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110 23874t.jpgHard Cover Dave Ramsey "The Total Money Maker" 240 Pages Plus Work Sheets In Very Good Condition 11 7951 11.00   ended
115 4945t.jpgBox Of Vintage Magazines Including 1930's National Geographic, 1930's Popular Science (Covers Missing), LOOK, TIME, HOME And More! Some Wear From Age But Overall Good Condition, Box Is 24"W x 16"D x 8"T 2 10546 1.25   ended
187 5325t.jpgBox Of Books Including Mostly Hardcovers With Dust Jackets With Titles Like Soviet Union, Kenny Rogers America, Lubbock, America The Beautiful And More! Good Condition, Box Is 12"W x 1"D x 14"T 1 1854 1.00   ended
343 3990t.jpgBox Of Hardcover Books In Good Condition, Titles Are: "The Reckoning" By: David Halberstam; "Valhalla Rising" By Clive Cussler; "Love Story" By: Erich Segal; "Stripped" By: Brian Freeman And More! The Box Is 12"W x 16"L x 8"H 6 12452 3.00   ended
513 2113t.jpgFive Hardcover And Two Paperback Novels Including: Dean Koontz, Sandra Brown, Richard Bachman, John Grisham, Benchley, Dunne And Belva Plain - Good Condition 5 8662 2.51   ended
813 2670t.jpg(25) Marvel And DC Comics, Each Comic Comes With Bag And Board, There Are Comics From Daredevil, Deathstroke, Cable And More! Good Condition 11 3719 6.00   ended
829 2753t.jpgSix Vintage Little Golden Books Including "We Like Kindergarten", "Donald Duck", "My Book Of Poems", "Mickey Mouse Head For The Sky", "Tweety Plays Catch The Puddy Tat", And "Donald Duck Toy Sailboat"; Some Wear But Overall Good Condition 5 12306 5.50   ended
898 3125t.jpg(19) Civil War Times Illustrated Magazines From 1972 And 1974, Great For History Fans! All Look To Be In Good Condition Besides Normal Wear 10 5118 11.50   ended
1168 8497t.jpgRead Your Heart Away Literally- Escape To Romance (86) Paperback Books Total! Dell Candle Light Romance, Ecstasy Romance, Harlequin Temptations, The Best of Candlelight, All in Very Good Condition 7 15348 6.27   ended
1175 8531t.jpgEnjoy All These Books This Winter! (53) Harlequin Temptation Books, Paperbacks, All in Good Condition 10 15348 7.50   ended
1234 4532t.jpgOprah Winfrey Book- "O's Guide to Life" Hard Cover With Dust Jacket, Good Condition 1 1195 1.00   ended
1311 10757t.jpg(14) Books- Nine Trivia Puzzle Books, Craft American Girl Book, Two Cookbooks, Two Detective Novels, Including Bathroom Reader, Medical Curiosities, Logic Puzzles, Etc. Hard Cover and Paperbacks, Good Condition 3 10092 1.50   ended
1414 10289t.jpgSix Vintage Children's Books- The Velveteen Rabbit, Brave Cowboy, Gertie and Gus, Plus More! Good Condition, Great Stories, All Hard Covers 2 1020 1.25   ended
1429 10374t.jpgLot of Books- Medical Encyclopedias, Dictionary, Helpful Hint Books, Two Murder Mysteries, Six Classic Paperback Books, All Good Condition         ended
1565 6328t.jpgFour Hardcover biography Autobiography Books: Diana, Her True Story; Nancy Reagan; Lee Iacocca; The Politician - Very Good Condition 1 10092 1.00   ended
1718 9235t.jpgJesus Print, The Holy Bible, Vintage Pocket New Testament And More, Print Is In Wooden Frame With Glass, 2 3/4"W x 3 3/4"H To 10 1/4"W x 12 1/4"H - Needs To Be Wiped Down But Still In Good Condition 2 991 2.14   ended
1821 9794t.jpg(30) Vintage Comic Books From Marvel, DC, And More In Overall Good Condition 13 11759 9.38   ended
1874 10080t.jpgHandbook Graphic Artists Guild Pricing Ethical Guidelines, Eleventh Edition Paperback Book, Very Good Condition 1 11446 1.00   ended
1876 10088t.jpgLot Of About Thirty Comic Books From Marvel, DC And More! Good To Very Good Condition 9 11759 9.00   ended
1983 14561t.jpgMisc. Hardcover And Paperback Books/Novels And Bushel Basket With Kitchen Apron And Other Items, Good Condition Overall, 17" Diameter x 12" Tall 3 2566 2.00   ended
2307 12386t.jpgAntique Hard Cover Books- 1946 A Tale Of Two Cities By Dickens, 1935 Dana Girls Mystery "A Three Cornered Mystery" Both in Good Condition 2 2253 1.25   ended
2369 12735t.jpgBeautiful 1976 Holy Bible in Cedar Bible Case, Very Good Condition, 6 1/2"W x 9"L x 2 3/4"H 6 11765 9.50   ended
2472 13843t.jpgFour Inspirational Hardcover Books: Tuesday's With Morrie, The Purpose Driven Life, Christmas Treasury, Quiet Moments - All In Very Good Condition 1 12892 1.00   ended
2473 13860t.jpgEight Volume Set Of Anne Of Green Gables Book Series By: L.M. Montgomery, Paperback Books, Original Story Line, Cover Art Copyright 1992 - All In Very Good Condition 15 700 6.56   ended
2475 13877t.jpgFour Instructional Books, Two Books Of Lip Reading And One On Black And White Photography, Also Beginner's Handbook Of Amateur Radio - Very Good Condition 4 9361 3.00   ended
2476 13886t.jpgSeven Books Total: Four Aquarium Books, Three Animal Books, Aquarium Plants, Bristle Nose Catfish, Two On Cichlids, World's Whales, Whales And Dolphins And Porpoises And Sea Biscuit (Collector's Edition), Mostly Hardcover Books - Very Good Condition 1 8662 1.00   ended
2478 13903t.jpgBill Clinton "Because He Could" Hardcover Book, In Search Of Bill Clinton Hardcover Book, Hell to Pay, Hillary Clinton Paperback Book - Very Good Condition 11 10071 16.00   ended
2479 13909t.jpgThree Stephen King Hardcover Novels, It, Gerald's Game And Pet Cemetery - Very Good Condition 8 14829 7.50   ended
2480 13922t.jpgVintage 1969 Hardcover Dwight D. Eisenhower Book, "A Gauge Of Greatness" - Very Good Condition 5 9599 4.25   ended
2481 13926t.jpgThree Old National Geographic Books, May 1936, December 1945 And July 1946 - Fair Condition 1 10546 1.00   ended
2482 13942t.jpgThree Vintage Auto Books: Horatio's Drive Hardcover, Former Library Book, Stories And Pictures From 1st Two Men Who Drove From San Francisco To New York; GM, The 1st 75 Years Of Transportation Products, Great Color Photos! Hardcover Edition - Like New; The Shell Auto Care Guide (1986) Hardcover Book - Good Condition 7 10546 7.50   ended
2483 13955t.jpgTwo Hardcover Dow Books, 1997 Growth Company, Dow chemical's First Century Plus, 1990 Forty Years Of First Recollections Of A Dow Corning Pioneer - Very Good Condition 1 11577 1.00   ended
2484 13966t.jpgTwo Webster's Dictionaries, Great For Home, School And Scrabble, Large Books Is 10" x 8" Hardcover And The Small Book Is 8" x 5" Paperback - Good Condition         ended
2485 13971t.jpgFour Books: Old Train Wrecks, Bad Men Of the West, The Art Of Great Lakes Indians And From California to North 52, All Are Interesting To Read And Full Of Great History - Good Condition 10 13610 6.00   ended
2486 13989t.jpgThe Great Book Of Wines, First English Printing, The Wines Of Germany 1976, Both Are Hardcover Editions         ended
2490 14012t.jpgManaging Michigan Wildlife, A Landowner's Guide Binder Booklet And Michigan Familiar Trees, Rand McNally National Forest Guide, Both Paperback Editions - Both In Good Condition 3 12859 1.50   ended
2491 14026t.jpgVintage Life Magazine, February 1, 1954 Issue, 10 1/2"W x 14"H - Great Condition 5 12111 2.25   ended
2492 14032t.jpgCivil War Book Set Including: The Photographic History Of The Civil War, Three Volumes In One 9"W x 11"H; Three-Book Set Illustrated History Of The Civil War With Dust Jacket 9"W x 11"H; Civil War Curiosities 6"W x 9 1/2"H; Eye Of The Storm 8"W x 9 1/2"H - All Are In Good Condition 24 9728 30.50   ended
2493 14054t.jpg"America From 500 Feet" Hardcover Book, Beautifully Illustrated! "Michigan" Hardcover Book, And "Germany" Hardcover Book - All Are In Good Condition 1 3719 1.00   ended
2496 14069t.jpg"100 Years Of News" From January 1900 To December 1999, Beautiful Illustrations! Great For The History buff, College Student, High School And Grade School, A Great Christmas Gift! 9 1/2"W x 11 1/2"H - Very Good Condition 7 8971 10.50   ended
2605 17850t.jpg(11) Military Books- Engineer Field Manual Army 1917, Baba Black Sheep, Duel of Eagles (Townsend) Torpedoes in The Gulf (Wiggens) Fair Of My Father's (John McCain) Winged Defense (Mitchell) Two Check Six (Curran) Star Spangled Security (Brown) The Easy Boys (Ford- Jones) Hell From The Heavens (Wukovits) Hard Cover and Paperback, Good to Very Good Condition 9 10546 24.50   ended
2609 17872t.jpgThree Hard Cover Books- Scarlett Sequel To Gone With The Wind, Pretty Boy Floyd, The White House Connection, Very Good Condition 2 11446 1.50   ended
2610 17877t.jpgFive Hard Cover Golf Books- Town and Country World Of Golf, The Greatest Game Ever Played, Bury Me in A Pot Bunker, Secrets of The Master Following Through, Good Condition, Some Wear on Some 2 14142 2.25   ended
2680 18262t.jpgThree Stephen King Hard Cover Novels- Misery, Bag of Bones, Insomnia, Good Condition 7 14829 5.50   ended
2727 17469t.jpg(50) Comic Books Nice Mix- Contains Marvel, DC And More, Some Show Wear, Others Look In Good Condition in Sleeves 13 11759 8.00   ended
2741 17541t.jpgAwesome Hard Cover Children's Book Lot, Six Books- Teddy Robinson Story Book, The Gruffalo, How Do I Know and More, Very Good Condition 3 12476 3.81   ended
2876 16615t.jpg(7) Books- Christmas, Angels, Religious And One Book Written By Michael J. Fox, "Always Looking Up" Good Books And In Really Good Condition, Hard Cover and Paperbacks 5 1854 3.58   ended
2906 18397t.jpgTwo Bill O'Reilly Books, Killing Patton And Killing Jesus, Both Hardcover And In Good Condition 14 700 6.01   ended
2915 18458t.jpgFour Guy Books Including "Baits, Rigs And Tackle", "Catching Catfish", "GM : The First 75 Years Of Transportation Products", And The Guide To Motorcycle Drag Racing"; Hardcover And Paperbacks, Good Condition To Very Good Condition 2 2284 3.39   ended
2976 18825t.jpgAssortment Of President John F. Kennedy Memorabilia Including "The Torch Is Passed..." Book, LIFE Magazine Memorial Edition, Catholic Weekly Nov. 20th 1964 "One Year Later", People Weekly November 28th 1999, TIME In Memoriam Aug. 2nd 1999, And A LIFE Remembering Jackie August 1999 And More! Good To Very Good Condition 9 15037 15.50   ended

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