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116 4951t.jpg(150) 45RPM Records From The 1950's To The 80's Including Rock And Pop Music Like Walker Bros., Beach Boys, Troggo, Lovin' Spoonful, Three Dog Night, Yardbirds, Mamas And The Papas, Elton John, Glen Campbell And Much More! Overall Good Condition With Nice Sleeves 18 8291 29.85   ended
152 5132t.jpg(16) CD's - Two Are Doubles - Of A Variety Of Music, Four Are Christmas, Four Are Greatest Hits, And Two Are Grammy Nominees Of 1996 & 2005, The Last Four Are Group, Vocal, Punk And Jazz Vocal; Artists Like Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Diana Krall, Julio Iglesias And More! Good Condition To Like New 6 14574 5.81   ended
155 5150t.jpg(17) CD's With A Variety OF Music, Four Christmas, Six Instrumental, Two Classical, Two Harry Connick Jr., And Two Insp/Med, One By Celine Dion; Artists Like Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller, Pete Fountain, Engelbert, Perry Como, Nat King Cole And Tony Bennett; Some Like New - All Play Well 10 2295 6.75   ended
161 5182t.jpg(18) CD's With A Variety Of Music, Five Christmas, Seven Inspirational, Three Ken Medema (Stage Composter), Irish Folk, Karaoke And Punk; Quite A Variety With Artists Like Buddy Greene, Steven Curtis Chapman, Wintley Phipps, And Pat Cooksy; Good Condition To Like New - Some Worn But All Play! 2 1854 2.75   ended
174 5248t.jpgMatrix SR-1000 Quartz Guitar Tuner, Needs Batteries But Working And Good Condition, 5" Long 6 3086 6.50   ended
191 5347t.jpgHuge Lot Of New In Plastic Joanne Leach Records Including "Then Sings My Soul" 2 14398 1.25   ended
290 1270t.jpg(35) Children's 45 And 78 RPM Records With Sleeves, Titles Are: The Jetsons, Quick Draw McGraw, Winnie The Pooh, Space Songs, Popeye, Captain Kangaroo, Peter Pan Records And More! - Sold As Is, In Good Condition 5 6191 11.50   ended
294 1289t.jpg(25) Movies New In Package, Lots Of Multiples, Great For Resale, "The Bachelor", "A Series Of Unfortunate Events", "Weekend At Bernie's", "Drop Dead Fred", "Corinna Corinna", "Mr. Nice Guy", "Casper", "The Munster's", "Jackie Chan", "Trial And Error" And "Frosty Returns" 8 10924 3.26   ended
350 4037t.jpgEntertainment Lot Of Nine Books And (22) DVD's, A Big Variety! Some Have Not Even Been Opened! Enjoy Titles Like "Frozen Ground", "Life Of Pi" And More - Very Good Condition 14 3122 17.00   ended
363 4126t.jpgSix DVD's Including: Excalibur, Black Sabbath Last Supper, Be Cool, Dodge Ball, Look At Me America, Jesse James, All Are Well-Known Flicks - In Good Condition 4 13728 6.16   ended
467 1805t.jpgLap Harp Or Zither, All Strings Are There But It Needs Hammers, Also Called A "Hammered Dulcimer", 8"W x 15"L x 1 1/2" Thick - Appears To Be In Good Condition 26 14266 20.07   ended
483 1911t.jpgHammer Dulcimer, Appears Good Quality, Made Of Wood, All Strings Appear Good, Has A Hammer And Music Sheets With It, 8"W x 15"L x 1 1/2" Thick - Real Good Condition 23 14769 27.70   ended
494 1993t.jpgLot Of Hunting Movies, VCR And DVD, Hunting And Instructional Mostly Bow Hunting, (25) VCR Tapes And (13) DVD Discs - All In Good Condition 6 1507 11.59   ended
497 2014t.jpgBox Of Old Sheet Music, Some As Far Back As 1920's, Songs Such As "When The Red, Red Robin", "Wyoming" And More, Coves Make Good Photos, Some Instruction Books, Also Comes With A Recorder, 11"W x 15"L x 2"H 2 5485 1.25   ended
505 2061t.jpg(21) CD's, A Wide Variety Of Genre's, Pop, R&B, Easy Listening, Etc. - Good Condition 4 1854 3.25   ended
587 2533t.jpgLot Of Empty CD Cases, Possibly One You Need Or Empty Cover To Protect The Ones You Have (35+) Items Including: ZZ Top, Mariah Carey And More - Good Condition 4 1854 5.35   ended
659 7428t.jpg(84) DVD's, Titles Like: Family Of Cops, First Time Felon, Unstable, American Pie, Two Guns And More - Good Condition 15 3122 93.62   ended
683 7596t.jpgZenith Phonograph S-5079, Nice Looking Except For The Dust Cover, We Used It As A Component With Our Stereo Receiver, No More Records So It Has To Go, It Has Three Different Spindles And A Spare Needle, It Measures 10"W x 13"D x 4"H - Good Condition 18 8050 18.10   ended
690 7636t.jpgTin Locker With Six DVD's And Magnets Of School Rumble, 4 1/2"W x 6"D x 8"H - Good Condition 10 720 6.51   ended
704 6578t.jpg"Legend Of Crystania" DVD Two-Disc Complete Collection, Group Of "Aero's" Find Themselves In A Land Of "Half-Were-Beasts" And The Gods Who Rule The Lands! - Good Condition 7 720 3.50   ended
766 6892t.jpg(20) CD Music Sound Track And Theme Music, Features: Forrest Gump, Eddie The Cruisers, The Big Chill, Amadeus, Baseball, Animal House, Twin Peaks And More - Good Condition 5 720 6.25   ended
767 6895t.jpgAnime DVD From Up On Poppy Hill, Made By Studio "Ghibli", Take's Place In Japan 1963" - Good Condition 7 10969 3.27   ended
814 2674t.jpgJuuni Talsen Anime DVD With 1-12 Episodes In Good Condition 7 720 5.75   ended
820 2704t.jpgNew In Box Star Wars VHS Box Set With 1-3 For Us Older Viewers, 4-6 For The Younger Fans; Never Played But Dusty From Storage 3 15646 1.50   ended
830 2757t.jpgBlood Lad Complete Series Two-Disc DVD Set In Good Condition 10 2098 7.25   ended
914 3234t.jpgVintage Marco Polo Ukulele, Has A Hairline Crack On The Front But It Doesn't Affect Playability, Good Condition Overall, 5 3/4"W x 3"D x 21"L 9 3771 13.50   ended
951 3458t.jpg(100) DVD's With Something For Everyone Including Dawn Of The Dead, Paper Towns And More! See Pictures For More Titles! Good Condition 12 3122 91.93   ended
954 3480t.jpgLot Of (16) DVD's Including Five Sugar Creek Gang, Four Pirates Of The Caribbean Movies, Hotel Transylvania 2; All In Good Condition - Wow! 9 15171 8.00   ended
1169 8502t.jpg(20) Mostly Country CD's- Kenny Chesney, Colin Raye, George Strait, Alan Jackson, Lee Ann Womack, Pam Tillis and More, Good Condition 18 7272 12.50   ended
1171 8512t.jpg(20) Vintage Record Albums- Pop, Light Rock, Easy Listening 1960's- 80's, Captain and Tennille, Yes, Neil Diamond, Bobby Vinton, Elton John, Lionel Ritchie, Neil Sedaka, Kenny Loggins, Earth Wind and Fire, Plus More, Very Good Condition, All Nice Original Jackets and Sleeves 11 6914 14.75   ended
1173 8521t.jpg(20) Mostly Country CD's- Reba McIntyre, Bryan White, Sammy Kershaw, Tanya Tucker, Celine Dion, Alan Jackson, Billy Ray Cyrus and More, Very Good Condition 13 12837 12.00   ended
1346 10940t.jpgDr. Pro Microphone Stand, Adjustable 4' to 6' And 20' Live Wire Elite Mic Cord, Both in Good Condition 7 3086 26.55   ended
1434 10398t.jpgMallets, Tines, Hammers, From 100 Year Old Kimball Piano On Cast Iron Stand, 52"L, As Is         ended
1468 10560t.jpgNew Adjustable Microphone Stand With Case, 24"L Case 3 3086 1.50   ended
1471 10571t.jpgOlder Lot of 8 Track Tapes and Case Includes John Denver, The Jacksons, Oak Ridge Boys, Michael Jackson, And More, Fair To Good Condition, Case 17"W x 8"D x 6"H 5 497 4.50   ended
1546 6205t.jpgGroup Of Eight DVD's: Horse Tales, Keith Urban, Beer League, The Simple Life, Daddy Day Camp, Thank You For Not Smoking, Desperate Housewives 5 12837 2.00   ended
1602 5403t.jpgComedy DVD Box Set, Worked The Last Time Played, Missing One DVD, Movies Contain: Laurel And Hardy, Three Stooges, Groucho Marx, Jack Benny, Etc., 5 1/2"W x 2"D x 7 1/2"H - Good Condition 3 8892 2.55   ended
1603 5406t.jpgA Sony Five-Disc CD Player With Remote, 17"W x 15"D x 4 1/4"H - Works Great And In Very Good Condition 7 2284 8.00   ended
1610 5437t.jpgPanasonic VHS/DVD Combo, Powers On And Untested Further, 17"W x 14"D x 4"H - Looks In Good Condition, UPDATE - Powers Up But Untested Further 18 6349 47.46   ended
1650 5642t.jpgLarge Lot Of New Classical Music CD's, (50) Boxes, The Sound Of Paris And More - New 6 1854 10.51   ended
1848 9936t.jpg(17) Good DVD's To Be Watching, The Peacemaker, Kelly's, Where Eagles Dare, The Dirty Dozen, Battleground And Other Good Movies To Be Watching; Good Condition Overall 7 12790 5.61   ended
1850 9946t.jpgLarge Lot Of Unopened Classical Music CD's, Several Different Ones Including Italian, Paris, London, Berlin And More! All New In Package And 40+ Boxes 15 14297 57.12   ended
1978 14516t.jpgThree Guitars With Stands Including A Six-String Lauren (Mod LA36N, Made In China), Twelve-String Stella (Bridge Is Off But Included, Needs Strings), Six-String Mark II (Needs Love), And Three Tripod Stands; 36-41" Long 15 2259 46.57   ended
1996 24594t.jpgNice Lot Of Music CD's Including (71) Total! 28 Are New In Plastic! Artists Like James Joseph, Mary Mary And More! Good Condition Overall 7 1854 4.58   ended
2005 8698t.jpgVintage Silvertone Phonograph Diamond Needle NO. 5742-SD With Case, New Case is 3"W, As Is 1 12695 1.00   ended
2208 16794t.jpg(25) DVD Movies Like Blackbeard, Conan, Star Wars, Several About World War II, Very Entertaining, Good Condition 9 3122 28.43   ended
2209 16801t.jpg(24) Music CD's- Johnny Cash, Kenny Rogers, Loretta Lynn, Bruce Springsteen, Many Other Artists, Good Condition 9 834 12.75   ended
2359 12672t.jpgMusic Related Instrument In Good Condition, As Is, Instruments Are Bongo 7 1/2"W, Wood Whistle 12 1/2"L, Drum Stick 17"L, Two Maracas From Florida 8"L and Guitar Base Three String Instrument 10"H x 9"W 10 12521 5.50   ended
2366 12711t.jpgGreat Vintage Tenor Guitar Marked BU15 On Inside, Super Nice, Appears To Be in Like New Condition, With Soft Case and Some Music Books, 31"L x 10"W 30 12521 51.99   ended
2516 12967t.jpgFantasy Vintage Electric Phonograph Model 14 Record Player, Good Condition For The Age, Works, Press Board and Plastic, 11"W x 11"D x 6"H 9 6191 8.50   ended

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