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82 466t.jpgBox of Goodies- CD Player and Radio, Headphones- Work, New Cassette Recorder, Pepper Lights Came On But Shut Off, Mouse Pads, Bracket Hook, Clock- Works, Fair to New, As Is 9 10749 6.26   ended
134 753t.jpgBottle 12 Oz. Stewarts Key Lime Fountain, Vintage White Roller Skates With Bells in Laces- Worn, Two Canisters, 6" to 8", Two Metal Trays, Little Rusty, 14", Veggie Slicer, Fair To Good Condition 1 3884 1.00   ended
212 1180t.jpgChristmas Lot- Bulbs, Two Plastic Clear Vases Green, Antique Bowl, Pumpkin Cookie Cutter, Blue Flood Light, Cigar Box, Coffee Pot, 2" to 9"H, All Good Condition 1 11173 1.00   ended
217 1210t.jpgThree Make Up Case, Craft, AC Cord, Two Purses, Snowman Cup, Christmas Ornament, Christmas Garland Cup, Picture Frame, AC Cord, AC Adapter Charger, Model #241017 Vacuum Attachment, More All Good Condition, 4" to 9"H 1 1854 1.00   ended
218 1215t.jpgFour Brand New Votives, Coconut Fish Wicker Basket, Milk Glass Vase, Two Tupperware Cups, Salad Spoons, Candle, All Good Condition, 2" to 8"W 1 4886 1.00   ended
220 1224t.jpgElectrician Lot- Box Full of Receptacles and Bulbs, Switches, Some Covers and Different Things, Many NIP, 3" to 6"L 11 8628 13.26   ended
298 1636t.jpgPoppy Trail By Metlox Made in California, (15) Saucers, (2) Cups Poppy Trail Rooster Set, Ceramic Mask, Army Softball, Two Grapes, 3" to 8"W, Good Condition For Age 10 1020 9.99   ended
327 1791t.jpgBox of Oven Mitt, Road of Ministry Picture Frame, Wreath, Purse, Wood Plaque, Mason Jar Light, Glass Cups, Weight, Bowl, Vase, 60th Anniversary Picture, All in Good Condition For Age, 3" to 10"         ended
329 1803t.jpgFive Picture Frames, Wood Key Holder, Two Wreaths, Basket, Knife Block, Two Metal Baskets, Light Solar Heat Fan, Makeup Mirror, 8" to 12"W, Fair Condition         ended
354 1942t.jpgBox of Fancy Household Decorative Items- Neat Plug In Miniature Lighted Waterfall, Works Great! Decorative Brass Looking Vase Unsure if Real Brass? Two Classic Historic Model Sail Ships, Decorative Wood Bird House, Decorative Magazine Newspaper Holder With Handle, Two Fabric Carrying Bags, Good Condition For Age, 23"W x 15"D x 15"H 10 10692 6.01   ended
356 1956t.jpgHousehold Items With Wicker Baskets, Various Decor, Dishwasher, Detergent And Lots More, 17"W x 27"D x 12"T         ended
357 1961t.jpgBox Filled With Men's Stuff, "Drill Master" 18V 3/8" Cordless Drill, Drill and Charger Both Working, Battery Holds Charge, "Bushnell" Ensign 10 x 50 Binoculars Insta Focus, Nautical Thermometer, Hygrometer Humidity and Clock, Two Hand Grip Strengtheners- Exercisers, 4" to 10 1/2"W, Good Condition 10 8723 12.45   ended
375 2053t.jpgMisc. Items, Such As Wood Tool Box, Heart Shelf, Two Ceramic Picture Frames, Thermos Tupperware Pitcher, Basket, Sugar and Creamer- Tupperware, Two Plastic Cups, Four Tupperware Glasses, Paper Towel Holder, All In Good Condition, 3" to 14"W 5 5140 4.01   ended
376 2059t.jpgMisc. Items- Glass Cups, Lotions, Candle Holder and More, 3" to 6"H, All in Good Condition 1 8563 1.00   ended
379 2078t.jpgLot Of Misc. Items- Includes Paperbacks And Pan Lids, Vacuum Bag and More, Fair To Good Condition, Some Need Cleaning, 4" to 16"W         ended
442 2424t.jpg(3) IPhone Cases Total, Two Are Otter and One Is Odd Ball, Fits iPhone 5 & 6, Binders, Many Birthday, Christmas Gift Bags, Pens, Etc. 3 1/2" to 12"W         ended
443 2429t.jpgMisc. Lot of Laptop Bag, CD Visor, Level Plastic Champagne Glasses, (4) Spools Of Thread, Garden Shovel, Cedar Balls, Candle 4.5 Volt Charger, Books, Wooden Manger House, Ice Scraper Ornaments, Birdhouse, Fair To Good Condition, 3" to 12"W 1 10216 1.00   ended
507 2811t.jpgUmbrella, Plastic Bowl, Two Bags of Fake Snow, Ceramic Plates, Two Burned Candles (Could Reuse Jars) Fair To Good Condition, 2" to 12" 1 10216 1.00   ended
509 2837t.jpgMetal Teapot (No Lid) Wooden Box, Chicken Muffin Decoration Metal Plant Holder, Glass Plate, Metal Pail, Light Fixture, Wood Sign, Wood Doll, Wood Shoe Hanging, Ceramic Figurine Glass Vase, Fisherman Ruler, 4"T, Fair to Good Condition, Reuse or Repurpose         ended
510 24972t.jpgWood Clock, Wood House, Glass Cup, Two Picture Frames, Inflatable Ring Cushion, Plastic Bowling Set, Candle Holder, Four Plastic Cups, Formula Container, Basket, Good Condition, Box Full 15"W x 23"D x 12 1/2"H 8 11131 4.50   ended
512 2867t.jpgMetal Lantern, Two Cutting Boards, Wicker Basket, Two Picture Frames, Microsoft Controller, Stainless Steel Pan, Plastic Jewelry, Four White Salad Plates, Two Trophies, Lightbulbs, Glass Swan, (7) White Plastic Plates, (4) White Plates, Tin, Box Full 14"W x 19"D x 9 1/2"H, Fair To Good COndition 2 1854 1.25   ended
513 2879t.jpg12 Plus Glass and Ceramic Coffee Cups, Two Hats, TV Antenna, Light Fixture, (4) Old Hand Saws, 3"+ in Good Condition 2 3219 1.25   ended
533 3037t.jpgGreen Ceramic Plates, Bowls, Cups, Insulated Glass, Treat Bags, Wrinkle Spray, Silverware, Fair to Good Condition, 16"W x 23 1/2"D x 7"H Box Full 4 8410 3.50   ended
534 3052t.jpgToaster, One Medium Wall Lantern, One Oil Funnel, Two Ice Scrappers, Phone Case, Skil Twist Cordless Screwdriver, Ceramic Bowl, Cloth Purse, All in Good Condition, 5" Plus 3 10749 1.84   ended
536 3072t.jpgWicker Basket Flower Arrangement, Golf Teddy Bear, Flower Pot, Metal Rabbit, Heart Wreath 50th Anniversary Vase, Spot Light, Two Glass Cups, Glass Bowl, Creamer and Sugar Glass Set, Metal Measuring Cups, Christmas Décor, Candle Holder, Votive, Wood Doll, Vase, Silver Bowl, 3" Plus, Good Condition 2 2121 1.00   ended
537 3081t.jpgAmerican Flower Pot and Arrangement Angel Teddy Bear, Purse, Wood Angel, Two Picture Frames, Wood Watermelon, Kitchen Towels, Creamer Wood Girl, Wood Hearts, Yarn, Fabric and Plant Holder, 3"+ Good Condition         ended
538 3091t.jpgGlass Vase, Plaque Precious Moments, Basket, Teacher Plaque, Candle Votive, (7) Glass Cups, Wood Christmas Ornament, Christmas Candle Holder, Christmas Light Up Candle, Ceramic Christmas Tree, Pinecone Wreath, Knitted Candle Ornament, Candle Holder, 3" to 20", Good Condition 1 9262 1.00   ended
560 3242t.jpgWood Shelf, Hamilton Beach Fast Cooker, Women and Money By Suze Orman, Picnic Basket With Some Dishes, Animated Dog "I Can't Help Myself" Jar, Christmas Candle Holder, Fair to Good Condition, 15"W x 19"D x 9"H Box Full 1 6622 1.00   ended
561 3254t.jpgBox of Plastic Cookie Cutters, Lamp With Lamp Shade, Ceramic Bunnies, 50th Anniversary Glass Trays, 2" to 14", Good Condition, Lamp Shades Need Wiping Down         ended
562 3263t.jpgGlass Swan, Knee Brace, Kitchen Towels, Sling For Arms, Metal Basket, Book, Wood Chicken, Bear on Chair, Wood Bird House, Coaster Set, Wood Ship, Three Picture Frames, Good Condition, 13"W x 17"D x 8"H Box Full 1 6622 1.00   ended
563 3274t.jpgThread, Candle Cup, Plastic Container, Light Fixture, Ladder Shelf, Wood Tissue Box Cover, Ceramic Cow, Wood Doll, Vase, Pear and Apple Vase, Wood Pie, Fair To Good Condition, 3"+ 1 11018 1.00   ended
564 3286t.jpg(8) Hard Cover Books, Paperback, Shot Glasses, Candles, Picture Frame, Basket, Vase, Christmas Figures, Wood Beads, Purses, Some Books Have Water Marks, Some Ceramic Broken, Fair Condition, 15"W x 14"D x 14 1/2"H Box Full 2 1854 1.25   ended
618 3591t.jpgThree Piece Metal Doll Set of Table and Chairs, Three Decks of Cards, Three Garfield Bags, Basket, Good Condition, 3 1/2" to 13 3/4"         ended
619 3597t.jpgNSR China Made in Japan, Hand Painted, Ten Plates Flower On Rim, Covered Dish- Bowl Gold Trim Matches Plates, Silverware Tray, Hunting VHS With Cord, Five Knives, Four Are Teacups China, (14) Motorcycle, Good Condition, 3"+ 2 2916 1.25   ended
620 3603t.jpgMade in Japan Cups and Saucers, Gold Trim Orange Flowers Bird Set, Six Each, Ten Bags of Smalls, Five Wind Up Cars, Plastic Car, Scenery Tray Box 1 1/2"L Good Condition         ended
621 3610t.jpgPlastic Tub of Ham Radio Parts and Wires, Some New, Others Look in Good Condition, As Is, Tub 21"W x 16"D x 15"H 7 7917 20.75   ended
623 3622t.jpgPooh Jar Disney- Three Canister Set, Chair Cushion With Cover, Harley Clock, Pegasus Picture, Knife Block Set, Flower House Jar, Wanted Picture, Three Knives, Hull Vase, Two Arrows, Four Doilies, Maxine Tree Topper, Black Footed Bowl, Atlas EZ Seal Jar Filled, Rose Table Runner, Pooh and Hull Chipped, Otherwise Good Condition, 20"W x 22"D x 14 3/4"H 4 1606 1.75   ended
641 3725t.jpgLarge Glass Beads and Battery Operated Candle, Glass Tray, Crepes Pan, Wax Warmer, Spotlight No Cord, VHS Rewinder, Untested, As Is, Most in Good Condition, 5"T 1 10751 1.00   ended
642 3733t.jpgWinnie The Pooh Teapot, Winnie The Pooh Bank (Paint Wear) Tigger Soap Dish Ceramic, Small Lantern- Untested, Two Wood and Cloth Scarecrows, Good Condition, 7"+ 7 1606 6.05   ended
644 3747t.jpgBox Lot- Faux Flowers, Phone, Cake Decorator Plastic, Cake Stencil NIP, Blow Up Bath Cushion, Plus More! Good To New, 5"+ 12 390 9.33   ended
660 3838t.jpgTwo Pictures, Vase Chip, Baskets 15" x 5" x 2", 12" Old Egg Plates, Relish Jar, Three Glass Bowls- Two Are Old, Good Condition, No Chips or Cracks 2 1284 1.25   ended
689 4010t.jpgCassette Holder, Large Goblet, Candle Holder, Ceramic Vase, Purse and Clock, Clock Untested, 2" +, Otherwise Good Condition         ended
691 4022t.jpgBox of Vintage Camera and Dark Room Equipment in Good Condition, As Is, Box 20"W x 13"D x 12"H 9 8628 10.50   ended
766 4461t.jpgHoliday Items- "Heidi Swapp" Light box With USB Cord, Four Piece Milk Shake Glass Set- New Unopened, Eight Count Skull Light Set "Day of The Dead", "Mod" Christmas Mug, NIB, 3" to 12"W 2 10827 4.02   ended
890 7182t.jpgFive Pflatzgraff Ovenproof USA Saucers- Cups, Brown Stone Ware, Five Poppy Trail Cups Made in California By Metlox, One Divided Dish With Handle in Poppy Trail Pattern, Six Steak Knives, Jesus Picture, (25) Bags Of Jewelry, Watches, Etc. Box Lot 1/2" to 8"W, All Good Condition 4 10749 4.24   ended
891 7195t.jpgLot of Misc. Items- Duck Decanter With Vintage Water Inside, Silverware Tray, Glass Rooster Filled With Red, Pink and White Buttons, Large Heart Shape Dish, Five Knives, Bags Of Watches, and More, Fair to Good Condition, Needs Cleaning, 14"W x 10"D x 12"H 1 157 1.00   ended
932 4829t.jpgMystery Box, What is Packed in This Heavy Box? Jammed With Good Stuff! 20"W x 13"D x 8"H 17 11275 11.17   ended
1144 5446t.jpgBox of Assorted Gizmos & Kitchen Items, All New in Packages, Cracker Server, Vegetable Steamer, Shell Trays & More, 3"+ 6 226 2.75   ended
1146 5459t.jpgBox Lot of Mrs. Potts Jar Disney, Stovetop Brownstone McCoy Prie Bunny Shakers, 5 Knives, Tin Measuring Spoons, Ohio State Tray, 10 Bags of Smalls, 2" to 11", Good Condition 6 1606 10.50   ended
1207 5922t.jpgLot of Misc. Items, Three Poppy Trail Made in California Rooster Soup Bowls, (5) Knives, One Brown Stoneware USA Large Bowl, Roseville Bowl with Handle, McCoy Bowl with Handle, Hull Bowl with Handle & More, 2" to 8"Dia, Fair to Good Condition, Needs Cleaning 8 4959 6.00   ended

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