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1 30t.jpgSteel Milk Can With Lid, Painted Black, Good Condition, No Rust Holes, 24"H x 13"Diam 10 10960 10.50   ended
2 21978t.jpgWater Trough, Galvanized Steel, Round End, Heavy Gauge Bottom With Strong Corrugated Side Walls and Reinforced Top Rim, Good Condition (Some Minor Pitting and Surface Wear), 36"W x 24"D x 24"H 18 12581 31.50   ended
3 21858t.jpgAntique Primitive Chain Hook Ends With Very Heavy, 36"L, Good Condition 14 15957 10.50   ended
4 42t.jpgMan Cave Garage Workbench Stool Features Chrome Frame With Hot Rod Flames On Black Vinyl Padded Swivel Seat In Like New Condition, 15"Diam x 29"H 12 15121 19.28   ended
5 47t.jpg(2) Antique Stanley Tools In Good Condition For Age: Rosewood Utility Knife, Stamped Blade Tip 'Stanley Pat 6-97' and No. 190 All Metal Plane With Stanley Blade, 9"L and 11"L, Early Pieces! 14 9387 16.55   ended
6 53t.jpg(3) Empty Shell Boxes In Very Good Condition: Xpert 16 Gauge Western; Winchester 12 Gauge Super Speed; Federal 12 Gauge Game Load - 4"W x 2"D x 4"H 2 11243 1.25   ended
7 57t.jpgAntique Hires RJ Root Beer Crate For Real Juices Saginaw MI In Very Good Condition, 16"W x 12"D x 12"H 12 1748 15.50   ended
8 63t.jpgVintage Superior Electric Fan In Like New Condition, Works, 8"W x 9"D x 12"H 7 1033 11.75   ended
9 70t.jpgWarner Sallman 1941 Lithograph, Handcrafted Solid Wood, Very Good Condition, 15"W x 22"H, Very Nice Piece! 8 11410 5.50   ended
10 75t.jpgMy Fine Works of Art Wall Plaque With Three Clips To Hang Art In Very Good Condition, 24"W x 6"H 3 9225 3.25   ended
11 79t.jpgAmerican Flag Pallet Art With Cord On Back For Hanging In Very Good Condition, 26"W x 21"H 7 18403 3.85   ended
12 83t.jpgOutside Lamp, Metal and Glass, Tested and Works, Very Good Condition, 9"W x 16"H 9 11295 3.80   ended
13 88t.jpgMetal 10"Sq Sign: "If You're Drinking To Forget...Please Pay In Advance!" 13 5884 7.26   ended
14 93t.jpg(6) Half Gallon Blue Mason Jars In Good Condition For Age, 5"Diam x 10"H 16 15037 26.26   ended
15 100t.jpgAntique Bug Sprayer, Rusty But Surprisingly Works, Some Partial Stamping Left On It, Use or Decoration, Very Good Condition For Age, 20"L x 8"H 1 16589 1.00   ended
16 107t.jpgVintage Apple Press Has A Few Parts Missing But Not Sure What, Crank Handle, 8"W x 4"D x 24"L, Good Condition 8 2110 6.01   ended
17 112t.jpgAntique/Vintage Metal Hand Crank Drill Brace, Woodworking Tool, Good Condition, In Working Order, Wood Handles, 15"L x 6"W 6 16183 4.25   ended
18 117t.jpgVintage Threading Machine Teeth In Very Good Condition, Genuine Armstrong, 1/8 R-1 Etc, Up To 3"H 1 15286 1.00   ended
19 122t.jpgRidgid Large Heavy Duty Pipe Wrench In Good Condition, 24"L 11 12950 22.00   ended
20 127t.jpgSolid Very Sturdy Wood End Table In Good Condition, 29"W x 28"D x 33"H 7 15144 7.50   ended
21 134t.jpg4-Piece Antique Iron Collection Marked "Asbestos Sad Iron" and "Simmons Special" In Good Condition For Display: One Complete, One Top and Two Bottoms, 6"L-7"L 5 17232 6.00   ended
22 140t.jpgVintage Glass Dishes In Very Good Condition: 12 Pieces Assorted 3"Diam Cups, Saucers and 9"L x 6"WPlates In Beautiful Wood Crate 18"W x 12"D x 10"H 18 14376 10.50   ended
23 147t.jpgVintage Michigan Department of Conservation 1956 County Maps, All Counties With Both Peninsulas In One Book With State Lands & Private Property, Check Out The Legend To Notate An Incredible Amount of Different Designated Details, 17"W x 11"H, Some Minor Normal Wear With Clean Undamaged Pages 12 605 52.99   ended
24 153t.jpgMatches and Matchboxes, All Are Older - Some Are Collectible - Others Are Run-of-the-Mill, 2"H-3"H 4 6000 1.75   ended
25 160t.jpg(3) Twin Pines Bottles Detroit MI In Very Good Condition: Square Pyro Quart; Rd Embossed 1/2 Pint; Cultured Sour Cream - 5"H to 10"H 2 13387 1.25   ended
26 165t.jpgPendulum Brass Metal and Wood French Themed Battery Operated Clock In Very Good Condition, 14 1/2"Diam x 17 1/2"H 10 15031 7.50   ended
27 170t.jpgNurse Doll Made With String In Good Condition, Great Decor Piece, 7"W x 27"H 4 15889 3.00   ended
28 580t.jpgVintage Halloween Mask, Orange Rubber and Plastic Feel, Hard But Not Brittle - Still Bends, Maybe 1970s?, Inside Is A Forehead Rest That Says: Caution - Mask Is Not A Real Protection Device, But It's Fantastic, Plus Washable, Very Good Condition, 6"W x 9 3/4"H 5 16193 2.63   ended
29 176t.jpg(2) Like New Metal Signs: Parrot Pub 10"Sq and Aloha Welcome to Paradise 12"W x 9"H 3 4149 1.75   ended
30 181t.jpgLarge New In Package Winchester Novelty Thermometer, Shotgun Shell Design, Tin Super X, 25"H 15 15121 11.50   ended
31 186t.jpgHanging Halloween Spooky Cat Decoration In Like New Condition, 7"W x 19"H 11 6234 5.50   ended
32 191t.jpgCoca-Cola 24-Bottle Wooden Case In Very Good Condition For Age, Original Yellow/Red Lettering, 18"W x 12"H 7 11116 10.50   ended
33 196t.jpgAntique Dietz Vesta New York Central Kerosene Lantern, Rare Red Globe!, Tested and Works, Good Condition, 6"Diam x 15"H 11 9478 36.00   ended
34 202t.jpgVintage Smokers Display Wolf Brothers Rum-Soaked Crooks Cigar Box, Colors Are Much Brighter On Inside Lid 9"W x 2"D x 6"H, Redman Chewing Tobacco, I've Had Since 1969 and It Was Old Then 4"W x 6"H, Sir Walter Raleigh In The (Empty) Can - Now You Can Let Him Out! Very Good Condition For Age, Awesome Graphics 9 10833 11.51   ended
35 211t.jpgSteel Clevis, Paint Worn Off But Good Condition, 6"W x 4 1/2"H, 3/4"Round Steel, 1/2" Round Draw Pin 5 1/4"L 13 16267 9.10   ended
36 215t.jpgVintage Jorgensen Wood Clamp In Good Condition For Age, 10"L, Will Open To 5" 8 161 6.50   ended
37 219t.jpgAwesome 4-Piece Antique Woodworking Tools In Good Condition For Age, Use or Display, 7"L to 11"L 3 3180 3.13   ended
38 225t.jpg(6) Fruit Jars In Very Good Condition With A Nice Bear Wooden Crate 13"W x 10"D x 10"H: Atlas Strong Shoulder With Lid; Two Kerr With Matching Lid and Three Each Presto With Matching Lid and Crown Fruit Jars 7 17232 9.00   ended
39 233t.jpg(2) Pictures In Aqua/Brown/Gold, Leaf Pattern Design, Good Condition, 8"W x 20"H 8 15611 4.00   ended
40 237t.jpgPennzoil Letter Sign 53"W x 20 1/2"H By Mirror Products In Very Good Condition, Says: Stop Go Pennzoil Every 3000 Miles, Nice Large Sign Holds 1" Letters and Numbers 7 6830 7.50   ended
41 242t.jpgWonderful Family, Wonderful Life, Wooden Frame and Aluminum Saying, New In Package, 24"W x 19"H, You See The Background Through The Lettering 7 9764 6.00   ended
42 247t.jpgBeautiful Framed With Glass Picture 22 1/4"Sq, Tin Look Matting, Daisy's On Green Bench, Very Good Condition 11 14423 6.50   ended
43 251t.jpg(2) Vintage Plastic Coke Cases In Very Good Condition, 18 1/2"L x 12 1/2"W x 4"H         ended
44 257t.jpgVery Old Soldering Irons In Good Condition For Age, Brass and Metal, 17"L 6 15286 4.75   ended
45 261t.jpg(3) Michigan Milk Bottles In Very Good Condition: Rd Pyro Qt Carl Farm (Kalamazoo); Rd Pyro 1/2 Pt Walter Hoff (Saginaw); Rd Pyro 1/2 Pt Maple Lawn (Plymouth) 13 2065 10.25   ended
46 267t.jpgVintage Chinese Checker 12 1/2"Diam Tin With Marbles In Good Condition 9 16681 4.75   ended
47 272t.jpg(2) Snow Seats Made of Solid Wood In Good Condition, 19"W x 13"D x 21"H 1 18467 1.00   ended
48 278t.jpgMythical Creature Gargoyle For Porch Or Garden In Very Good Condition, Cement - Freshly Painted Dark Green, 20"H 16 11497 24.50   ended
49 283t.jpgHealth O'Meter By Continental Doctor's Platform Weight Scale Model #230KG, Kilograms, Capacity 140 Kilos, Works, Good Condition, 19"W x 16"D x 40"H 5 2061 5.53   ended
50 289t.jpgCopper Bird Cage In Very Good Condition, Use or Display, 12"W x 12"D x 24"H 15 16393 36.00   ended

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