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1 16t.jpgAntiques Fairbanks Industrial Scale, With Weights, Cast Iron and Wood, Good Condition For Age, 24"W x 31"D x 41"H 15 10032 21.00   ended
3 30t.jpgAntique AMF Steel "Power Trac" Toy Pedal Tractor, Good Condition, Original Paint, Rubber Tires, Pedals in Excellent Condition, Seat Has Surface Rust, No Spark Plugs, 34"W x 17"D x 28"H 29 792 75.80   ended
7 59t.jpgVintage Deco Ice Bucket, 1973 Signed WD Gaither, Faux Leather, Canvas Back Ducks, Good Condition For Age, 11"H x 16" With Handle, 8"Diam 6 9841 4.25   ended
15 102t.jpgAntique Singer Sewing Machine, Treadle Cabinet Drawers, Two In Set, Original Finish, Very Nice To Repurpose, Very Good Condition, 6"W x 15"L x 10"H 15 2453 15.50   ended
22 140t.jpgTeachers Metal School Bell, Works, New Old Stock Early American Skillet Ashtray, Birmingham Stove And Range CO. Birmingham Alabama, Label And Price 65 Still Attached, All in Small Wood Barrel, Very Good Condition, 4" to 7 1/2"Diam 4 10546 3.25   ended
36 217t.jpgVintage RCA Victor Bakelite Table Radio, 1940's Art Deco, As Is, Great Condition, 11 1/2"W x 7"D x 7"H 13 4768 19.50   ended
45 270t.jpgVintage Railroad Lantern, Chalwyn Made in England, Burner BS 3145, Really Good Condition For Age, 5 1/2"W x 5 1/2"D x 15"H 22 6293 28.11   ended
76 428t.jpgAntique Vintage Cross Cut Saw, Bow Saw or Buck Saw, Wood Frame, Blade is Still Sharp, Good Condition, 28"W x 25"H 5 6622 5.00   ended
119 670t.jpgAntique Oil Lamp, Estate Find, 17"T x 5"W, Good Condition For Age 11 5533 10.00   ended
153 859t.jpgHartmann Antique Steamer Trunk, Four Drawer Compartments and Hangers Inside, Very Good Condition For Age, 22"W x 21"D x 39"H 16 10708 26.77   ended
155 873t.jpgAntique Wall Thermometer, No Mercury In Thermometer, Patent 1937, Plaster Fair Condition, 7 1/2"Diam 6 5940 7.59   ended
161 901t.jpgVintage Porcelain Teapot, Vitreous Hand Decorated China, Made in USA, Chipped Spout But Otherwise Good Condition, Stamped on Bottom, 7"W x 5 1/2"D x 6 1/2"H 1 267 1.00   ended
169 944t.jpgAntique Chicken Shape Wire Egg Basket, Top Door Opens and Closes With Handles As Locks When Closed To Keep Eggs in Good Condition For Age, 13"L x 8"D x 7"H 5 7573 5.02   ended
178 989t.jpgPintail Limited Number Plate, Featuring 1986 Duck Stamp, Gold Rim, Only 4,250 In World Which Makes It Rare, Harry C. Adanson Artist, Collectible, Very Good Condition, 9 1/4"Diam 3 6622 2.34   ended
211 1174t.jpg *UPDATE: Tested, All Play Songs* Very Vintage Cute Music Box Plays Three Songs MSR Imports Wood Box, Measures 8"W x 4 3/4"D x 2 2/3"H, Good Condition For Age, As Is 8 6288 3.74   ended
229 1269t.jpgVintage Ohaus Model 700 Triple Beam Scale, Weighs Up to 2610 Grams, Very Good Condition For Age, 17 1/2"L 11 5174 20.22   ended
241 1326t.jpgVintage Medical Bottle, Glass Urinal, No Damage, 15"L 11 8842 12.51   ended
243 1335t.jpgVintage Clegg Mark 3 Portable CB Radio With RF Power Amplifier, Battery Charger And Case, Untested, As Is, There is NASA Goodard Space Center Sticker on Case, Fair Condition, 18"W x 12"D x 11"H 16 7917 62.00   ended
246 1350t.jpgArt Deco Chrome Ashtray, Bottom Marked "A Hamilton Product Reg US Pat Made in USA" 5 1/2"W, Beautiful in Real Good Condition 20 8680 10.06   ended
279 1535t.jpgAntique Chautaugua Industrial Art Desk, Paper Scroll With Various Pictures, Has Original Chalkboard and Desktop, Over 100 Years Old in Good Condition, Approx. 22"W x 20"D x 3"H, Back Has Been Replaced But Looks Good 9 1020 26.00   ended
284 1560t.jpgVintage Replogle Globe 12"Diam, Topographical, Also Has East and Western Germany, Good Condition 7 1020 5.05   ended
336 1846t.jpgBeautiful Vintage Georges Briard Enamel Ware Tea Kettle, Ambrosia Pineapple Design, Very Clean, No Scratches, All Images Intact, No Paint Missing, Four Quart Capacity, 7 1/2"W at Bottom, Real Good Condition, 6 1/2"H 12 7573 8.02   ended
346 1898t.jpgVintage Lantern Lot- Tri Way Butterfly Brand #553, Battery Operated Green Metal With Red Flashing And Spotlight Front, Comes With Box, Good Condition, 8 1/2" x 6" x 5", Good Condition, Blue Metal With Stand and Wood Handle, 9"W x 5 1/2"D x 7 1/2"H 8 4564 15.50   ended
349 1914t.jpgShoebox Full of Vintage Postcards in Good Condition, Box 12"W x 6"D x 4"H 13 1020 12.00   ended
351 1927t.jpgNo. 876 Silver-plate Tray By Leonard, New Old Stock, Plus Samuel Kirk and Son Letter Opener in Original Box, 7"L 13 8680 6.51   ended
367 2011t.jpgWW II Air Force Jacket, Size- 37R, Very Good Condition 9 11049 17.75   ended
421 2303t.jpgHasbro Two Sets of Wing Darts, Both Complete, In Original Boxes For Display Only, Two Hoops and Four Darts Each, Good Condition, Some Signs of Chipping, Played With, As Is, 12"W x 8"D x 14"H Each 20 10846 42.00   ended
492 2708t.jpg(19) Vintage Comic Books in Good Condition, As Is, Richie Rich, Disney, Archie, Tom and Jerry, Yosemite Sam, Disney Beagle Boys, Road Runner, Sabrina, Heathcliff, Betty and Veronica, Scooby Doo 5 10209 5.50   ended
568 3314t.jpg(5) Authentic Vintage Hasbro GI Joe Figures, 1987 Raptor V1 Cobra Falconer With All Acc. Falcon Base Is Damaged, 1987 Crystal Ball V1 Cobra Hypnotist With No Acc. 1983 Airborne V1 Helicopter Assault Trooper With 2 of 3 Acc. 1987 Taurus V1 Renegade With All Acc. 1990 Ambush V1 Concealment Specialist With 2 of 7 Acc. All in Good Condition For Age 6 11380 8.09   ended
638 23931t.jpgLot of (16) Whiskey Bottle Toppers, Shot Pourers, Stainless Steel From 1950's, 4 1/2" to 6"H 9 10749 8.05   ended
782 4548t.jpgTop o Matic Metal Cigarette Roller Machine, Fair Condition, Needs TLC, 9"W x 7"D x 5"H 7 7612 11.61   ended
797 4624t.jpgThree Vintage Army Military Issue Jackets Size- Small, Good Condition For Age 6 9323 10.50   ended
852 23981t.jpgAntique Wood Horse Ox Yoke Evener, Weathered Wood and Rusty Metal, 48"L, 3 1/4" At Widest, 2" On Ends, Good Condition For Age 4 2453 1.75   ended
853 6898t.jpgVintage Horse Nail Wood Box, Capewell Co. Hartford Conn. 25lbs. The Best Driving Nails, Nice Graphics, This Box is From The Late 19th Century, Early 20th Century, Great Condition, Collectible Piece 18 1385 21.50   ended
854 6906t.jpgVintage Crock With #5 Stamped on It, Good Condition For Age, Needs Some Cleaning, 12"W x 14"H 12 10833 18.00   ended
858 6936t.jpgTwo Wood Vintage Nail Kegs, Good Condition For Age, 10"W x 20"H 17 11340 19.00   ended
863 6964t.jpgVintage 1940's- 50's Radio, Shell Only, No Tube or Guts, But Dial and Knobs Are Included, Would Repurpose Into Terrific Bar Or Fill With New Radio, 23 1/2"W x 13"D x 39 1/2"H, Fair Condition 2 4566 1.25   ended
928 4804t.jpgVery Nice Army Trunk, All Latches Work, Has Leather Handles, Says "Short Timers Last Camp" Very Good Condition For Age, Tray Inside, Rare Find, 31 1/2"W x 16 1/2"D x 13 1/2"H 15 7573 7.35   ended
944 4905t.jpgTwo Yokes, One Has End Missing But Still Good For Display or Use To Hang Flower Baskets, 34 1/2"L 10 4886 4.75   ended
947 4924t.jpgSilvertone Wood Radio Cabinet, No Insides, Just Cabinet, Good Condition For Age, 25"W x 14"D x 40"H 5 10708 3.46   ended
1009 15251t.jpg(5) Authentic Vintage Hasbro GI Joe Figures, 1986 Monkey Wrench, V1 Dreadnok With All Acc. 1986 Lifeline V1 Rescue Trooper With 3 of 4 Acc. (One Damaged) 1987 Taurus V1 Renegade With All Acc. (Gun Damaged) 1987 Law & Order V1 MP and K9 With Two of Five Acc. 1987 Psyche Out V1 Deceptive Warfare With One of Five Acc. (Antenna Damaged) Aside From Damage To Acc. All in Good Condition For Age, Up to 3 3/4"H 3 1952 6.00   ended
1010 15260t.jpgElvis Memorabilia Lighter- NEW, Elvis Hayride Tour Ornament 5"H, Very Good Condition 2 6822 1.25   ended
1033 15383t.jpg1943 US Dept. Of Interior Dock Stamp, Mint Expired June 30, 1944, Wood Ducks on Front, No Damage, Good Condition, Federal Duck Stamp is Extremely Rare, Hard To Find on Internet, 1 1/2" x 2" 17 5968 26.00   ended
1041 15425t.jpgRaw Amethyst 17.8 Grams, Great For Jewelry, 2"L, Good Condition 8 10887 3.50   ended
1074 15588t.jpgSafety Razor Collection Lot of Five Different Razors, Gillette, Schick, Star, Ever Ready And Gem, All Basically 3 1/2" to 4"L and 2 3/4"W, Nice Vintage Condition 13 4693 16.38   ended
1189 5799t.jpg(3) Calendars: Album of Antique Cars, 1975, 1976, 1979, All in Great Shape, Sure Weld & Plating Rack Co. Advertising, 16"W x 23"T 2 7042 1.25   ended
1205 5910t.jpgNice Vintage 2 Gallon Shoulder Jug with Great Cobalt Blue Western Stoneware Maple Leaf, Salt Glaze Body with Brown Glazed Top, This Jug is Solid with No Cracks, 9"Dia x 12.5"T, Very Nice Condition 23 8372 33.00   ended
1217 5994t.jpg(90) Vintage & Newer Comic Books, Box is 12"W x 10"D x 7"H, Includes: Turok, Vision, Shogun & More 14 8392 23.12   ended
1234 6090t.jpgVintage Reed & Barton Silver-plate Plate, 10 1/2"Dia, Silver-plate Bowl P.S. Co. E.P.C. 8 1/2"Dia, & Two Piece Lidded Dish, Heavy Silver-plate, BSCEP N.S., Other Markings on Bottom, Needs Cleaning, Overall Good Condition, 8 1/2"W x 11"L 1 11131 1.00   ended
1238 6112t.jpgVery Cool Vintage Metal Morse Code Machine, Real Good Condition, 5.5"W x 4"D x 2"T 22 1507 32.55   ended

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