Wooden Handled Pure Bristle Brush, A New Old Stock Williams Shaving Soap Cake Wrapped & In Original Box. And A 1967 Gillette Tech Dbl. Edge Razor That Looks Like It's Never Been Used, Various Standard Sized Items In Very Nice Condition 3" T To 6" T 14 11748 10.01   ended
607 2895t.jpgOld Metal Milk Jug Painted Green, Holes In Bottom - Fair Condition, Great Display Piece, 15"Diam x 25"H 7 14585 7.50   ended
609 2905t.jpgOnce Upon A Time Grandma's Lizzie Is A Great Eye Catching Display Item, Replica Early 1900's Wood Wagon Is Already Itself A Vintage Item, Features Many Details From Late 1800's and Early 1900's Old Toy Wagons, 15"W x 35"L x 15"H, Both Good Working and Great Display Condition 7 607 12.00   ended
882 3781t.jpgOld Vintage Keg Barrel Garden Planter Flower Pot Style Wagon, Steel Wheels Rotate, Great Weathered Look, 21" x 15" x 12", Not Including Handle, Very Good Primitive Condition 11 15017 12.50   ended
927 10601t.jpgBox of Antique Items, Vintage Glasses, Gloves, Nylons, Brushes, Fan, Linens, Mirror, Cool Items, 3" To 15"L, Good Condition 6 17495 4.25   ended
1108 6386t.jpgVintage Girl's Bicycle, This Is A Barn Find, Some Rust, It Could Be Very Collectible, In Good Condition, 27" 13 11642 20.50   ended
1195 6921t.jpgTwo Sailor Uniforms, Both Small In Size, They Need Dry Cleaning, One Has The USS Essex On The Arm, From WWII, Made Of Wool, No Moth Holes, Overall Good Condition 3 497 5.50   ended
1206 4436t.jpgLot Of Four Betty Boop Collectibles Including: Coca Cola (Coke) Racer; GM Corvette Salt And Pepper Shakers; Taxi With Boop Salt And Pepper Shakers, Some Chips On The Taxi One, Overall Good Condition To Very Good Condition, 4" To 9"L 3 18493 3.25   ended
1211 4461t.jpgLot Of Three Betty Boop Collectibles Including: Two Bobble Heads And 1998 Oversized Stamp, They All Look To Be In Good Condition For Their Age, 5", 7" And 8"H 7 12164 7.59   ended
1215 4484t.jpgLot Of Four Salt And Pepper Shakers Including: Ice Cream And Steam Chest With Betty Boop, All Are In Fair To Good Condition, They Range In Size From 3" To 5"H 10 18493 15.00   ended
1222 4524t.jpgLot Of Four Betty Boop Collectibles Including: Napkin Dispenser, Boy, Happy Holiday And License Plate, Sizes Range From 5" To 8"H 12 12164 9.22   ended
1408 4966t.jpgNice Fan Collection! A Large Handmade Wicker Fan, It Works Wonders, One Beautiful Oriental Bird In Flower Trees Fan, It Says Manchu Wok And It Has Chinese Writing On It, In Great Condition! And One Beautiful Handmade Feather Fan, This Is A Nice Collection Of Fans To Use Or To Display On The Wall, Come Take A Look! In Good Condition, 8 1/2" To 12"W 6 15889 2.97   ended
1415 5003t.jpgBamboo Cane, Maybe A Carnival Cane? The Metal Tip At The End Is Bent, Exact Age Unknown, Overall In Very Good Condition, 5/8"W x 35"L 4 9179 3.25   ended
1582 7924t.jpg1990 Elvis Presley Limited Edition Plate #10351A, Looking At A Legend, "Stage Door Autographs", In Box, Excellent Condition, The Plate Is 9"Dia. 7 15889 3.75   ended
1601 11059t.jpg1995 Elvis Presley Plate #11629A, Limited Edition Musical Gospel In His Soul, A Musical Tribute To Elvis The King, It Plays "Amazing Grace" In Excellent Condition, 7 1/2"Dia. 10 2808 10.08   ended
2519 8488t.jpgTwo Antique Hand Crank, Bench Mount Grinders, The Small Grinder Has A Date Of 1925 And It Features A 3 7/8" x 3/4" Grinding Wheel, The Second Grinder Has No Date And Some Repair Work Has Been Done, It Measures 4 3/4" Across The Casing, Fair Condition 3 4646 1.75   ended
2531 8549t.jpg(156) Antique Postcards, 1980-1912, Made In USA, All Season, Used Most Of Them, They Are In A Postcard Album, In Good Condition, 5 3/4"W x 3"H And 6"W x 11"L x 2 1/2" 17 2065 42.24   ended
2556 22065t.jpgVintage Wooden Crib Headboard, In Good Condition, 18"W x 45"H 7 12193 6.60   ended
2586 8850t.jpg*UPDATE-TESTED, WORKS GREAT, VERY, VERY LOUD, LONG CORD ATTACHEDED* Vintage Silver Model-A Horn, In Good Condition, 11"W x 12"L 21 15399 58.66   ended
2702 12092t.jpgCloth Caribbean Doll, 12"H, Good Condition 1 2295 1.00   ended
2787 12529t.jpgVintage Female Display Mannequin, Metal Stand 15"Diam to 40"H On Stand, 13"W x 8"D x 32"H, Good Condition (Appears to be Brown Paper Over Plastic?) 20 11701 12.00   ended
2793 12564t.jpgAntique Primitive Cast Iron Starline Livestock Watering Bowl, Solid 10"Diam x 4"H Without Pipe, Rusty But Good Condition, Great Patina 19 11642 12.00   ended
2794 12568t.jpgVintage Wood Barrels Nail Kegs, Two 10"Diam x 12"H, 10"Diam x 17"H, Very Cool To Repurpose, Good Condition 18 301 14.49   ended
2795 12573t.jpg(9) Antique Horseshoe Collection, Hand Forged, Neat Collection of All Different Types, Some Very Old Shoes in This Collection, 5" to 5 1/2"W, Rusty But Good Condition 10 12942 12.11   ended
2796 12578t.jpgSafetee Shaving Cabinet Wall Hanging, Men's Shaving Mirror With Holder Inside For Razors, Has Few Chips, Measures 6 1/2"W x 2"D x 8"H, Great To Hang On Wall Or Tree, Even Man Cave, I Was Used Up North on Vacations, Weekend Mirror, Not Cracked, Good Condition, Metal 4 15211 4.84   ended
2798 12591t.jpgLarge Vintage Copper Boiler Wash Tub Wood Handles, Great Patina, No Holes in Overall Good Condition, 12"W x 23"L x 13"H 18 2002 16.61   ended
2801 15899t.jpgFive Steel Rail Spikes, 6 1/2"L Great For Decor and Crafts, Good Condition 5 15286 5.61   ended
2809 15937t.jpgReplogle World Horizon Series, 12" Globe On Cool Acrylic Stand, Has USSR, 16"H 6 6234 6.50   ended
2810 15943t.jpgThree Vintage Ball Blue Jars, Half Gallon, Each Has Zinc Lids, Numbers On Bottom Are 1, 3, and 6-4, Very Wavy Glass, Some Bubbles In The Glass, No Chips Or Cracks, Very Good Condition 13 18377 23.50   ended
2815 15965t.jpgCool Vintage Coated Metal Bingo Caller Basket With Hard Plastic Balls, Some Dents But Good Condition, 15"W x 14"D x 12"H 8 2636 13.00   ended
2820 15986t.jpgAmerican Family Scale 7"W x 8"D x 8"H, Up to 25 lbs. Metal Rusty, Faded Colors, Fair Condition 6 9187 2.75   ended
2829 16027t.jpgAntique Metal Milk Can Lid, Comes Off, Measures 13"Diam x 25"H, Very Good Condition For Age 14 217 14.13   ended

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