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BUYER'S PREMIUM: A BUYER'S PREMIUM will be applied to All Winning Bids and will be added to the invoice when the auction closes. (See Auction Terms for Details)

BID REJECTION AND RESERVES: 1BID.us reserves the right to reject any and all bids if they so choose. Here at 1BID.us we ask to be notified before the auction of reserves for the purpose of reasonability of it being reached. If we feel it is too high of an amount, we will not try to sell it. Any online announcement made by 1BID.us the day the bidding ends takes precedence over any printed previous notices and website notices.

ITEM DESCRIPTIONS/CONDITION: The descriptions of items or lots appearing in the auction are written by the seller. These descriptions of the items and the condition are believed to be correct. Items are As-Is Where-Is and Buyers are responsible for condition of item at time of purchase. 1BID.us will not take any responsibility or refund money because items were not inspected. However, 1BID.us will do its best, as we our working for the seller and the buyer, to provide any extra information noticeable to us such as quality, condition, quantity and size. Honesty is our policy. 1BID.us encourages you to come to preview items at set days and times, as all items are available for preview and bidders shall inspect items for themselves. We will assist you through every part of the bidding/buying process. If you canít come, please do not hesitate to give us a call. In case of any miss-communication between 1BID.us, Consignors, and Bidder/Buyers, 1BID.us has the right to terminate any sale due to just cause or reason.

MAX BIDS: As a Bidder, you may enter a number amount higher than the bid required and your bid will not increase until another bidder bids on the item or if another bidder already has a higher max bid submitted. Max Bids are not disclosed. Bids can always be increased, whether the maximum is current or not. You may enter your max bid and the computer will do the rest using only what is needed. (Example: Just because you bid $25, $45, $100 etc. it doesnít mean you pay that. You could get the item for whatever the current amount is as long as someone else doesnít bid on the item.)

BID IS A CONTRACT: As a Bidder, placing a bid is a binding contract between you, the seller, and 1BID.us, the auction company. The bid cannot be retracted. Once you place a bid, and if you win, you will be obligated to buy the product at the said price you indicated as your bid. (However, if you enter a number obviously more than you meant to bid, contact us immediately, as we will then remove that max bid and replace it with the current bid.) If you canít follow terms (that will be enforced) of bidding sales, please do not bid. 1BID.us has final control of all situations. If 1BID.us finds ourselves liable for a purchased item, 1BID.us will protect ourselves up to purchased price, no more.

PAYMENT: Buyer will receive an invoice via email after the close of the auction. For a bidder without an email address, they will need to contact our office via phone. Payment for purchases must be paid in full by cash, debit/credit card, or PayPal unless otherwise noted in the specific auction's terms and conditions. No items will be released until full payment has been received. Merchandise becomes the full responsibility of Buyer at the close of the auction, and buyer assumes all risk of lost, stolen, or damage to the item until removed from sale premises. 1BID.us assumes no responsibility of items lost, stolen, or damaged. (However, we will do whatever is in our power to make a sale right.)

MERCHANDISE REMOVAL: High Bidder/Buyer shall be responsible for making arrangements for merchandise removal within 4 business days of the auction closing (Unless otherwise stated in Auction Terms for that Auction). All Items must be picked up on our scheduled pick up days. If the buyer is unavailable to pick up his/her merchandise, the bidder will need to contact us to make payment and arrange for pickup. We reserve the right to add a storage/handling fee. If you win an item and do not pay on Pickup days without contacting 1BID.us, we reserve the right to terminate your bidding privileges. If you do not pay and bid rights are ceased you still are responsible for your debts. Items not picked up within 7 days (unless otherwise arranged for storage) will be considered abandoned to 1BID.us. There is a chance that 1BID.us may deliver your purchase by an independent driver for a fee to be determined by size, distance, and how much involvement is required by the driver. If you would like your item/items shipped, it is your responsibility to contact 1BID.us.

SHIPPING: Most small items may be shipped for a fee (Shipping and handling charges will be added.). Shipping quotes will be best price either USPS or UPS ground with tracking. If needed sooner, you can request upgraded Air Services. Handling charges are based on time to box items & shipping supplies. Fragile items will be insured. Please call with shipping requests by the Thursday following the auction. Items to be shipped must be paid for by the Saturday following the auction just like items that are being picked up in person or storage fees will be added. Auction items must be paid for before they are sent out for Shipping quotes. Shipping quotes will be emailed on an updated invoice. You will have 3 business days after quote is sent to pay the shipping charges. Items will then be sent after payment.


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