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266 1452t.jpgMetal Speed Queen Ringer Washer, Approx. 50 Years Old, Never Used, Owner Died and Was Stored All of These Years, Unsure of Working Condition, 24"W x 48"H 17 9479 37.61   ended
405 2205t.jpg12 AMP Bissell Vacuum Cleaner, With Hose Attachment, Works Good, Good Condition, 15"W x 40"H 11 4406 10.50   ended
411 2241t.jpgEureka Carpet Cleaner, Works, Good Condition, 12"W 12 7179 10.51   ended
1166 5609t.jpgKenmore Microwave, Great Condition, Everything Works, Many Features, 22"W x 19"D x 12 1/2"H, Owner's Manual Included 11 134 12.86   ended
1172 5653t.jpgHoover Air Lite Vacuum Cleaner, Swivel, Lightweight Design, Bagless, Good Condition, Tested & Works, 42"T 15 10827 31.00   ended
1175 5678t.jpgHoover Wind Tunnel Vacuum with Attachments & Extra Bag, Purchased 2013, Like New Condition, Works Well, 43"T 11 10943 15.50   ended
1250 6189t.jpgEagle 5000 Air Purifier, Ionizer & Ozone Generator, Commercial Grade Unit, Removes Odor, Smoke, Bacteria, $600 When New, Good Condition, 12"W x 13"D x 15.5"T 41 8410 61.00   ended
1254 6213t.jpgEdison Dehumidifier, 13 1/2"W x 17"D x 20"T with Air Filter 15"W x 13 1/2"D x 5 1/2"H, Working, Good Condition 12 8965 8.00   ended
1320 12925t.jpg *UPDATE: Tested, Powers On* Hoover Floor Mate "Hard Floor Surface Cleaner", Untested Further but Looks Good, 13"W x 43"H 1 347 1.00   ended
1325 12952t.jpgDirt Vac Portable Vacuum with Attachments, Works, Good Condition, 5"W x 13"L 4 772 4.34   ended
1339 13033t.jpgSharp Microwave Rotating Carousel, Excellent Condition, Works, 18"W x 13"D x 11.5"T 10 8190 7.06   ended
1445 7506t.jpgHaler Dehumidifier, 65 Pint, Two Speed Bought From A Sale, Untested Fair Condition, 16"W X 24"T 13 5116 37.23   ended
1571 8893t.jpgAir Cleaner, Works, Pulled From Storage, Good Condition, 11"W X 14"D X 15 1/2"T 6 1684 15.50   ended
1689 8329t.jpgFantom Brand Vacuum With Motorized Brush Model # Fm430, Works And Does Very Nice Cleaning, Good Condition, 12"L 3 10425 3.25   ended
1854 9449t.jpgSharp Microwave, Needs Cleaning, Fair Working Condition, 18"W X 13"D X 11"T 1 5872 1.00   ended
1923 11723t.jpg *UPDATE: Tested, Powers On* Ge Dehumidifier, Dusty From Storage, Untested Further, Needs Good Cleaning Fair Condition 16"W X 11"D X 23"T 14 9063 20.00   ended
2462 14395t.jpgAntique "Little Wonder Oil Stove" Cooks, Roasts, Bakes, Broils All At the Same Time, No Wick, Odor, Smoke Or Soot, Uses Kerosene, Advertised In Forest and Stream Magazines Vol. 91, Page 280, June 1921, Never Used, Never Fired, Has Instructions, Great For Display Or Show Piece, Made USA, Detroit Michigan, 25 1/2"W x 18 1/2"D x 14 1/2"H, Good Condition 13 10326 46.00   ended
2959 12561t.jpgEureka Airspeed On Vacuum, Currently Untested, Been Sitting In Dusty Storage, 13"W X 12"D X 43"T 3 10977 2.27   ended
2963 12583t.jpgGeneral Electric Hot/Cold Water Dispenser Has Extra Thermostat And Manual, Like New, 12"W X 12"S X 38"T 5 3992 7.75   ended
2981 12698t.jpgKenmore Gas Stove, Works Need Two Knobs Grades Do Not Fit Correctly Fair Condition, 30"W X 27"D X 46"T 7 6912 25.50   ended
2982 12705t.jpgWhite And Black Stove, Works Good, Propane Type Can Be Set Up For Gas, Has Gas Line With It, Fair Condition, 25"W X 30"D X 39 1/2"T 7 314 25.75   ended
3322 19938t.jpgWringer Wash Machine Works Well, Wringer Works Agitator Works, Caution Antifreeze Inside, Good Condition, 23"W X 23"D X 45 1/2"T 18 10032 63.00   ended
3356 20147t.jpgOver The Range Microwave And Vent Hood, 350cfm Fan Works Good, Has The Mounting Bracket, Moved And Cant Use It, 30"W X 15"D X 15 1/2"T, Good Condition 12 1074 10.51   ended
3366 20206t.jpgL.G. Brand Front Load Washer, White, New Bellow Seal Was Installed Incorrectly and Bolts Are Holding Drum in Place For Moving But Need To Be Removed Before Operating, Which Was Installed In Correctly, Good Condition, As Is, Model Wm2016cw/01, 27"W X 28"D X 40"T 14 9139 26.40   ended
3531 21051t.jpgFrigidaire Deep Freezer in Good Condition, As Is, Untested, 24"W x 36"H 16 1314 29.00   ended
3592 21368t.jpgKenmore Under Counter Microwave, Needs Good Cleaning, Untested, As Is, Fair To Good Condition, 30"W x 16"D x 16"H 5 4530 4.25   ended
3997 23791t.jpgFrigidaire Refrigerator, Untested, Needs Cleaning, White In Color, Fair Condition, 28"W x 24"D x 61"T 7 1846 16.50   ended
4009 24038t.jpgHolmes Cool Mist Humidifier, Works, Good Condition, 14 1/2"W x 10"D x 10 1/2"H 3 7042 1.53   ended
4077 24443t.jpgNew Old Stock, Refrigerator Parts, Back Door Trim, Shelves And More, 25"-28" Long Or Wide 1 10749 1.00   ended
4086 24497t.jpgKenmore Electric Stove, Worked When Removed, Missing Front Bottom Piece Otherwise Good Condition, 21"W x 27"D x 40 1/2"T 5 2847 11.50   ended

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